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  1. I don't think Voidus is telling. Sorry for the double-post but I got ninjad and I don't know how to edit in quotes.
  2. And it still takes time. And if a person is a barrier, they can stab them, teleport to the other side, then spin around and stab them again. That is a pretty good offensive technique.
  3. Then sounds reasonable. As I've pointed out, that WOB only puts a limit on unconditional teleporters, though IMO Sightline should count too. That makes a character who can only pass through barriers easier to swallow.
  4. The real question is whether his weakness is hard or easy to trigger.
  5. But they aren't there! I checked. EDIT: I mean in the character thread under Astoria.
  6. But Winter! Fantasizing about someone meeting Kokichi was our thing! EDIT: Also, where is Adventurer's profile?
  7. I added one card and fixed a typo So... you're welcome?
  8. Some of the links don't work. Remember to preview, folks!
  9. Yeah, but since they already exist, it wouldn't be too bad. Though there is the downside that teleportation AND reincarnation balance out each other's weaknesses really well. You can catch a reincarnator and imprison them, or you can catch a teleporter unawares, but both combined is PRETTY OP.
  10. Exactly. I have considered writing stories where someone has say, the power to stop people from stealing things from them. Which they think is lame, until they realize that if they think of their life as something they own...
  11. Same, except that's me gradually making them more specific and therefore powerful. I am really good at considering implications.
  12. We have a lack of PIs in Edmonton right now, so a PI is fine, but I vote no on Teleporting unless you have a REALLY good excuse. EDIT: actually read the character. Teleporting through portals is... fine, I guess. He's not a true teleporter, which makes him a lot less powerful. And true teleporters are the only thing that is limited by WOB, so I'm willing to go with the group opinion.