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  1. @little wilson Did you have communication with the Jindo, or was this coincidence?
  2. That's fair. It is a slightly more juvenile than anything else he's written, and I can see why you might not be interested in reading it.
  3. Right, I forgot you haven't read Alcatraz. The World Spire is a giant glass spire that is really humongous. Edit: That was the joke.
  4. I thank you. I can see you have a true passion for the cause of the Liebrarians.
  5. Right. I definitely have no plans to actually run any game until I've done quite a few more as a player, and planned to probably run something less complicated beforehand. My question still stands though, although less specific to that idea. What do you do if you have an idea but don't know how to fit it into a Brandon work?
  6. FYI, the player list still says Kynedath instead of Jondesu. I accidentally sent a message to Kynedath.
  7. Wait... could it be... It is! A Kai-Lan reference! Or maybe just Chinese.
  8. Oh right. That was a post from before the claiming. I forgot.
  9. Alright, I had a quick idea for a premise for a game. However, I don't know how to actually fit it into the Cosmere. The basic thought is that each person has a different win condition. There are no factions, only roles and win conditions. Each person only know's their own win condition, and doesn't even know the possible conditions. So I was wondering if anyone had an idea for a setting for this. And don't worry, I know I need to play a lot more before I'm ready to run a game, and I need to flesh this out a lot. Oh, and I have no problem with anyone using this basis if they want.
  10. Yeah, only we know that Aman had specifically asked Pyro to poison him, which he did. That's more or less correct. I think Drake was asking why they didn't kill him earlier however. Because there was a full cycle where they could have killed him but didn't.