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  1. I really liked the name Xerxes since i saw it in a Bartimaeus trilogy book. I went on a couple of gaming sites and tried it as my username but someone had always had it before me!. So i was like, "What can i do that nobody else has done before?" So i just put an "e" in front of it and Exerxes was born. I have had this name for several years and i haven't seen any others.
  2. okay... thanks for the help!! Ill be keeping a closer eye on the interesting sharp faced people in the stories to find him!
  3. I've been reading a lot of the cosmere related stories and i have been trying to find times whenever Hoid appears in them. I know that he was Wit in the Stormlight Archive but i have a little trouble in some of the other books finding him. Does he have any defining characteristics that i can look for that really point him out?
  4. eh... im more of the loner type. But thanks for trying!
  5. Thanks @Archer for the tips on how to avoid the DA! Hopefully i can survive the forum without growing hungry and eating the cookies or giving someone my breath. Wish me luck!
  6. I would take some cookies but I have already consumed some delicious Oreos and i feel like my stomach would not take kindly to the hemalurgic spikes being there! XD
  7. Alas! I would but becoming a drab would be a terrible thing for me to be doing!
  8. Hello everyone! Since i was introduced to the wonderous world of Brandon Sanderson just a couple of months ago i would like to ask you guys a question? What was the first book of Sanderson's that you have read??? Mine was Steelheart.