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  1. I finished my first playthrough of Bioshock Infinite a short time ago and was going to start 1999 mode, now trying to get all the achievements on Skyrim... assuming they don't clash with each other I should be fine.
  2. As epic as the Wheel of Time series was there were some elements that left me wanting more (Not that I've read the entire series, I made it to The Fires of Heaven thus far ). But seriously, I recall reading through The Eye of the World and really badly wanting to experience the Bel Tine Festival with all our favourite Emond's Field characters after we got the few chapters describing past festivals from Rand and co. So I just wanted to know what other events or situations you guys wanted to read about in the Wheel of Time(or any other book for that matter) that you never really got to read about. Elend, Vin and Spook's little trip to Terris was another thing I was looking forward to that just didn't happen but yeah, you can't have everything I suppose. I don't mind spoilers, so feel free to post whatever you like... Heck you could just not post at all if you want to.
  3. I'm also jumping on the Taravangian 'WHAT THE-!?!' moment band wagon... SPOILER: But I also didn't expect Vivenna's friend Parlin to actually die in Warbreaker. Just the actual dying part. On a side note, how do you bring up the spoiler tag warning? Is there a guide for these formatting type things. Lol I am a noob, don't judge me >.<
  4. Hello readers of insignificant topics such as this one! I'm Miri, but as you can see I am currently using the name Linaeres as it's better to keep your personal information private obviously. Alternatively it could point to me being quite a fraudulent character, but that's going off topic isn't it. I found my way to this amalgamation of cosmere and Brandon Sanderson related stuffs through my interaction with my best budd Iredomi(name drop) who is always lurking around somewhere on the 17th Shard reading threads etc. I've read a majority of Brandon Sanderson's stuff and nearly all of his available cosmere books, this list excludes Dragonsteel - which I would like to note I'm super excited about. I have started Alcatraz and I am keen for Sanderson's upcoming works, especially Stormlight Archive 2 as The Way of Kings was one of those books you just can't put down lightly, it does weigh quite a bit. So yeah, if you manage to read this tell me the current book you're reading or the video game or computer game you're playing I'd be interested to know, I'm playing Bioshock Infinite and reading Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians
  5. So I live in New Zealand and we found a USA first edition hardcover copy of The Well of Ascension at a secondhand bookshop. We then proceeded to buy the copy.
  6. Post something for Shard's sake =P

  7. Wow that's super lucky... now I don't have an edition, so was just wondering what the shop was called? I have read the book though.
  8. I like the overall theory provided here, it sounds plausible and feels well thought over. I like the idea of the Parshendi being splinters of honor which gives them the seemingly unnatural powers - ie. the skin-grown armor and heightened physical ability. A question I have links to the honorspren and how they are connected to honor, supposedly being splinters of honor itself. So if Sylphrena is an honorspren, a splinter of honor... does that make the Parshendi a kind of spren too? Assuming we're running with the theory of honorspren being splinters of honor of course.
  9. Hello friend =)