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  1. parshendi were "the last legion", a military group that probably deserted the voidbringers the last desolation by renouncing the power forms and odium, and hide. they used only a few forms that were odium-free. probably because they were hiding for a long time, they lost contact with the world and didn't know about parshmen. it's interesting how parshmen were kept out of the storms for so long, how none had a transformation-by-mistake. in any case, now we have another group that did the same the last legion of the last legion...
  2. I also haven't read SH, but this discussion is fascinating - can't wait to read the Realmatics in it. @Spoolofwhool I think the OP is saying that cognitive shadows are pulled in Braize's Shadesmar instead of Roshar's Shadesmar. So a person dying is not "shown around"/"given a choice" by Honor and/or Cultivation (well, just Cultivation now), but by Odium. Maybe this happens in all of Roshar EXCEPT Shinovar - maybe dying on Shinovar means you do end-up in Roshar and Cultivation says "Hi". Maybe cognitive shadows appear where the shard is - and after Honor's death they appear on Braize's Shadesmar, because maybe Cultivation is now only in charge of Shinovar - again, dying in Shinovar would be different from dying elsewhere on Roshar. On a slightly different note - what would happen if you are cut down by a Shardblade or Nightblood? With shardblade, you die on spiritual realm, but with Nightblood, you would be cut from the cognitive too - does it mean you don't get a cognitive shadow and go straight to the Beyond?
  3. Like @AngelEy3 said: Maybe he asked to "take away the pain", and both the pain (boon) AND the memory (curse) is gone.
  4. I agree with the theory that it was Cultivation/Nightwatcher. "The source was distant, but he knew it. Knew it well." - he knew it because he's been to the Nightwatcher before. He was sure it was similar to the Almighty visions, because it was a vision - but not from Almighty, but from the other God on Roshar.
  5. No they would not This kind of information would not be given away so easily
  6. Ym

    Nale is not a Skybreaker, and he's not bound in any way by those oaths since he's not a KR in the first place. But where did you get the Skybreaker's second ideal? EDIT: got to the WoB about the ideal
  7. Maybe Syl seeing Pattern (without them being aware of eachother)?
  8. Pattern had nothing to do with that soulcaster. The soulcaster was not "forged" in the Davar masion, but it was given to them by the Ghostbloods. How would have Ghostbloods catch Pattern?
  9. Darkeyes rule Lighteyes!
  10. I would say that a Honorblade should be magnitudes more powerful than Syl too. So I don't think Nightblood can cut through Syl as Syl through a human and destroy her - *in her shardblade form* (probably in her human form, she can be cut like a human can be cut by a sword). Probably in fighting, it's blade vs blade, metal vs metal. What it's not known is how *other powers* come into play - e.g. Nighblood's "stealing" if investiture - can it "weaken" Syl, or it would just suck the stormlight out of Kaladin; will it provide Szeth with some powers, or just deny Kaladin's?
  11. Also in WoR around the time fighting Szeth, he sees "the familiar strange sun" or something along those lines.
  12. OK, maybe she couldn't use her powers - just like Kaladin couldn't use his powers sometimes, before Syl wend "dead", and couldn't use them at all, when Syl was "dead". Still, the point was that she didn't "level down", just like Kaladin didn't "level down". EDIT: she was probably "out of sync" with Pattern, summoning him synchronised them and she could soulcast. So again, a process similar to dead spren ressurection.
  13. Because the azir were worshipping Jezrien, which he knew to be a drooling broken man, nothing like the Herald he used to be, and Jezrien living long won't benefit anyone in his current state?