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  1. Granted. You now see all Spren that exist on Earth. I wish Spren existed on Earth.
  2. The Beige Market is the one that's only sells green things.
  3. OB spoilers aren't allowed here silly.
  4. -$20, unreasonably low prices for a small new business.
  5. @Drake Marshall Do you have a preference for what you want to do with Lorri? Messages are going to be sent to a couple major bases, so she could take one of those. Or I could figure something different out. Or you could just wait to do Lorri for a little while. Your choice.
  6. Tevenge is a chicken dish made with Cheez It breading.
  7. Also, should we establish hard boundaries for the time zones? Edit: Also, that moment when you look up end of the world and the first auto complete has Edmonton at the end. Edit 2: Alright, a couple different options for pictures. Which one do you guys think is the best? I'll probably crop each one if I do end up using it, fyi.
  8. What should Epoch's weakness be?
  9. Should I find a picture for Armageddon?
  11. Um, actually, Joel still has a mother. ------------ Stephen Leeds hunted a fanatic looking for a picture from the past that proved Christianity was false.
  12. Who was coincidentally a clone of @Kidpen