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  1. This is the place to discuss Star Wars Episode VIII: The Lost Jedi. Out of respect for those who have not watched this movie, do not post about spoilers from this movie anywhere outside this thread. This is a major worldwide media event, and we do not want to ruin anybody's experience. For those who haven't seen the movie yet, Spoilers will follow. Flee from this thread.
  2. Brandon deferred to Peter, and Peter said that Bondsmiths do not have Cohesion. There's not really anything for us to discuss - Team Sanderson will have to look into where the error was and make sure it gets addressed going forwards. But no Radiant aside from a Stonewards has actually used Cohesion yet, so there's no true contradiction.
  3. Two WoBs that had been hidden in Arcanum, since Brandon had referred me to Peter on them. But they're live now, with Peter's remarks: Slaveform did not exist before the False Desolation. The Stormfather implies that Dalinar can use Cohesion, but this appears to be "an error in the text."
  4. Quick Arcanum clarification: the Pending Review tag is not for transcription concerns. Peter will be reviewing event transcriptions going forward, to make sure Brandon didn't misspeak and contradict canon, or something like that. That's what the marker is for - WoBs that Peter hasn't had a chance to veto yet. (Granted, I've got no idea how he can veto a RAFO. But that's what Pending Review actually means.)
  5. If any of you Utah or near-Utah residents want another go at Brandon, he just put two signings up on his website for later this month. Salt Lake City on the 16th, Orem on the 21st.
  6. For the time being, we have no effective way to see and approve suggestions. So, you could edit it yourself, but it might not go live for a little while. You can still feel free to post corrections in this thread, and an Arcanist will put them in.
  7. You can upload it yourself on this page:
  8. Good observation! I've brought this point up myself; I'm trying to remember where I thought she got the gold from. This scene takes place after a ball, right? If there were gold-plated utensils, or some nonsense rich-person food that bad bits of gold in it as a show of ostentation, that could be where she got the gold from.
  9. That's exactly what he would say if he said something important and was trying to keep it a secret! We'll dig it out, don't worry!
  10. All you have to do is find the event page from this list and upload it. We'll take care of the rest. Thanks for recording!
  11. That was actually asked earlier this year: Source.
  12. Moved to OB spoilers, per request.
  13. That's a great observation, and probably the best explanation I've heard yet for why Odium used the plural pronoun there. I wonder if there's any connection to the end of Secret History, where Ati looks at Kelsier and seems to call him "Vax"?
  14. Just to clarify, @Shardbound, would you like this topic to include Oathbringer discussion? If you do, I can move it to the spoiler board for you. In the main Stormlight Archive forum, it cannot include any Oathbringer spoilers, even if they are placed behind spoiler tags. Just let me know what you would like. I've considered other similarities between Shallan's and Shai's methods of transformation. Specifically, how they each draw upon the history of an object - most notably for Shallan, when she convinced the Wind's Pleasure to transform early in WoR, by drawing on the ship's history with its crew. I think they are very similar magic systems indeed.