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  1. @Weltall I'd like to see voluntary hemalurgy in the future books. Like, if I was dying/getting old, i'd give my power to friend/family who wanted it.
  2. When you start comparing games and stories to Cosmere right away. I am currently playing Ni No Kuni 2. You have swords that you summon, elemental 'definitely not spren', "Higher spren" that can be bonded with. Theres more but i'd be worried about spoiling both it and cosmere stuff.
  3. @Stark Im fairly sure the human heart beats is just a symbolism of their soul reaching and waking the spren. I feel Aimians would have a separate mechanic for how their soul reacts, unless they have as many souls as hearts, as opposed to a central 'soul' in the spiritual.
  4. @Hoids Imaginary Friend Actually, ignore me, its a Word of Peter!
  5. Spike recipient.. meet POWER HAMMER. Have you seen the speed and force they can drive steel?
  6. Thats fair, as much as I love the series (I may be biased though, it was my first entry into Sanderson's work and cosmere.) not everyone is going to like it. Lucky there are many many stories out there.
  7. I'm horrible with searching it but there was a WoB that the unmade were not anything before creation. Seems the name unmade itself is causing confusion.
  8. Maybe its scale that is throwing you off, Spheres in Roshar are mentioned of being roughly thumbnail in size, while the beads in Shadesmar are mentioned as being smaller still. From a distance it would look no different than water flowing; or if you have ever stepped into loose gravel I imagine it would flow in the same manner.
  9. You never know, we have allomantic vials, they could have some vials with preserved blood and a spike inside
  10. "Obey me or those I authorise" Though I see that biting myself somehow. 'Obey me' to prevent anything sneaky, though would be amusing to see what happens when I died. @TheYoungPyromancer I see you beat me! Serves me right for not reading every post
  11. @The One Who Connects Good feedback on that. Do you believe Shinovar would survive, as they are fairly cut off.
  12. Scott Glenn, Hurr. --------------------- Age him a little and get him buff/solid. I could see him as Dalinar with those strong features.
  13. As above, What would the consequences be for Roshar if this occurred? Be it Physically, Realmatically or even just on events. Would stormdaddy leave a sword behind? What are your thoughts?