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  1. *car salesman slaps Ghostbloods* These bad boys can fit so much useful information
  2. Well someone likes to live dangerously.
  3. Hi, I'm Wyndlerunner. I used to lie awake nights, contemplating the mysteries of the Cosmere, I got no sleep, so I was too tired to read during the day. Then, I discovered Arcanum. It helped me alleviate my insatiable curiosity, and helped me get my life back together. I would recommend Arcanum to anyone suffering from Sandersitis. (If you are currently using Arcanum and have not improved, ask your book vendor about our extra strength treatment: Arcanum Unbounded)
  4. I like that questioner.
  5. Lightsong comes, and none of your financial indiscretions shall escape his mighty gaze!
  6. Stick vs. Shallan? Color me excited
  7. Totally get the spoiler trolling thing. When @Box Turtle was reading WoR for the first time this summer, she was expressing her desire to shank Sadeas to me. I said "yeah, you kinda just want to stab him through the eye, right?" and had no idea that I had spoiled Sadeas' death for her.
  8. I think I've at least teared up in every Sanderson book that I've read. the man is a god when it comes to emotions. The Fires of Heaven (the docks. Nuff said) Harry Potter and the half-blood prince (I have a soft spot for mentor characters) The Return of the King (Poor Frodo) I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones that come to mind first)
  9. Going to have to agree with this statement. I second this motion!
  10. Kalak's phantoms is my new favorite crossover
  11. I'm tempted to buy a 2nd copy, this is such a good deal
  12. @Firerust, so that's where that came from... My profile pic is generic. Provided to me by the Shardic Overlords
  13. This is true. Sticks have a strong sense of Identity, so therefore It's safe to assume that it would stick (pun intended) to its personal code. An attribute that a proto Skybreaker would find appealing I'm sure.