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  1. Itiah X makes his grand debut! A showman from birth, he thought Elantris would be the best place to show his skills. Unfortunately, it wasn’t... What happens next? Find out next episode!
  2. The twins waited anxiously for what the two things might be. “Yes?” Max said.
  3. Mara kneeled before the downed Rashan, one of her obsidian short-swords through one of his shoulders. Was this real? Or just a copy to fool Max and her? “Why’d you’d save us?” She asked just as Max got up, crawling over to the two of them. He was bleeding, but not by too much. “What’s our purpose?” He added. “Everyone says you could see into the future, so why’d you sacrifice yourself for us? Why us?” @Nohadon
  4. Max watched on with confusion as Rashan switched targets in an instant, speeding to Mara. Rioting Mara’s determination, Max focused his enhanced Allomancy on Rashan. He had a lot of little wounds, but Max Rioted him intensely to make him feel extreme pain from them. Hopefully it would put the assassin down. Taking a running start, Max leaped and took a hold of one of Rashan’s legs, bringing out his glass knife for a stab. *** Mara yelped as Rashan swung his magical sword at her, only barely avoiding being torn to shreds. Landing a jump, she saw Max grab Rashan’s leg, and, still pushing on Rashan slightly to slow him, Mara brought out of her obsidian shortswords and launched at Rashan at top speed, swords outstretched. She’d heard a similar move happened in the Rashan vs. Master Sheonar duel, before her time. Rashan supposedly had charged at full speed at Devaan, sword outstretched. Mara hoped Rashan wasn’t prepared for his own tricks used against him. As Mara Pushed off of the wall with the strength a normal coinshot never could, she realised it was Master Sheonar who won that fight. @Nohadon
  5. I will join as Silence Montane.
  6. From the depths of the trials, while getting pummeled by Rashan, another voice could be heard from Max: “Sign me up for a duel!”
  7. I can see your thinking, but I think it might be inplausable. 1) I mean, the only Shard’s planet we’ve seen Autonomy meddle with is Scadrial, and even then, we still don’t know whether that’s true. It’s just speculation. 2) It’s been theorised that the letter itself comes from Patji, but regardless, I think if I squint my eyes I can see this, kinda. Taldain isn’t exactly the most hospitable place, but still, I don’t know if we could attribute that to ‘can you survive this?’, per say, and even if you could, all of the previous examples are to do with making places dangerous (maybe so people leave it alone and in autonomy??) rather than a test of an item. Still, who knows? 3) I mean, Type IV Awakenings had never happened before then, so you could make the case the Scholars had no idea what to expect anyway. I do think a Shard may have subtly assisted in Nightblood’s creation, possibly Autonomy, but I would think Endowment based on the points below. So, we know that one Shard’s Investiture messing with another’s causes the colour red to appear almost all the time. If Autonomy (or really any other Shard than Endowment) really did have a significant hand in creating Nightblood, I would expect there to be red Investiture all over the place, which there isn’t. You could make the case Nightblood is sentient, and thus has Autonomy in him, but then again, maybe it’s just another quirk of Type IV Awakenings. So, to end this, I think it’s possible a Shard may have helped or ‘pushed things along’ to create Nightblood (possibly to be apart of their great futuresight plan), and that Shard could have possibly been Autonomy, but it would have to be in small amounts, definitely nothing as big as being an avatar, otherwise we would’ve definitely seen some red Investiture surrounding him by now. Otherwise, I don’t think it makes sense. Also, why would an Avatar of Autonomy need Breath/Stormlight to function? So, yeah. Didn’t fuel it or shred it. Kinda, lightly ripped it. Hope this helps. Good theory, though.
  8. Mara watched in shock as Rashan pretty much dodged all of her attack, making his way to Max. To his credit, her brother held his ground. *** “You joined the ghostbloods? You think they could make you stronger?" Max prepared himself. “That’s not how this works.” Max barely had time to dodge as a kick enetered his chest, only barely bringing his staff around to block the magic sword. As far as he knew, aluminium could block its Shardblade effects, and the core of Max’s staff happened to be made of that material. Smiling (kinda), Max tried to advance on Rashan But was met with a flurry of crazy jabs and punches to the stomach. “Rust,”. He muttered. Overhead, behind Rashan, Mara had landed. *** “Max!” Mara called, seeing her brother get beaten up. “Move to the side!” Her brother obliged, rolling to the left, leaving an empty space in front of Rashan. Preparing herself, Mara supertapped an emergency Nicrosilmind (the first in while) to Push Rashan by his metalminds, his inner metals, whatever metal he had on him to try and launch him into a wall, unleashing a powerful blast of targeted pushing. @Nohadon
  9. I think there’s a theory that Mraize is a dragon, but I’ll leave finding it to you ‘cause I’m tired as storms and need to sleep.
  10. Mara froze, but not in the way Max sometimes did. Max, too stopped, both Twinborn staring at the man before them. Both recognised the face. It was the face of the man who’d saved them. The face of the one who’d sacrificed himself for two random children, the face of someone who’d killed many but saved more. As Rashan’s sword glinted in the light, Max remembered that fateful night, the night he and Mara had been tasked with handing it back to Master Sheonar. Rashan had asked whether they would remember him, and they’d said they would. But now the same man was standing right here, right now. Max could feel himself shake, and Mara resisted the urge to turn back the way she’d came. The twins whispered to each other strategies: “Max.” “Yeah?” “We’re screwed.” “I know.” “Alright then.” And with that the twins charged Mara shooting herself up in the air before spraying down a volley of razors and coins, Max running to the side, trying to Riot Rashan’s tiredness and fatigue. The twins had only heard of the man’s power, it was time to see it for themselves. Maybe they would even be able to talk to the man afterwards, if only to let out the tempest of emotion they were keeping back now. @Nohadon
  11. I don’t think I have a doubt of Shardblades/Plate being a godmetal (or perhaps an alloy of Honour and Cultivation’s), but I agree with Goody153. Metal is just the way the Investiture solidifies. Not an element, but then again, neither is Atium. If the Shard doesn’t mix themselves and their power with the Metallic Arts, then the Godmetals would do nothing. This is also what I think the ‘some work’ is. That the Shard need to mix, integrate, alloy, if you will () with the relevant magic system before it can be manifested into magic by said magic system users. Compounding Connection wouldn’t work, in my opinion. Note how Brandon said they wouldn’t have a ‘tie’ to the godmetal rather than ‘Connection’, per say. The problem isn’t the fact that the godmetal isn’t Connected to the Allomancer, it’s that the godmetal isn’t Connected to the magic system, thereby being impossible to access even by a Mistborn/Connection Compounder unless the Metallic Arts themselves are fundamentally changed. This is what I believe is happening with Trellium (supposedly Autonomy’s godmetal). Note it’s red features, and how red is a signal of interfereing/integrating Investiture. The Godmetal is alloying itself to the Metallic Arts, which is why it can be used in Hemalurgy, as well as Feruchemy and Allomancy (Since if a metal works in one art it works in them all). This is why a simple compounder wouldn’t be able to cut it, you’d need to change the Metallic Arts themselves, not Connection. So, I propose that if Honour/Cultivation (depending who’s godmetal it is) intermingled with Scadrial’s magic (inevitably appearing as red Investiture), only then would the metal be viable in Allomancy, and subsequently Feruchemy and Hemalurgy. As for its Allomantic effects, we can only guess based on the two Allomantic Godmetals we’ve seen. Lerasium helps you Preserve yourself by turning you into a Mistborn, Atium allows you to Ruin more effectively, giving you a future sight only useful in combat, so we can assume our Godmetal, if it was of Honour, would allow you to help Honour things, so maybe it would allow you to sense lies or something, meaning while you were burning it, people would have to Honour their word. If it was of Cultivation, I would assume a Regrowth-like effect, and if it was an alloy... who knows by now? Feruchemy and Allomancy never seem to really be connected to the Godmetals as much (Atium stores age - what) unless the Godmetals are of the god the magic system is related to (eg. Lerasium giving all Allomantic powers, Atium stealing all powers), so yeah, probably can’t say much about those two. So, yeah, speculation. What do you think?
  12. As a Conspirator, I will say I loved this game. The plotting of finding ways to put the Investigators off track, the desperate attempts of finding the witness, and obviously, getting to act like a madman with no consequences, it’s all great. I also thought the game was well balanced, two Conspirators with a murderer seems like a good sweet spot for standard games. But yeah, deception is fun. And I would certainly not be opposed for having this type of game become a recurring thing. So, yeah, that’s my input. Great game, everyone! (Special thanks to Herowannabe and Alvron for GMing IMing a new game type.) (Also special thanks to my teammates, who benefited from my temporary insanity.) (Also special thanks to Investigators,for putting up with said Insanity.) (So, yeah, special thanks to everyone. Ain’t that wholesome?)
  13. Mara looked to Max, who nodded. This seemed more serious than they’d taken it for. If the Armours were really so valuable, then there was a good chance whatever laid inside could kill them. Why would they risk their lives? For Mara, it was easy. Adventure. Exploration. She’d made a mistake in coming this far, if she left now, she’d never let herself stop thinking of the missed opportunity. For Max, it was something else. Because while his will to not die was strong, and he knew emotional Allomancy probably wouldn’t be as helpful now, his desire to be better was stronger. His desire to improve. Not to mention the trials were personalised. Looking at each other, the twins shared a look of concern as they took a step back. And charged through the door. @Nohadon
  14. “Trials?” Max said, looking to Mara. “We can handle trials, right?” “If you say so. Last time I remember you doing any trials, you grazed your knee and started crying.” “That happened over a decade ago!” “Didn’t stop it from happening, though.” As the pair descended, Max thought of something. “Hey, what trials are down here, anyway?” @Nohadon