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  1. I've decided to ignore how fast someone would reasonably travel that distance because it's confusing and just took them there. If someone has a problem with that, let me know. And yes, Armageddon's personal bodyguards are called the Apocalypse Guard.
  2. Armageddon was standing outside the Webrynth, hoping that he would be noticed when the world went back. Well that's interesting. The so-called "Blank," perhaps? They seem rather powerful, and what I've seen of them would fit rather well with this. Thinking quickly, he shouted out to his guards. "Apocalypse Guard! Gather around my voice. We'll wait this out. Hopefully it's not specifically targeting us."
  3. My first thought was that it was based on cognitive realm travel, but that wouldn't work cause distances are weird in the cognitive realm too. So my best guess is it's something based on the perception of distance. Or that Aon Tia is just affected by gravity. One of those two.
  4. Which apparently somehow made him more popular instead of less.
  5. I think you may be confused. OP isn't saying awakening a bead of lerasium, their saying making a bead of lerasium via awakening. Unless I've misunderstood.
  6. Granted. You have unlimited electricity running through your body. It does some weird stuff to the universe, considering that's an infinite amount of energy in a finite space. Have fun with that. I wish I was doing my essay right now instead of looking at this site.
  7. This is scarily accurate. Like, you even turn random comments in our roleplays into new roleplays.
  8. *slow clap*
  9. Cause he had a secret:
  10. Ooooh Legion shardcast. Yes please. Super excited for that.
  11. So that was intense. I really loved it of course, and Legion remains one of my favorite series by him. I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that the books are in-world as well. Normally I dislike it, because it feels shoved in at the last second and cheesy, but I think it fit well here. It wasn't totally clear what exactly it was that happened in terms of his aspects kinda coming back but not really. Are they completely back, or is he just kind of conscious of what they say and do around him without actually seeing them, and maybe has the information? I'm unsure. That's mostly all I have to say for right now.
  12. *stands here, having not read tG* Ah well. You should read the other stuff. Cradle's the most popular. Then in exchange I'll give TG another try.
  13. Really? I've used it much more often then reporting other people who aren't spambots.
  14. Well what'd you know. A really cool Sanderson picture in a shape pretty much perfect for a phone background, and me without one...
  15. Happy birthday @Rhapsody!