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  1. I have the power to transport a planet across the universe! Moved to Creator's Corner.
  2. If only they had included a project timeline in their campaign description...
  3. So, if the bird is an Aviar, what ability might it have? We've picked up on the way it responds to Shallan, but Aviar can be quite intelligent, so I don't think there's too much behind it getting agitated when she starts yelling. I'm focused more on what utility it provides to Mraize, who is going undercover with a very distinctive face. I wonder if the bird provides some sort of disguise or memory effect, that would replace a more typical disguise? That would be why he has it now, but he hasn't before: because it's a specialized tool, one that he hadn't needed up to that point.
  4. I looked around for some IPB search help (which is the platform that these forums run on), and I couldn't find anything useful. I'd say, experiment and see what happens. I haven't messed with quotes, but I know that if you use multiple search terms, it the default results include either of those words. Which gives way too many results for me, so I usually modify the search and remove the "+" that it automatically inserts in place of a space, and put an actual space in there, and then run it again. That makes it search for results that include both of those words.
  5. I think the "pain" is specifically the memories around her death, and the "other memories" encompass everything else about her.
  6. EDIT: Man, there sure are a lot of ninjas around!
  7. Kokerlii ('coppercloud' bird) is described as "colorful." Sak (future bird) is "black-plumed." I don't think that "pure green" matches either of those descriptions. So if it's an aviar, it has an ability we don't know.
  8. For the Shin-Stone connection with the Voidspren, I couldn't think of a good mechanism for the other humans (who do see spren) to associate Shinovar with stone. In fact, that would be the last place they'd connect with stone, since there's actual dirt there. The Shin revere stone because there's so little. I guess it's possible that there are spren in Shinovar, but they just don't manifest at all in the Physical Realm. But I think it's more straightforward for the eyes to be Yolish, not Shin. (I'll admit, it sounds absurd when I put it like that.) I will go on record against the Ishar = Tezim theory. Ishar has said the Oathpact is broken. Why would he claim to be its bearer? The Heralds are in hiding, so I think this person isn't a Herald at all. But if it were, who would be the Herald of Heralds? Who is the King of Heralds? It's not Ishar - it's Jezrien. I can kinda see a case for Jezrien being Tezim. But not Ishar.
  9. Some fun stuff in this week's chapters. Mraize has an aviar. It's gotta be an aviar. I wonder what it does, though? I'll need to check if its description matches either of the aviar powers we've seen. Mraize refers to the "listeners." No humans call them that - they call them parshmen or Parshendi. I take that as further evidence he's an offworlder, although it could mean he's just ancient. This short glimpse into the Ghostblood's motives, of playing both sides against one another, makes me think of Hoid's earlier statement that he would let this world burn to get what he wanted. What are the Ghostbloods up to? The mystery of Urithiru is something that a lot of people had caught on to, so it's nice to have something out in the open. I think that it will tie in with the murders, like we discussed a few weeks ago, either something about the city or a murderous spren. Man, I just can't get it out of my head that this Voidspren isn't a Voidspren. Syl has been hiding, so she hasn't actually interacted with her. And everything she does... well, if we hadn't been told she was a Voidspren, I wouldn't have thought she was one. She definitely knows Kaladin is a Radiant, why he can sense the storms. And the emphasis on stone in her manner of movement makes me think she's a cousin to something like a stonespren, the same way Syl is cousin to windspren. So, I'm holding out for a reveal that this spren is actually a Radiant spren, but returning back to the listeners instead of bonding Radiants. (Still holding a grudge over the Recreance.) The eyes on the Voidspren are interesting, in that they aren't typical Rosharan eyes. They're like Shin eyes... but the Shin don't have spren, so she can't be a Shin spren. I guess it's because she's a Splinter of Odium, so she (and other Voidspren) are driven by Rayse's perception of humanity. Dalinar wonders why he's healing. We've all been there, bro. Nice to get a Dustbringer. There would have to be a lot going on behind the scenes for her to have an Honorblade, and she is from Vedenar (not Kharbranth), so I think she's for real, not a trick of Taravangian's. Let's see some Division action! More Surges!
  10. Have you guys thought about doing a project for Rosharan coins? ... oh, wait. Never mind. This Kickstarter is pretty cool. Anything else in the pipeline (even if it's just at the 'crazy idea' state) for cosmere fans?
  11. Got my replacement bits today. So, if anyone else Stateside is waiting, you should be getting them soon.
  12. Move, move, move, move to the Roleplaying forum.
  13. I'm not seeing much of a connection to Fjordell for either of those Shards. Devotion is Aona's Shard, and its splinters are the Seons. In Fjordell, they have the Skaze, splinters of Dominion. It looks like Opelon is the region that is influenced most by Devotion. Sometimes words are just words. I think this is one of those cases.
  14. Let's keep it all in one topic. I've closed this one, since the one in General Discussion has more activity.