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  1. Granted. You let out an outpouring of noise, shattering the eardrums of everyone on the planet. They are no longer able to hear anything, so this magic system is now redundant. I wish for velcro shoes that dont tear apart with that terrible noise.
  2. I will say, that is... somewhat creepy. how do I get one?
  3. wow. that was......
  4. Butt ran away screaming at decibel 500,000,000,000,000,001
  5. VERY debatable. I'm with you on this, Steeldancer. First law in Fiction: Sanderson trumps all others.
  6. oh, wait... good point. I literally did not think of that. ok. Well done! I mean, I knew that, I just wanted to see if you did.
  7. Nei'an whimpered from his frozen prison. "Yes, I'll behave," he said, putting on his best baby-seal impression. "I'll never be annoying again."
  8. ah, I now jokes, but whether they uplift or depress varies by person. most of them are puns
  9. Granted. A... relatively tiny flask, sure, but... its clean! you may be able to even... I dunno, quench your thirst... if your thirsty for a couple drops of water! YAY! I wish ghanderflaffles existed.
  10. I'm jealous. I like lists. grocery lists, ice cream giveaway lists, give-money-to-these-people lists... lists are great!
  11. did you use a computer for that? or your brain cuz either one is impressive. now, I would edit that to be wrong before some creep takes it and discovers how old you are with fractions. and yes, beggining of computers.