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  1. I hope to make it. I'll plan to be there!
  2. Good Omens is a book Pratchett co wrote with Neil Gaiman. It's contemporary fantasy, and is an excellent and utterly absurd read. Things to look forward to include: Satanic nuns, best of Queen albums, misprinted bibles and the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.
  3. I hadn't thought of the Set's Faceless immortals being Svrakiss. Do we have any WoBs substantiating Svrakiss as anything beyond elements of Derethi mythology? If so that would be incredibly interesting. But how would our friends Bavadin acquire Selish beings without doing some interfering there... That really opens up a lot of creative room to speculate and theorize. I still hope that we get something more concrete about Trell in TLM, even if it just serves as a lead-in to MB Era 3.
  4. I always saw Autonomy as less of "freedom" but more like the ability to act on your own. Case in point the technical term for a car: The Automobile Auto-on its own Mobile- moving So "Automobile" really means "Moving on its own", so isn't a car technically autonomous (or able to act on its own). I have never seen Autonomy as "Freedom", but more like independence, the ability to act on your own, to do things without someone else moving the strings. As for why The Avatar Calling Itself Trell wants to destroy life on Scadrial, perhaps they(no confirmed gender) sees Harmony's influence and direct "String-pulling" as being to deeply ingrained in Post-Catacendre society; so they feel it would be easier to eliminate life on Scadrial, as in the end it would hinder Autonomy's plans to make the entire Cosmere "Autonomous" But, Even Khriss doesn't seem to know what Bavadin's game is with her/their constant interference on other worlds. I honestly hope we get Trell resolved in TLM, of all the Cosmere plots, Trell's makes the most sense, and the least sense at the same time.
  5. Literally one of the most quotable Shardcasts yet. And now my member title is "ignite them"
  6. Yeah, it would have been a stretch to combine 1-2. I do like the way you layed this out- WoT has tons of Finale worthy moments.
  7. Copy of MB: Secret History: "Find Secrets" Red Envelope: "Yell at People"
  8. I hope they do try to make it a bit more of a mystery. I knew Rand was the Dragon Reborn before I even picked up EoTW- and not from past knowledge mind you. If they do obscure it, I will be internally giggling like a madman as my friends attempt to figure out who the Dragon is. For season 1, I feel like they should primarily focus on EoTW, but if they consolidate a bit, I could see them fitting TGH into season 1 as well. How would you guys split the seasons? I'm quite curious.
  9. It could also be possible that the being that refers to itself as Nakomi is referring to itself with that title to purposely throw Aviendha off. The Aiel seem to have a much greater usage of the Old Tongue than the other cultures in Randland, so if this being (Whether or not it is Future!Aviendha or the Avatar of The Creator) had any intention of keeping their true identity hidden from Aviendha, creating a purposely misleading title seems like the best way to do it. (Or, Nakomi is just really wanted to troll Aviendha and the community) But those are just my thoughts on the matter
  10. These rings are dang cool looking! If only I weren't broke.
  11. This was possibly the most hilarious Shardcast yet! I was dying laughing on multiple occasions
  12. Vin and Elend are one of the cutest Cosmere couples, and I love the fact that you've continually produced incredible music for them. Also, "You read too much" is probably something I would get told...
  13. Congrats @Firerust! I knew you had it in ya!
  14. "The Wheel of Time turns and ages come and pass, bringing memories that fade to legend and legend fades to myth, and even myth long faded before the Age that gave it birth comes again..."