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  1. Yeah, I knew someone from Sel was about to show up as soon as I saw the chapter title.
  2. Where does this come from? I haven't seen a quote like this anywhere. Is that 100% confirmed? I mean it seems extremely likely given what we know, but it could have been a fakeout death... But no, I don't think Evi is Vivenna.
  3. Alright, this week I figured I'd try going through my reactions without reading the other posts first, just to see how I like it. Chapter 19: I got a kick out of Dalinar's cocky carefree attitude. He just casually strides out into a highstorm because he thinks his knife is in the bunker, cuts open the latch on the door with a Shardblade, and looks at the terrified soldiers in the room like "what are you guys all worried about?" And then how he casually dispatches the assassin and doesn't seem concerned at all about the attempt. I wonder if his little steak knife bent because he was already starting to use Tension... Also, this line caught my interest: What is that creature? And also this: Is Dalinar the one that doesn't remember his true upbringing here? Chapter 20: Hmm, short chapter that mostly dealt with the White Knight concern people were bringing up a few weeks ago. Chapter 21: Uh, did Shallan drink that whole jug of Horneater stuff? Ok, this combined with everything else is a bit worrying. "No Mating" Oh, no more infused gems left... Shallan can repress her stormlight glow. Cool. And they're going to see Ialai? This will be fun... Gotta love Sebarial. Adolin's guilty conscience is showing. And what the heck is Mraize doing with Ialai?
  4. The Valley, Urithiru, and the Purelake all right there in a line... Somethings up.
  5. We have one character who believes that you don't need to worry about closing up loopholes in how you word your requests to the NW. And he's probably right about that. But, that doesn't necessarily mean the words she uses in response to your request aren't important. If she told Dalinar "You will forget your wife" then it certainly is possible that this boon/curse would transfer to Navani. Now, do I think that this is what's happening? I don't know. It's a possibility, but there have been other possibilities floated here too, so we'll see what happens. Also, am I remembering correctly in thinking TWoK indicated that the reason he went to the NW in the first place was because his jealousy of Gavilar and Navani almost drove him to do something drastic? Maybe after Evi died he started having feelings for Navani again and went to the NW to ask for something related to that...
  6. But of course the Stormfather and other spren would feel betrayed by an act that caused the death of hundreds or even thousands of their kind... Even if the KR thought they were doing the right thing by doing it. And that is the vibe I get from the Feverstone Keep vision.
  7. On the Shipping Debate: I'm not taking a stance right now, but I'd like to point out that stories are made up of tropes. Either tropes are played out as expected, or they are turned around. And turning around a trope is a trope in itself. When you boil any story down to it's basic elements, tropes are always present. What makes a story interesting isn't whether there are tropes that play out or not, but how the author weaves together all the elements of plot, character, theme, location, etc. into a comprehensive whole that is believable and enjoyable. Brandon has earned my trust in his ability to weave all these together in a way that I find very satisfying, so I'm sure whichever direction he takes will be good, even if it doesn't align with my early hopes or beliefs. On the Chapters: Hmm, so the freeparsh have a spren. Is it a voidish or radiant spren? Not really sure at this point, but probably void if I were to guess... Either way, I'm curious about why this group is headed to Kholinar. If that's a radiant spren, why Kholinar? If it's voidish, what plans would the voidbringer have in bringing this ragtag group of freeparsh with no particular skills to the capitol? Maybe the revolts in Kholinar are attracting more voidish spren that can bond with these parshmen...
  8. I brought it because I have 2 kids with autism, and it's something I started suspecting of Newt almost as soon as the movie started. Many autistics do learn to cope pretty well in social situations. They may still find it difficult to express themselves, or to make eye contact, or have awkward body language and mannerisms. Or not, depending on how well they've learned to cope and how severe their ASD is. Another common sign is highly specialized interests, often coupled with the ability to see the world differently as it relates to that interest. Newt's interest in, and affinity with, magical beasts reminds me somewhat of Temple Grandin. She is a famous autistic who advocates for the humane treatment of cattle prior to slaughter. Based on her unique ability to see how cattle might see, she was able to design corrals that basically lead cattle peaceably to their deaths, without panicing. Autistics also can experience sensory overload from sights, sounds, and sensations that neurotypical people can easily filter out. At the end of the movie when Newt is awkwardly saying farewell to Tina before he gets on the boat (and why doesn't he just apparate back to England?) he hears a foghorn and kind of cringes and turns his head in that direction. Tina doesn't even seem to register the noise. So yeah, I'd say there are plenty of clues pointing in this direction.
  9. Did anyone else get the distinct impression that Newt is autistic? Also, according to Pottermore MACUSA definitely predates the USA and is a completely separate government. so yeah, witches and wizards will follow No-Maj laws out in public, but their own legal proceedings wouldn't follow the same procedures . And there was a small bit of foreshadowing the potion that made everyone forget, but I do agree it still felt a bit unrealistic. So in general I loved the movie, not much I didn't like.
  10. Here's some more WoB from the update: So that's interesting. Would a Shardplate completely dissolve if it's drained of ALL investiture or would it just become inert? Would this be any different ifrom it's KR Plate vs. regular shardbearer Plate. Would a larkin be able to affect a Blade? Nightblood?
  11. Well, in that scene it does appear Szeth saw or sensed Kal... but that scene really doesn't involve Syl directly, so I'm not sure if it's what BWS was referring to.
  12. I can't think of any incident with Syl that is similar to this vision.
  13. Something about the Roshar Spiritweb gives extra power to ideas, creating spren, but.. Emperor's Soul/SH
  14. My theory about Syl's appearance in that scene is that she's trying to look like Shallan. She's jealous of his affection for Shallan.
  15. @Spoolofwhool Sorry for the confusion, the rest of my post after that first bit was a response to the OP rather than to your question.