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  1. Trillian.
  2. Ioc was done. The voices were awake. And it was being driven crazy. 'Breath. Your breathing pace is increasing, as is your blood pressure. Just breath,' said Medulla. 'You are currently fully conscious and stipulated,' said Reticular Formation. 'You are currently stumbling over your step. You have tripped. Oh dear,' said Thalamus. 'PAIN! OW!!!' said Primary Somatosensory Cortex. 'Sorry about that. I was distracted. I should have helped,' said Cerebellum. 'You don't seem to have a history tripping randomly. What's the matter?' said Hippocampus. 'We distract you. Leave us behind. Destroy us!' said Amygdala. 'You seem to be experiencing immense fatigue, yet you are not in need of sleep. Association, can you help with this?' asked Hypothalamus. 'It seems the presence of so many conflicting voices in distracting you. You must make a choice that will result in our survival and yours,' said Association Cortex. 'I'm not sure our presence is actually helping. You must weigh the pros and cons. I suggest you destroy us. We are only a hindrance, and besides, we don't actually exist outside of your mind, so I don't mind dying. Your survival is more important,' said Prefrontal Cortex. Ioc was losing its mind. Actually, its mind was fine, but it was not. Ioc picked itself off the ground, shaking its head. It needed a way to communicate with them. Just thinking to them worked, as he controlled them, but it didn't feel as though he could interact with them. Which was dumb, because he could just force them to interact with him. Then, it had an idea and closed its eyes. 'Shut up,' said the Almighty Subconscious. 'You are going to stay alive and help me out and you are going to like it!!!!' And that was that.
  3. Zaphod Beeblebrox.
  4. Ioc finally finished forming the Amygdala, giving it a personality, voice, and false intelligence. 'Come on,' it said immediately. 'You have other personalities to make up,' 'Maybe,' said Prefrontal Cortex, 'You might want to wait before your urge to finish up forces your mind to hurry, and thus give several different personalities the same base. Each one deserves careful thought and consideration,' 'This is true,' said Association Cortex and Hippocampus in unison. 'It should be obvious that your previous behavior marks fast work as terrible work,' 'I need a way to answer them,' Ioc thought. 'That'll do,' said Amygdala. 'Also, you need to hurry. There's not much time,' 'Huh,' Ioc thought. 'I can speak with them through my mind,' Everyone gave it a blank stare. 'Of course, you can,' said Association Cortex. 'we are in your mind,' 'Gotcha,' said Ioc. 'This'll come in hand,' Hippocampus slapped his forehead with his hand.
  5. Ioc materialized in the Waystop, smiling slightly. 'Spacious, humid, enjoyable...' said Thalamus. 'I reason that this is a good place to stop,' said Association Cortex. 'Well,' said Subconscious, 'If two of you agree that fast, we might as well stay,'
  6. And why?
  7. Ioc suddenly began to feel sad.
  8. Ioc began developing the voices. It decided on several brain parts, including the prefrontal cortex, the amygdala, the thalamus, and several more to be it's advisers. Ioc knew there was much more to the brain than it's invented personalities, but Ioc knew it couldn't include all of them. Brains in general were just so complex. So, Ioc just chose the functions that could be easily defined by a talking voice. The prefrontal cortex to suggest restraint, the amygdala to suggest action, and the thalamus to keep it informed on the sensory workings of it's body. Ioc wished it could just separate it'm mind into different entities entirely, but it knew that the voices would only speak after it's subconscious already knew everything they were going to say. Ioc concentrated. How would it put a personality to the hippocampus, or the cerebellum? Those didn't have obvious answers, because if Ioc knew everything right off the bat, it would be too powerful. Ioc would have to think hard, maybe with the help of some of the easier voices... Ioc frowned, then resumed whistling. It had been standing still for over an hour. Ioc hovered over the sea, then began to glow beige as it considered an option. There was one being in the Cosmere who might have an idea of different personas that could be used for some of the harder brain functions... ========Five minutes later, the Cognitive Realm======== "You want me to do what?" Nei'an asked incredulously at the glowing beige figure.
  9. My character's theme is, at some times, the Cantina Band song, and at other times, the song from the Dunkirk sountrack (number 11) 'The Oil,'
  10. It decided to change It's name. It was strolling across the ocean, not actually touching the water but close enough to it than when It moved Its legs in a walking manner it gave the impression that It was walking. In reality It did this by using stormlight to hover, then swimming through the air with carefully-hid arm movements. As It strolled, It decided a new Pronoun that It would use to describe Itself. It was now IOC, an acronym standing for 'It, of course,' Whenever using such a name became tiresome or grammatically incorrect, IOC decided to use the term 'it' (without uppercase or italics) as a backup term. IOC then decided to squeeze the last two letters of it's name to simply Ioc, as it was easier to write or type. Ioc smiled, then decided it should change also the voices it used to describe different viewpoints inside it's own head. In recent times, Ioc had used character names, such as 'Captain Obvious' or 'Batman', but the problem with those was that they were too restricting. Ioc had the brilliant idea to then personification-ize different parts of it's metaphorical brain. Ioc smiled. It would work on the personalities fro the different voices for it's contemplation, but for now Ioc silenced the voices. Ioc was not insane. Ioc was too intelligent to go insane. It simply didn't know what to say to others without knowing their mind first. Then, Ioc had discovered a world far away, the Earth, when it had folded into another dimension and that had twisted into a dimension off that, a place where a closely monitored boy was reported saying to a young girl that he made decisions using different personas. Ioc had adapted that immediately. Now Ioc began whistling. It knew it's real name, G. Libre, but for now it would keep this nickname. Ioc paused in it's wanderings, tilting it's head. It stood still for several moments. Then Ioc walked on.
  11. Persnickety Blueberry turned into a strawberry.
  12. It materialized on the summit of a mountain, overlooking a spectacular array of landscaping phenomena. It breathed heavily. It was still distraught. It had won, of course, but the immense buildup of pressure frustrated It. But now that the buildup, and the frustration with it, had diminished slightly, It laughed. The laugh was not a cruel laugh, as it had been at the battlefield, but this was a kind, joyous laugh. It was soon slapping Its knees. It understood why It underwent that sudden mood change. It wasn't just because of Its use of Investiture and the release of frustration. That was the false reason Its brain came up with. The reason was one of containment. Because of the output of adrenaline and the mind's rejection of most pains during a certain state, that state being anger, an angry being was far more dangerous than a happy one. And It was so amazingly powerful (Though It discovered early on the price that came with ridiculous power), so if that power doubled with the anger, as it had at the battlefield, It would become even more powerful. (Well, technically, this is not true. It would retain the power level it always held, but in an angered state It would be more liable to use the power at Its disposal) And since the laws of the Alleyverse didn't much like insanely powerful beings, It's vast subconscious subtly altered the hormones in Its bloodstream. (Though, technically, the bloodstreams were only there as to give an impression of a body there; It did not rely on Its body as normal men do and thus doesn't have hormones. [but It does have feelings]. This is all very important, as Its body was able and liable to evaporate into a beige mist and fly around; this activity being, obviously, exceedingly dangerous for a normal man to do) It was done laughing now, and It straightened. It sighed staring at the view. "It's amazing!" Captain Obvious said. "Yes," The Internal Answering Machine (IAM) replied. It ignored both voices, staring out at the amazing creations of Adonalsium and His Shards.
  13. The second. It was the second. The second of trillions. Only the second to succeed. It was powerful. Powerful, but bound. It had done it anyway. It came into existence on a short rise that overlooked the Alleyverse. It had been gone for much time, business had called, but now It watched the rebuilding process. It was smiling. It was the second. It was unique. The others had failed. It had not. It had done it even while restrained. It nodded slowly at the work that was being done, then It disappeared once more.
  14. Well, not to say I snuck into the TUBA headquarters or anything like that (nervous sweat) but the piano is an amazing instrument...
  15. Nei'an laughed out loud. He then took his spot at the other giant flames and grinned at Hellbent.