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  1. Not to beat a dead horse, but it would actually be harder in my opinion to adapt to fighting with a completely weightless sword, if you lashed it. My theory is that Kal would just instinctively lash himself up that little bit more as he is summoning his shardblade so it doesn't make him descend.
  2. forgive my confusion, but what is this supposed to be?
  3. Rad Awakeners Fly Once
  4. Only if you call me an Italian
  5. this is beautiful... I really love the idea of shards motivations being fleshed out this way. I had assumed that
  6. I disagree, Investiture often reflects other systems. Lightweaving exists on multiple planets, there is no reason to believe other magic's couldn't be replicated
  7. you can temporarily lose your ability to use your Investiture, but when you stop storing it comes back. Basically, Feruchemical storing can go 100%, but once you lighten up or stop storing, you go back no normal levels. second half of your question... we don't really know why it is that anyone can use an unkeyed nicrosil metalmind, but if you don't restore the Investiture of an unkeyed metalmind by storing in it you can run out of power
  8. shardblades are not pure tanavastium... just saying. I believe they are a blend of honor and cultivation-metal
  9. God Beyond I love these.
  10. if you could make a PDF format of this it would be awesome, I'd like to read it over myself and share it with my friends who I have been working on making into sanderson nerds
  11. Regalia Absence(there's a character for the nerds) Firefight Obliteration
  12. I love the idea of pattern showing up as a tattoo
  13. any and all suggestions are welcome
  15. sing... as in singer? I'll check out making a parshendi song I haven't done much recently because I didn't have a good computer, and school had just started so I was trying to figure out homework and stuff