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  1. strap yourselves in nerds, buckle up for some wild revelations: So we have the Shin, a bunch of pasty white, wide-eyed people who like to collect swords, and use Japanese-style honorifics.. yup they're all weaboos.... which leads me to my conclusion: Rayse, their native (to Ashyn) Shardy-boi, who seems to espouse being Passion, once got slighted by something inconsequential, and became the whiny-peebaby we all know and love/hate.... yus that's right Rayse is the god of the patriarchy
  2. in this context RShara I believe the humidity may lead to molds and spores and such things, which is what the fecundity is about. see similar efforts at museums etc to keep pieces cool & dry to stop destruction through growth.
  3. Hey @Riceloft here's a thread about that page:
  4. that's on the list to create, sometime in 2018 I think. you could, if you wanted, keep a list of URLs to questions in either a text file on your pc or a coppermind user page or some other place until then!
  5. Yes, it's especially important for questions that Brandon mentions not quite knowing or wanting clarifications from Peter, or ones that we think might be contradicting previous answers. Brandon and his team have wanted to get a copy of the transcripts so that they can make sure to keep their continuity straight with anything Brandon might say (or, more probably in the other direction: making sure Brandon hasn't said something that contradicts their plans).This process might take Peter a long time to get around to doing, so the "pending review" warnings are a compromise so that all these entries can be used with the proviso that they may be rescinded because of continuity problems. Hopefully all of the questions that you can see will survive the review.
  6. would you be willing to upload your audio to Arcanum?
  7. You should be able to upload the files to Arcanum, and then we'll go through and snippet it and then let people transcribe it. thanks for grabbing the audio, I hope you have a good time at Glasgow too!
  8. Thanks for the audio you could catch BlackYeti! Brandon at one point said that he'd said something cool at some point (as in I mentioned Arcanum to his publicist and he said he might have caught something good) so it's well worth it even if it did die part way through.
  9. thanks for bringing this up, I believe someone is planning on overhauling the spren page with the info we learned in Oathbringer, restructuring it and such things.
  10. don't arrange a chant please, that's neither entertaining or appropriate tbh
  11. start preparing for SA4
  12. I don't quite get why this would be under Arcanum's purview anyway? We might be able to make a thing that tells you what chapters your search term appears in, but yeah giving you full text search isn't even close to fair use. But other than that I don't quite understand what you're meaning by 'linking digital copies'?
  13. Hey Kitan, and thanks for your help on the coppermind so far !!! you've done some great help! There are two lists which might interest you: https://coppermind.net/wiki/User:Fbstj/oathbringer is a straight list of pages that need to be updated and then a list with pages which have spoilers already (so there's a little overlap when both spoiler warning and update notice are enabled) https://coppermind.net/wiki/User:Fbstj/oathbringer/project is a similar set of lists which should have every Oathbringer article (whether spoilers already or awaiting updates) split by it's article status. on that page the stubs and partially complete articles would be of interest to you maybe. WRT that Jasnah piece, I don't think I've read that so I can't say.
  14. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/76-shadows-of-self-chicago-signing/#e6177 has a footnote about being updated but there are multiple other WoB about this including https://wob.coppermind.net/events/128-supanova-2017-sydney/#e5727
  15. Hey there Matroska, may you verily enjoy the Stormlight series, and all other books you read of Brandon!
  16. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/270-the-hero-of-ages-annotations/#e7528 this is probably tagged wrong?
  17. all of the Mythica epigraphs appear like follows: where the word 'here' is a hyperlink to somewhere in the book. this happened on the read.amazon.com site and the file I downloaded to my computer using the kindle app, and my version on an older kindle. (and yes, I meant WoR#45 had a lower case midpeace, oops, thanks for the clarification)
  18. Midpeace is capitalised twice in Oathbringer (chapters 58, 69) but in my copy of Oathbringer (I think it's the initial one still) it is lower-case (chapter 45).
  19. I was cheating I found it by making a list of every word in the book then taking out all the dictionary words, and then all the ones that were already in the wiki. now we're down to just the red topics on this page which I've gone through and found short descriptions for. Unhelpfully I distinctly remember noticing another typo but I didn't remember to report it so I don't know where it was now... Another thing, it may have been reported/fixed already, but in the kindle version all the Mythica epigraphs have had some magic linking done to their chapter wording?
  20. hey @Synth you don't need to keep necrobumping threads with complaints about 17th Shard or the Coppermind. And please stop pinging KChan, they aren't really involved any more. WRT @Botanica specifically, they're already fairly active on both these forums and other places, and they regularly have added artwork to the Coppermind for us to use around the wiki. We here at the coppermind try to be good friends to Bota, and all the other fan-artists we know of. If you look around the Coppermind we have quite a few articles relating to the official artists, in both their real-world roles and their cameos in Brandon's worlds. The forums allow anyone to upload their own fanart if they want, and the wiki tries also to be very welcoming to artists including their art in pages if they are willing.
  21. Chapter 93 epigraph mentions Taxil not Traxil who was in TWoK chapter 45 epigraph
  22. please feel free to add these things to whatever pages are relevant. it'd be a great help if you put the effort into improving it for everyone!!
  23. the 115px links are generated by the chapter icon template stuff
  24. I personally would be ok with chapter summaries being written as long as there's a sufficient spoiler warning on that page. Otherwise I think it's both safer and more prudent to wait for the book before the rest of the pages get updated. Thanks for wanting to get on top of the summaries !!!