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  1. My best guess is that Unmade are spren unmade during the time the Heralds were on Damnation between desolations... They are the manifestation of pain, bretrayal, horror, etc... coming from powerful figures as the Heralds. And then unmade.
  2. A Worldhopper with a green chicken... Where have I've seen that before?
  3. Well... that Thunderclast is HUGE. I mean... In the books Dalinar tells that the Thunderclast is "5-6 times the size of a man". That thing on the cover... It's "Shadow of the Colosus" huge. They'll need a Dustbringer to kill that monster. I can't see how some (2-3) Shardblades could do it. (I'm guessing Soulcasting won't work on them as they are creatures invested with a spren/investiture. Am I right?)
  4. I wasn't so sure about it being on FotS but... "The existence of a perpendicularity (which often take the form of pools of concentrated power on the Physical Realm) on a planet is a hallmark of a Shard’s presence. This is what makes First of the Sun so interesting. " "[...]And one of them, the first planet, has a perpendicularity. I have not been able to discover why, or how, this perpendicularity exists. There is certainly no Shard residing in the system. I cannot say what is happening, only that this feature must hint at things that occurred in the past of the planet." " The area around the perpendicularity is extremely dangerous, and the few expeditions sent there from Silverlight have not returned. " Those 3 quotes from K make me think that there was actually a shard on First of the Sun AND that it shattered giving the planet a "Sel-like" condition on the Cognitive Realm.
  5. I was thinking about Threnody too, but... There's a lot pointing at First of the Sun right now.
  6. I was wondering about the perpendicularity and the fact that there's no shard right now and the Cognitive realm is dangerous there... A friend asked Sanderson here in Barcelona about the 4th Shard Odium killed. He said that we have seen something about it. That not spanish readers, but US readers... And that we'd see something about it on the AU. Knowing this and the fact that Sel is dangerous because the shards were shattered... I'm starting to think that the 4th Shattered shard was on First of the Sun.
  7. Don't know if it will be relevant or not, but... gonna leave this here...
  8. On the second video there's a couple of intereseting questions near the end... but not much. I'll try to get them after if I have time.
  9. He didn't said anything else. The question was phrased like "You said that Odium killed 4 shards..." and he did not deny it, nor confirmed. Was missing that one @WeiryWriter. Thank you. (went to the bathroom for one sec and when I come back I see the guy with the RAFO card...)
  10. I'm thinking about Shadows of Silence in the Forest of Hell... The shades seem something that could be an after effect of the shattering of a Shard. (and sositfoh is not in Spanish... yet)
  11. Hey everyone! We had a signing today in Barcelona (finished 2 hours ago) and, even with people not asking many questions, we had some interesting data. Going to try to get some of that here... Can't quote Brandon word by word, but I've been beside him all the time and I got some of what he answered. "Q: Is Hoid human? Brandon: Yes... but. Hoid is... you can say that he is still human, but his DNA have changed. Now he is human but you wouldn't call him Homo sapiens anymore. It happens something similar with the Steel Inquisitors" "Q: You told us Odium broke 4 shards. Can you talk about the 4th one? Brandon: I can say that you've seen, maybe not in Spain, but American fans have seen, the efects of that. You'll se something about it on Arcanum Unbounded" Someone asked about the metal from if the metal of Paalm's spike could be used combined with another of the "normal" metals (maybe as an alloy?). He RAFOed that one. He signed a copy of WoR (I think) and added a sticker for Oathbringer with a quote from that book (Oathbringer) he said it will make sense when we read that one. "You cannot have my pain" He also signed my WoR and I asked him to write something about the Unmade (this one is quoted word by word. Can't add picture right now) "Most of the Unmade are not what we would call sapient. But a few are different..." We had one or two more... But I've worked more than 12 hours today and my brain is melting right now. I'll try to get something more tomorrow.
  12. I can see a meme of your profile picture with that phrase. XD
  13. I know the original date to BoM was November, but... you know. Hype. xD I love how he can "accidently write" something. It's like "Ups I dropped that ink into that stack of paper... ¡Oh, look! ¡A new Mistborn novel!"