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  1. I have to agree on the general consensus of both books being awesome. At the risk of being stoned for blasphemy, I would say that I might like Mistborn Era 2 better than the original trilogy. There were just some parts, particularly in WoA where the politics went on a little too long for my tastes. That being said, I still love them. Bands of Mourning was an awesome book and I am dying for the sequel. But in my mind Oathbringer still takes the cake. To use Brandon's own metaphor Mistoborn Era 2 is hamburger and fries while Stormlight is a steak dinner, and I love me some steak. Also Dalinar as been one of my favorite characters in all of fantasy since day one and he got not one, but two awesome character arcs with the flashbacks.
  2. So I went camping with some friends this weekend and as I sat out at night staring at the moon a thought occurred to me. I was thinking how the moon waxes and wanes when it hit me . . . Wax and Wayne. As far as I could remember that hasn't really been a specific mention of the moon of Scadrial. Do you think this is significant and there is more behind it, or is it just Brandon being clever with his words?
  3. YES!! The Pixar theory is amazing and I believe that this might be the missing link we have needed all along! Investiture is the key! Mr. Potato Head is actually Hoid!!!
  4. Also "Blood of my fathers" or something along those lines is used frequently by Dalinar EDIT: Just saw the hidden comments in the original post and it was there. Well done, a rather thorough investigation I would say.
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but what is fainlife?
  6. Also I might add that since you have read Way of Kings that you have seen another Shard besides Ruin and Preservation on screen and at least heard the names of two others.
  7. Also I am hesitantly going to bring this up because I am sure it has been debated thoroughly elsewhere on the forum, but are we even sure Ashyn is the planet the humans destroyed before coming to Roshar? I mean from the discription in AU, information given in OB, etc. it seems like the obvious answer. But this is Brandon freaking Sanderson. Shouldn’t we at least be a tad skeptical of “the obvious answer?”
  8. I have to agree with @Overlord Jebus. Why would humans go to Ashyn to fight the Voidbringers when humans were the one who caused the cataclysm on Ashyn and the Voidbringers referred to in Vornism are the Fused. Maybe there is more to that WOB
  9. ketek

    Wow these are great eveyone! Wanted to do one about one of my favorite parts of Oathbringer, although I'm afraid its not very good.
  10. I 100% agree with this. I enjoyed Name of the Wind quite a bit, almost as much as some Brandon's stuff. Wise Man's Fear was still good but not on the same level. Slow Regard is just...I don't know. I will finish because I care about the world and I hate not finishing things but it is not nearly as enjoyable. I still hold out high hopes for book three when and if it ever arrives. Well I was already leaning towards reading Alcatraz but this was icing on top the cake
  11. So I finished Bands of Mourning just last night and that officially marks having read all of Brandon's published work except Alcatraz. I am always looking for more reading material so the questions for you, dear fellow sharders is this a)Should I read Alcatraz? (I am 23 and prefer adult fantasy but have nothing against YA reading material. Example: I really like Brandon Mull's Fablehaven and Dragon Watch and Joe Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice and Brotherband Chronicles despite it being for a much younger audience.) b)Should I attempt to hunt down and read the unpublished works (Aether of the Night, Liar of Partinel, White Sand prose edition, and any others that I am possibly unaware of.) or finally c)Should I just be content in rereading Brandon's books/reading other authors until we get Legion 3 and Skyward? (Also suggesting other authors is welcome, I started Patrick Rothfuss's Slow Regard of Silent Things today.) Your opinions are much appreciated.
  12. Throwing this one out there but what about the Kaladin flashback where he wins the shards from Helaran and then gives them up in WoK. When I went back and read that it really jumped out at me as something you would see in a movie
  13. Would a Costa Vida sweet pork burrito with hot sauce be considered men's food or women's food on Roshar? This is important to me.
  14. So I went back and looked at it and you are correct, good catch. Still it is curious that Dalinar Ascended without actually holding one of the Shards, and while he does have some very impressive new abilities, they aren't on quite the same level as the other examples of Ascension that we have seen.
  15. An excellent theory, take my upvote. I love how you were able to map out the instances of unity throughout the cosmere. Now major spoilers for Mistborn, specifically Secret History here so tread lightly. I just finished reading Secret History again and something I noticed was that when Kelsier briefly took up Preservation his mind was greatly expanded and he was able to try and counteract Ruin, at least to some extent. Comparing this to Dalinar's experience, yes he certainly gained power in the moment, enough to frighten Odium even but by the time he went to face the Thrill he seemed to be just a man again. Yet Odium still referred to it as Ascending, which is how both Kelsier, Vin, and Sazed were all refered to when they take up Preservation (and Ruin in Sazed's case). Kelsier (who was only a Cognitive Shadow at the time) kept it until Vin was ready and Vin kept it until she died and Sazed still holds both. I know this is rambling but what I am trying to get at is that Dalinar had direct interactions with three Shards, which is more than anyone we know of since the Shattering. I am agreeing with your theory in that Dalinar was so connected to these three Shards that he was able to briefly connect with the barest shadow of Adonalsium, just long enough to open the perpendicularity. Perhaps Ascension is more than just simply holding a Shard, Dalinar did it without actually holding one, but its touching the power of Adonalsium. But by the end of the book it seemed he had no unordinary power beyond that of a regular Bondsmith. Just my thoughts on the matter.