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  1. So, two things. 1) Sloths have been storing feruchemical speed their entire lives, and the day of retribution will be a day of glory! 2) Someone Seriously needs to turn the Slothquisitors into a guild. This needs to be a thing.
  2. So guys , I’m not really good at this sort of thing, but I had a beginning of an idea, and could one of you please finish it? It is to the tune of the duck song, and it starts with: Kal walked up to the medical stand, and he said to the man, running the stand, Hey! Bum Bum Bum, Got any Cloth? You can replace cloth with something else. As I said, I’m not very good at this.
  3. I don’t know about you, but this topic has literally evolved into the greatest thing I have ever seen.
  4. I think that the various medications will get way too over complicated. We should stick with one word. Nightblood-Deevy Stick-Stubborn Kaladin-Protective Axies the Collector-Obsessed Shallan-Three Adolin-Confused Szeth-Repentant Lift-Hungry Sadeas-Decomposing (Or a stone statue. Storming Soulcasters) Taravangian-Traitor Dalinar-Honorable Mraize-RAFO Taln-Broken Nin-Worsening Syl-Motherly Pattern-Curious
  5. I suppose that’s true,
  6. While it is true that Dalinar would have done it himself, Remember that Dalinar vowed to leave Gavilar alone after he almost attacked him.
  7. This makes a little more sense, but Sadeas loved Gavilar, and fought for him, and considers both Elhokar and Dalinar to be “shadows of a man I loved”
  8. Another question is, why would Gavilar EXPECT the leader of his organization to kill him? Was he hiding something? The black sphere?
  9. Hi Welcome to the Shard!

  10. But, why would the leader of the Sons of Honor Assassinate one of their own members? The plot thickens. I understand the Ghostbloods, because they don’t want either side to gain a too quick advantage in the desolation, and the Sons of Honor were trying to start a desolation to restore the heralds, but why would they kill their own member? The Ghostbloods don’t even do that. They are fine with killing, but they are protective of their own.
  11. Ahh. That makes more sense. Thanks!
  12. So, I was reading The Way of Kings again after Oathbringer came out, and I was thinking, right before Szeth killed Gavilar, he said, “I...expected come.” This caught hold in my mind, and I thought, hmmm. We know because of Amaram that Gavilar was a member of the Sons of Honor, and we know because of Jasnah’s flashback/prologue that Gavilar and Amaram were talking shortly before the Assassination. We also know that the Sons of Honor and the Ghostbloods are rivals. It is entirely possible that Amaram was bringing warning to Gavilar about an oncoming Assassination from the Ghostbloods. (We know how much they like that) Shortly before Szeth kills Gavilar, he asks who it was. Thaidakar, Restares, or Sadeas. Sadeas is a Highprince, and in Oathbringer Mraize says that the Ghostbloods don’t want to bring them in, because their purposes are “entirely their own.” Sadeas loved Gavilar, so he is out. That leaves Thaidakar and Restares. I have no idea who theese people are. I was thinking that they might be leaders of the Ghostbloods, or other members of the Sons of Honor, or that one of them might be Mraize’s real name. No idea. If any of you can offer any insight into this mangled semblance of a theory, that would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Well, you would need 6 because we know that the cohesion surge is different for stonewards than it is for bondsmiths.
  14. Whovians unite! I have the 11th screwdriver and costume.
  15. No problem! I'm still new, but that doesn't mean I can't help out!