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  1. Don't forget that in the beginning Sades and Dalinar actually teamed up to help keep the kingdom together. Between the two of them manipulating people the other highprinces couldn't gain enough support to break away or try to overthrow.
  2. See, then probably not Though where do we see Hoid use the bead?
  3. Also it was never pointed out that the magic system in Mistborn is genetic and is passed down from generation to generation. So sure a world jumper who was a full mistborn could have jumped into Roshar and breed into the population but it would have likely thinned out pretty quickly with no other mistings around, Unless say Hoid gave the bead to Kaladin/ one of kaladins ancestors and didn't take it for himself .
  4. Im pretty sure its Honor since he talks about Odium coming and about fighting and then being dead. We know the storm father isnt dead and from the way the stormfather acts its obvious that he has the mentality of a spren/splinter not a shardholder. Once again, I could be wrong but I need to look it up
  5. I could be off here but on WoR there is a part where Rock meets a "god" (who is probably Hoid) emerging from one of the hot springs on the Horneater peaks. I'm thinking that these springs might be direct links to shadesmar or a way to world hop
  6. I could be off but I am pretty sure that Pattern say at some point ( maybe when Shallan is in the slavers wagon or on the boat) That he is the only cryptic allowed to form the bond, or something similar to that effect. Its curious that Elhokar can see them though So we are probably looking at another type of spren, we know that Honor spren and wind spren look almost exactly a like so there might be some other spren out there similar in appearance.
  7. And towards the end of the way of kings isn't there a point where Dalinar sees honor? I don't think honor and Elends descriptions match up if I remember correctly
  8. He read the excerpt from Taravangian which I think has been posted about a few times ( With his boon of intelligence/stupidity)
  9. I live in South America but while on vacation here in the states got a chance to see Brandon Sanderson at his signing in Albuquerque NM. He said it was his last stop on the tour so apologized ahead of timed if he started ranting. However, he did an excellent presentation and admitted to having gotten a chance to edit a chapter from WoR just before the signing. As has been mentioned before, Sanderson has said that he hopes to have WoR out in November but couldn't promise anything.He also mentioned though that they were talking about a January release which would be a year from the day that a memory of light was released. Then he cracked an awesome joke about New Mexicans being use to waiting any way so we will be fine (Because G.R.R Martin lives in NM). Some one in the crowd asked about a possible Alcatraz 5 to which Sanderson responded that h'ed actually started working on an outline for it and a few chapters but it had been slow going because he had to buy back the rights for the book. Sanderson then proceeded to read am intro to one of his chapters that he refers to as an epigraph which was pretty funny. Some one asked if he planned to do more with Legion to which he replied that was working on something else and that he hoped to be able to turn Legion into a mini series like the BBCs Sherlock home. He also read a brief bit of the next Legion but stopped about two paragraphs in as he realized how unorganized he'd written it the rough draft and kept getting lost. I finally got to ask a question about the Stormlight archives that windrunner17 and Chaos helped me with which was: "Why Can Kaladin surgebind with any gem type but Jasnah and Shallan need specific types?" Later during the signing I got to ask two more questions which he kindly wrote into my books. The first was: "Is cultivation's holder still alive?" "Where Cultivation and Honor romantically involved?" So all and all it was a good first signing to go to and I'm glad I finally got to meet Sanderson, he is a passionate writer who is very inspiring and I encourage everyone to see him speak at least once.
  10. I think I am going to try and hit up the one in New Mexico tomorrow if I can get a chance
  11. It's quite possible that the bloodlines will play role in the future but I agree that I think the KR come about less from bloodlines and more from the connection with spren. However, it wouldn't surprise me through family lines some secret information in how to connect with spren might have been passed down through the generations. The thing that makes me think that bloodlines are not as important (actually they may become important but wernt important in the past) is Dalinar's flash back scene where he is in the village fighting and after defend himself and his flashback family with the help of A knight the knight tells Dalinar that he should come try out for the knights radiant or something. Just my thought, it might not actually mean anything
  12. True it could simply be about power but I think there are other reasons behind it for one why else would Miles get involved? He doesn't care about power and we know he isnt greedy. He feels that he has to do something to change the society around him doesn't he?
  13. Im just trying to figure out what Wax's Uncles motivation might be. Of course mass rape is a horrible thing but so is enslaving a world, killing of almost an entire race and TLR had his reasons for doing all of those things didnt he?
  14. I hope that in one of Brandon's future books he will right a flash back of the meeting of all the holders. I've thought for awhile that they probably all came from the same planet at some point and time and in the beginning all knew eachother and interacted with each other on some level before going their separate ways.
  15. So to sum it up Wax is the decedent of Breeze on his Allumanic side and somewhere along the line terrismen blood is mixed in? On the same note I'm curious what Wax's uncle is planning, he seems to think it is a necessary change in society so I wonder how it falls morally ( though Sanderson rarely ever makes solely good or bad characters ) I just wonder because even though Breeze feigns indifference we know he actually cares, so I'm curious what Wax's Uncle is up to.