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  1. The Feruchemical Table medallion came out, and it prompted me to ask Isaac about this topic. Turns out, the symbols are in the correct locations (so the medallion isn't inaccurate); they were merely put with the wrong metals in the power description boxes on the side. He said this may be corrected in future print runs; aside from the Feruchemical Table poster, the chart appears in the WoA leatherbound, and the symbols are used in the Mistborn Adventure Game. We'll see which of those actually get revised, or if it's hard enough to notice that it's not really worth it.
  2. The full tour is up on Looks like Draginon has already updated the original post, so bumping for publicity. I'd heard Brandon talk about Anchorage, but Denver and San Francisco are news to me.
  3. Even if it were removed, your post count wouldn't get lowered. Better luck at 2000!
  4. What do you mean, delayed? Last I heard, it's been sent off to the printer for inclusion in the Hero of Ages leatherbound:
  5. We've set things up so all entries get reviewed by an Arcanum staff member. So, if you transcribed something, it will stay as a Suggestion until one of us goes through, checks it, and approves it. We're a little backlogged, since Brandon's actually been pretty busy recently with cons and the like. And then we've got all this new audio we need to process before we can go checking transcriptions. But we're working as fast as we can on cleaning out the queue.
  6. It's often spoilers, sometimes intentional, sometimes not. He might blurt something out, then say "Don't put this on the internet please, I haven't canonized it yet." Or someone might ask a question, and he'd say, "I can tell you, but we'd have to hide from the recorder." And then we mute the question anyways out of courtesy to the questioner. But sometimes there will be an extremely personal story that we just feel would be really inappropriate to put out on the internet, and we don't want to be the ones putting something like that out as well. But, yeah, these things may get picked up in the audio recording. Nothing so far on this event, but if you go to the Arcanum pages and listen through the full signing line audio files, you'll be able to find red chunks in the audio bar where things have been muted.
  7. Audio is in for this event. There's a lot of it - 8 hours of signing lines, 6 hours of panels, so it will take a while for it all to get processed. (We check through the signing lines for stuff to remove, since Brandon has a habit of leaning over to the recorder and saying "don't put this on the internet.") But if you're looking to help transcribe and be among the first to hear new WoBs, Thursday's signing line is up and ready to go, as well as one of his panels.
  8. There is a topic for this event here: There is an Arcanum event here: That will be the place to keep an eye on for the newest stuff, once audio gets uploaded there.
  9. Yeah, they're well-reasoned associations, and they've been made before. But as of late, I've thought that the gods of the waters don't fit at all with a highstorm. It's pretty clearly beneath the oceans, not high above in the storm, so even though there is rain in a highstorm, I have had a hard time recently in accepting that parallel.
  10. I'm finishing up a reread myself, and I've struggled with this line, too. One challenge with interpreting it is that "Spren" is both the singular term and the plural term. So, he could be referring to many spren of the mountains. (This could directly parallel the Horneater myth, where there are gods of the trees, gods of the waters, and gods of the mountains.) Or it could be referring to a single spren, who represents the Mountains in total, one of the three Bondsmith spren. (As they are theorized to be mentioned in the Elia Stele: "For their betrayal extended even to our gods: to spren, stone, and wind. Stormfather is obviously Wind; either Nightwatcher or Sibling could fulfill the other two. I've seen good arguments made for both directions) And if it is a particular term for the Sibling, which is itself always referred to as "they," other references to the spren of stone that appear plural (like Nale speaking to Szeth at the end of WoR, "Your people revere the spren of stone, but you do not worship them") could be referring to a type of spren, or they could be referring to the Sibling. If it's a group of spren, I'd think the spren of the mountains could be the Stoneward spren, who we saw with cracked-stone skin in Celebrant. Going off the Horneater myth, there's an easy candidate for the spren of the trees; cultivationspren. I'm not sure who could be the spren of the waters, though; the only Radiant spren we haven't seen in Shadesmar are the Truthwatcher spren and the Highspren, and neither of them seem particularly aquatic in the Physical Realm. There are other intelligent spren in Shadesmar who don't bond Radiants (like the mistspren), so potentially the spren of the waters could be an unseen spren race. So, yeah, it's a good question that I don't think has a definitive answer at this point. There are a couple schools of thought (Radiant spren vs godspren), and I know I find myself waffling between the two on a regular basis.
  11. I haven't read River of Souls, but I have seen it discussed some here and there, and I've got some slightly different impressions of some of Brandon's statements that you're quoting. It mostly stems from the fact that the selection wasn't written as a followup sequence, it was originally supposed to be chapters in AMoL. When Brandon said: I don't think "We" is "Readers who have completed AMoL." But that it means "Brandon and Harriet and assistants," the people with access to RJ's notes, during the AMoL writing process. RJ did switch plans from Taimandred to Shara, but he didn't leave a ton of details beyond Demandred showing up with the Sharans. So, when Brandon says stuff like: That's obviously impractical for the way the sequence was actually published. That was why he wrote it in the first place, though - to put it in the book, pull a switch on you by tricking you into rooting for one of the Forsaken. They weren't flashbacks for after we'd seen the Demandred reveal - they were going to lead up to it. But, reading the sequence after finishing the series, of course that's not the effect you'll get. In regards to the lack of foreshadowing in TGS and ToM, Brandon has addressed that on Reddit. He does acknowledge that he could have done it better, but mentions how the decision to split the book came after he'd written basically everything that would go in TGS. If you're wondering about specific details of when RJ switched away from Taimandred, this post at Theoryland may be enlightening to you: Short version: notes for Book 6 clearly indicate Taimandred, but by Book 10, he'd begun to publicly denounce the theory. Some of the Dragonmount/Theoryland/Thirteenth Depository folks have access to a good chunk of the notes; they're not allowed to share it publicly, but they do present findings every year at a panel at JordanCon. (I'm definitely more of a Cosmere fan than a WoT fan, but that panel was hands-down my favorite panel at the con.) If you're on any of those sites, Terez or Tamyrlin might have more of an idea on exactly when Shara appeared in the notes. The last thing to keep an eye out for in Unfettered III is that this new sequence was not only cut, the final book was reworked around its absence. Whereas River of Souls doesn't contradict anything in AMoL (it could have all happened offscreen), the Ways sequence is non-canon, and it's going to conflict with the events of the published book. (Or at least how things happened in this turning of the Wheel.) You may still think it worth reading, but just make sure you know it's not an actual continuation.
  12. So, Brandon just announced he will be at FanX this year, which runs from Thursday, Sep 6 through Sunday, Sep 9. You can find his full schedule on his website: There are signings every evening, and there is one event with no details listed called "Welcome to the Cosmere: Spotlight on Brandon Sanderson" on Saturday. I don't know if Brandon's at that panel, or if he listed it because it's about him, but it could be something interesting. Is anybody going to be attending? Perhaps able to record a signing line or two?
  13. I think that would be a question for Brandon's store manager. You can contact her here: As far as I'm aware, they are real leather, but I'm no leather expert.
  14. I can't follow the image links in your Given #3 bulletpoint.
  15. I think we can all agree that steelpushes are supposed to be intuitive, like pushing with your arms but farther away. The trick comes in some very specific cases, where the differences between steelpushes and your body become more evident. If you physically grab a coin, push it through the air towards a wall, you won't move until you hit the wall and essentially push against the wall and can push harder. Right? At least, that's what it seems like. But that's not exactly what happens. Try this experiment at home: stand with your back towards a wall, heels against the wall, shoulder blades lightly touching the wall. Put your hands right in front of your chest (you can hold a coin in each, for thematic reasons), and then throw your arms forward as fast as you can. (Kind of like a boxer throwing two punches at the same time.) As long as you're only using the muscles in your arms (don't put your back into it), you'll feel your shoulders push against the wall behind you - the force you're exerting on the coins is negligible compared to the force required to make your arms move, and that force moves your body. You just don't usually notice it, because your body is moving anyways to flail your arms around. Your body doesn't move a lot because your arms quickly reach full extension, and there's very little time to exert that force if it's just your hands moving. If you push the coin against a wall, there's no discontinuity of force on your body. You're already exerting enough force to move your body just from moving your arms, but the force balance changes with the addition of the normal force of the wall, so your muscles can exert (the same) force on your body for a longer period of time. The wall doesn't let you push harder - it lets you push for a longer time. That may not be how it feels, especially when our bodies are doing subconscious adjustments all the time. (We don't think "arms, push with 15 lbs of force," the same way you don't focus on how to place your feet when you're walking.) But that model is expressly opposite to what's described in steelpushing. Vin sets how hard she's pushing, and there is an abrupt discontinuity in force when the coin hits a wall. It's not Vin unconsciously modulating her push; it's something that happens due to physics, not unconscious response. That's why we're trying to develop a mechanism that can respond to that, which will by necessity depend on the velocity of the coin. Something that can be mathematically proscriptive with all the different scenarios we see in steelpushing. I can believe that would happen in some cases, but as stated already, it would depend on the terrain and how long the Allomancer kept their force applied. Do they keep pushing all the way until they drop their next coin, like how you always have one foot on the ground while you're walking? Or is it a quick burst to launch yourself into the air, like how you sometimes have no feet on the ground when you're running? The latter would minimize the time they're pushing at larger angles, so that could mitigate the effect Are there any specific instances in the book that make you question the angles? (Aside from the time Wax pushed Marasi's notebook to the bottom of a table. Unless he was sitting real low on the table, I don't know how he was basically able to push that direction. From what it seems to me, he was pushing towards himself. So I can't help you out with that one.)