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  1. @Antti Very nicely done. Out of curiosity what medium do you use?
  2. @Alicia Whiteheart Best Fantasy Books HQ has a YouTube channel that gives great short and simple, spoiler free reviews. I really like them if I'm looking for something new to read. Not sure if they are what you are looking for but check it out.
  3. Anyone read the sample chapters yet? Sample spoilers: I still think its connected with either Firstborn or Perfect State
  4. That was my first thought as well. Also possibly Firstborn
  5. I just finished The Lies of Locke Lamora last night and I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommended it
  6. Granted, however everyone you ever talk to from here on out will start every conversation with "Do you even lift bro?" I wish to no longer require sleep
  7. I forgot about that but here is another random fact about African cuisine. In many African countries, particularly Kenya, Uganda, and the Congo it is considered very rude to eat while working or moving about. Even eating a snack while walking down the street is rude. Don't know how much Brandon was influenced by Africa, but there are certainly parallels.
  8. I typically think of men's food as similar to Ethiopian food. If you haven't had a chance to try it do so because it is delicious. It is completely made up of various spicy curries and stews that is served with a local flat bread called injera. Their are man varieties of stews (called wats) with both meat and vegetables that are typically made with a local spice called berberre, which is a blend of different spicy peppers. They also have one called shiro which is made out of chickpeas and has a very curry like flavor.
  9. I believe it is mentioned somewhere that Elhokar himself put the weakened gemstones in his Plate so that Dalinar would start taking him more seriously when he told him about assassination attempts. But some very good points.
  10. Hello fellow sharders. Recently I have learned to read and write the Vorin women's script. Now I would like to turn my study more towards learning to read the glyphs, but these appear to be more complicated to me. Has anyone figured this one out? Are there any good resources out there?
  11. I'm glad someone else appreciates classic comedy
  12. "But father I don't want any of that. I'd rather....I'd rather....just....sing." "You're not going to do a song while I'm here!"
  13. I am currently re-reading Alloy of Law and there is a Vanisher named Tarson that Wax recognizes as "Koloss-blooded" and Wax also suspects that he could be a Pewterarm. I'm not sure if it was ever confirmed whether or not Tarson was an Allomancer, but the fact that Wax thinks he might be shows that it is possible to have a Koloss metalborn.
  14. Also we know that Galladon is one of the three people looking for Hoid in the first WoK interlude, so we know that even though it is dangerous there is currently a way to get off of Sel other than being Hoid.
  15. I have to agree on the general consensus of both books being awesome. At the risk of being stoned for blasphemy, I would say that I might like Mistborn Era 2 better than the original trilogy. There were just some parts, particularly in WoA where the politics went on a little too long for my tastes. That being said, I still love them. Bands of Mourning was an awesome book and I am dying for the sequel. But in my mind Oathbringer still takes the cake. To use Brandon's own metaphor Mistoborn Era 2 is hamburger and fries while Stormlight is a steak dinner, and I love me some steak. Also Dalinar as been one of my favorite characters in all of fantasy since day one and he got not one, but two awesome character arcs with the flashbacks.