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  1. "The spikes get shipped in," Ryker replies. "So I guess in blood bottles. I think I do have that marked on the license here somewhere." He walks into the office and returns to Mac handing the license over. "There you go." Archer still wrote in his notebook. Ryker suppressed a smile, who knew what the man was doing. He wasn't very subtle about it. Ryker was honestly surprised Archer hadn't complained about the acrid taste. He turned away as the man put a hand to his head, and stood up. Ryker focused his attention on Mac, who was still looking over the license. There was a sudden crash as well as several screams, causing Ryker to jump. Archer lay on the floor unmoving. Ryker rushed over to check on the man. He couldn't find a pulse. Archer was dead. The man who had worked so hard against the DA was dead. There wasn't any amount of Progression that could save him now. "We are closed!" He yelled, distraught. What had happened? Harmony, Ryker didn't know. People started to file out. There was a second crash, not three minutes later. Mac fell to the floor, limbs splayed wildly. Seizure. This one could be saved. He yelled for his assistant manager, who was luckily a Truthwatcher. She set immediately to healing Mac. Mac stopped flailing, and his breathing returned to normal. Soon the coppers arrived and want to search the place and ask their questions. Ryker didn't know who had done it, but he did tell the coppers what he knew. After they were done, they left, saying that they wanted to continue the investigation in an hour. They left a pair of coppers at the door to guard the body and the crime scene. He closed his doors and locked them for extra security. He sat on the curb and put his face in his hands. What was he going to do now?
  2. "I always keep a bottle on me." The manager takes a moment then returns with a glass and a bottle. He pulls the cork from the bottle and pours the scarlet liquid into the cordial glass. He then passes the glass over to Lopen. "There you go."
  3. "By Harmony's beard, of course, you can. I will be right back." Ryker disappears into the manager's office and returns with a bag, which he places on the counter. "That will be five boxings for the bag." He places it on a scale and the weight reads 6 pounds. "Special goodie delight. Come to think of it, I don't think Harmony has a beard."
  4. "Yes, yes of course." He riffles through a stack of papers, muttering to himself. "Ah yes here we go." He hands a stapled stack of papers to Mac. "If there is anything wrong, please let me know." He moves off to help another customer.
  5. Rules Application: Please don't make your character to OP. Limit the Investure to two magic systems. Ex. Stormlight and Breaths. Note: You may have up to two characters, a main and a side. You sit around a large oaken table. Which is strange considering that this place resides in Shadesmar. A man, who goes by the name of Sahin, is standing at the table's head, or you assume it is the head, as the table is round. Sahin wears a worn, but expensive cloak, only wearing armor on his arms and hands. A woman stands behind him. She wears a a large overcoat, that contains every color of brown imaginable. Her hair has several different colors in it. You are pulled from your obervations as Sahin speaks. "Welcome heroes of the Cosmere. Welcome to the Tower*. I know your trip has been an interesting one. So let be quick. Something is coming. Something big, it has it's attention, on Scadrial, Sel, Roshar, Taldain, and Nalthis. This is an evil that will take all of us working as a team. I am Sahin the Just, I am a Skybreaker of the third Ideal and a coinshot. This here is my associate and good friend Aurell Faine, who has just recently achieved the Sixth Heightening. We will take turns introducing ourselves before we begin with the serious business." *Picture of the Tower
  6. "I am indeed what you say I am," Ryker replies to Mac. "Your croissant shaped spike will be out of the oven mom- Ah here it is." A woman walks from the kitchen with a tray. On it are some newly made goodies and sweets. With gloved hands, Ryker pulls the croissant from the tray and puts it on a plate. Sliding it across the glass counter to Lopen. "It's on the house for the resent delivery." He winks. Then comes the knocking. He hurries over to the door, pulling it open. "I am sorry, someone must have accidentally locked the door. Is there anything I can interest you in? Perhaps a slice of Crostata?"
  7. Ryker smiled, "Enjoy." He didn't lie about the spikes, it was sometimes bad for business. He turned to the other customers. "I can help the next customer."
  8. "Yes yes. They are 110% clean." He says.
  9. “You may, that is what the chairs and the tables are for,” Ryker says exasperatedly. “You do need to pay for them before you can have them.”
  10. Ryker just shakes his head, sighing. "The cookies are a boxing each discount included." Trusting himself not to speak his mind, Ryker slips three cookies into a paper bag, and moves over to the boxing register. He waits patiently at the till for Archer. "Is there anything else you would like?"
  11. "I am the manager," Ryker huffs. "I assure you, good sir, that they are fresh. Came out of the oven not five minutes ago!"
  12. "Of course of course." the man responds to @Archer . The tag on the man's shirt reads Ryker Sinclair. "Is there anyone else I can help?"
  13. "Well hello!" The man behind the counter announces in a booming voice. "May I interest you in a truffle? Or perhaps a cookie? I also have other goodies for you non-hemalurgic folk. Just order when ready." The man moves toward the cash register.
  14. A new bakery has opened up in the second octant of Elendel city. The sign on the window reads baked Delicious Edibles And Truffles Hemalurgically-pierced goods at great prices, come in an order now! 45% off! Another sign reads similarly. The inside of the store is large, surprisingly so. Several tables of different shapes take most of the room. A man stands behind a counter displaying several cakes and pasties. A man idly stands behind the counter, waiting for business.
  15. I got Bondsmith, from this quiz. The other one I took I was a Skybreaker. Honestly I like the Skybreakers a lot, because Brandon has described flying and the lashings so well I want to soar, but I also want to destroy, using the Division surge. I digress. Comparing the quizzes, @Tal, you did a really good job, I enjoyed this way more than the other one. Also I dibs the Sibling