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    I've read a fair amount of Fantasy: Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, 1/2 of A Song of Ice and Fire. These days, I don't have time for much more than Cosmere.

    I'm also big into Sci-Fi. I used to be crazy for the Star Wars EU, but recent events have hit me hard.

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  1. Just a preemptive reminder from the mods. It is OK to revive old topics, but make sure you're observing the spoiler policy for any Oathbringer discussion. This thread is not tagged for OB discussion, but it is in the Cosmere Theories board, which means you may discuss it as long as you place it in a spoiler box. Oathbringer Spoilers:
  2. Just your friendly neighborhood Spidermod, reminding everyone that this topic is not in the Oathbringer Spoilers board, and that no OB spoilers should be posted here at all. I have hidden several offending posts. If you would like to continue that conversation, feel free to make a new topic in the appropriate subforum.
  3. Reporting your own posts is the best way to bring it to the attention of whatever mods are online right now. (I know, it sounds weird, but it's the quickest way to deal with it.)
  4. Contact the store you bought it from. Errors like these aren't terribly common, but they happen often enough that booksellers and suppliers typically have a plan to handle replacing the book.
  5. Unbound Worlds just launched their annual Cage Match, a who-would-win voting game spanning sci-do and fantasy franchises. 32 characters go in, go head-to-head with one another for 5 rounds of voting, and one character will emerge as the cage match champion. This year's theme is nonhuman characters. Brandon's works and collaborations are represented by the Stormfather and the Ogier Loial. Check out who they have to compete against!
  6. Can you clarify which questions you asked? The links I'm following are taking me to different #s. Alternatively, you can feel free make an Arcanum account and edit those in on your own.
  7. @Blazenella, please do not double-post. If you have something to add, and nobody else has posted, just use the Edit function.
  8. Sounds like you're referring to the July 2016 edition of the newsletter, which contained an excerpt from the as-yet-unpublished Edgedancer. Just FYI, the latest edition is from April 2017, and also includes a short story excerpt. You are not allowed to reproduce the newsletter-exclusive fiction on this board (i.e. just copy and paste it to the forums), but you can have a thread discussing it. Depending on what the excerpt is, sometimes the thread can go in a book discussion forum, or it might wind up in General Discussion.
  9. Nice WoB. (My phone tried to autocorrect that to nice JoB, which isn't inaccurate, either.) Can you snap a pic of the question and signature, so we can put that in Arcanum?
  10. No, that's part of the ol' WCS.
  11. We do want to include a link to the WoB, but not through the URL just being text in the footnote. Using the editor, you can format links to have a different display text. Like this, for example. Just pick an appropriate phrase and link it to the WoB you're referencing. You can also feel free to keep doing what you did, if you're not comfortable with formatting and the like. It's pretty trivial for one of us to take care of it, if you just paste the URL in there.
  12. Brandon's been commenting on WoT subreddits recently. Is it a hint that he's working on a secret WoT story? No clue is too minor to not blow out of proportion!
  13. He referred to Skyward as a trilogy in the latest State of the Sanderson:
  14. Best Case: Cosmere novella. Worst Case: another YA series, since Skyward isnt working either. Craziest case: Magic: The Gathering story treatment. Most Disappointing Case: Skyward 2 is titled "Secret Project."
  15. Per their latest update on Kickstarter, which was at the end of January: They should be available soon through their website.