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  1. Let's keep Longest Thread in the Longest Thread topic. Thanks.
  3. I don't remember where the conversation went down - looks like it wasn't in the thread, but it might have been on Discord (where the conversation started) or possibly on Reddit. Technically, my original idea had force as a function of velocity - it was just a step function, transitioning from 1 to 0 when velocity reached the maximum. Making it an inverse relationship (which is more qualitatively so; not necessarily 1/x, but even a decreasing exponential would fit), something continuous, makes for a model with no on/off oscillation at the 'maximum velocity,' which I found a lot cleaner.
  4. Aw, yes, I love me some math. I unfortunately don't have time to dig into it all right now. But, in case you haven't finished the Impossible Physics thread, I don't think I updated my first post to include a later development we worked to. I changed my mind to: force is inversely proportional to relative velocity (as opposed to an arbitrary cutoff where you can't push beyond a certain speed). So you can ramp the coin up pretty quick, and then the force drops to almost negligible before it has enough time to push back on the Allomancer. But I kept it all to variables for a reason - I don't have the patience to actually come up with coefficients and exponents. So, more power to you, and best of luck! Looking forward to seeing more about it as you progress.
  5. But he's not acting. There are ways of attracting the spren by what they like - Shallan draws creationspren while drawing, Elhokar draws gloryspren when Dalinar lets him win contests. Kaladin draws windspren when he is "running the winds," either flying or directly manipulating the air. But he isn't performing any of those actions in the scenes above - all he's doing (especially in the first one) is thinking about the Fourth Oath. And why would that attract a windspren?
  6. Atium can be manipulated and alloyed, so it's not like all metallic Investiture needs to be unbreakable. In OB, we see where the spren take sustenance from: It's from the highstorms, from Stormlight. If spren need to heal, they need to 'eat,' so that's why Shardplate requires Stormlight to repair itself. I don't see where you're coming with this one, why the plate spren would even be in pain. The Radiant spren scream because they were formerly in a symbiotic relationship through the Nahel bond, which was removed in a manner that damaged the spren's souls. They were intertwined with the souls of their Radiants, and they were the Investiture that enabled access to the Invested Arts that Radiants had. (Like the Investiture that creates a Mistborn, or how Breath creates an Awakener.) But creating Shardplate is an effect of an Invested Art, not the initator of it. No bonds to them were being broken, so no damage to the spren occured. What if modern plate is just chilling there, waiting for a dismissal command that never comes? Identity in the realm of Investiture interference is a very specific phenomenon. Identity isn't what causes the interference; it's not like the Identity of the coins on Scadrial interfere with a Mistborn's ability to Push them, or the Identity of individual particles of sand keep a Sand Master from forming ribbons. The rule is that Investiture interferes with other Investiture, unless there is a match of the Identity to which those particular effects are keyed. A 'resonance' between the manifestations of Investiture. The way Identity and Investiture interplay with interference is that your own magics will not interfere with themselves as they normally would. This gets back to Shardplate as a manifestation of the Radiant's Invested Art; it's not just a bunch of spren hanging around that get talked into arranging themselves into a shell, it's that this is a magical effect from the Radiant creating the Shardplate. Each individual piece, each individual spren, that's a part of the Plate came from somewhere, just like each of an Awakener's Breaths came from somewhere. But because the Lashing and the Shardplate are both magical effects produced by the same user, they won't interfere with one another. And this gets back to the second part, why the plate spren don't scream. I say they're analogous to an Awakened object after their creator died. It'll still run around, because it's an ongoing magical effect. Same with Plate; it was bound, it was left, and the spren are waiting to be unbound. We don't see spren when Shardblades are summoned or dismissed, either. They puff to mist, same as Plate pieces. But I think you do make a good point here, why we see a lot of the proposed plate spren around our proto-Radiants, but not following around established Radiants (like Jasnah, or the one in Dalinar's visions). I think it makes sense that the initial creation of Plate draws spren through the Physical and Cognitive Realms, but once that effect has been established, they can be drawn through the Spiritual Realm. You've excluded all the actual support that was used to create the spren theory, not doing it justice at all in your one-sentence summary. In fact, you say that it's because spren are drawn when the Radiants are "using their powers," which is not always the case and is not part of the theory. The most important spren attractions to look at are not when Kaladin is using his powers, but rather... ... when he's thinking of the Fourth Oath. The one that we know gives the Windrunners their Plate: How do you explain the way Kaladin attracts the windspren when he is not flying or manipulating the wind? If he's not drawing them as a part of creating his Plate for the first time, why are they there? In conclusion, the repeated associations between windspren and Kaladin's Fourth Oath are quite prominently placed, and that's why the theory has grown so prominent. And from what we know so far of Investiture interference, I don't see any Realmatic reason why Shardplate wouldn't be associated with the Radiant who created it.
  7. No, Oathbringer content should not be mentioned or discussed in the main Stormlight forum at all. I have edited/hidden posts as needed. You can review the forum's OB spoiler policy here:
  8. How do you plan on incorporating the expanded canon vocabulary going forward? For example, some of what you've created for your dictionary, we got in Oathbringer.
  9. Yeah, it's Jasnah on the cover art, but I'm referring to what's under the dust jacket. When you take it off, the actual covers of the Stormlight books are colored to match a Radiant Order and have the matching glyph (stylized into the shape of a sword, referred to sometimes as "honorblade" glyphs among the fans) impressed into the front. Way of Kings was blue, with the Windrunner glyph. Words of Radiance was dark red, with the Lightweaver glyph. And Oathbringer was yellow, with the Bondsmith glyph. And Brandon did confirm that these colors and glyphs match up to the book's Order: The question was asked June 2017, before OB came out, but after Brandon had finished writing it.
  10. The U.S. hardcover is yellow, and has the Bondsmith glyph embossed on the front cover, so those are pretty strong indications to me that this is the Bondsmith book. We do get a lot about the Skybreakers in it (although we still haven't really seen Division, their other Surge), but you could also make a case that we learned more about Windrunners in WoR (through Kaladin's struggles with his Oaths, and defending Elhokar) than in WoK.
  11. On the main page, the Aon to the left of each forum will mark everything in it as read.
  12. Non-cosmere stuff is allowed in Cosmere Discussion behind spoiler tags. (Mostly comes up for Rithmatist, which had Cosmere roots.) So since everything is already going behind spoiler tags, it'd be fine. I'll go ahead and move it there and unhide hidden posts; @Ashspren, @Leyrann ,and @goody153, feel free to edit back in the removed content.
  13. Not at all in General Brandon Discussion. If you would like it moved to Cosmere Discussion, let me know, because OB content is allowed there. You can review the full Oathbringer Spoiler policy here:
  14. Hot off the presses (at least as far as Brandon's site goes). Reading at 2:00, signing from 3:00-5:00. Anybody in the area able to go?
  15. I can't be the only one who remembers Oathbringer spoilers are not allowed in this subforum yet, even behind spoiler tags.