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  1. MR30/AN2: Aftermath The Pride of Terris drew nearer to Scadrial each day. And as it approached, its crew drew nearer to death. Liseran’s body did not look natural. V could tell that much. The flesh was barely hanging to the skeleton, and bones poked through, bleached an unnatural white by a film of acid that seemed to linger on its surface. V had heard tales of this creature before. He could scarcely believe it, but his findings led him to only one conclusion, a fell word whispered above the corpse of Liseran, sounding with the finality of a death knell. “Kandra,” V spoke softly. “A Kandra is among us.” The rest of the crew stood in stunned silence. For moments, slow agonizing moments, each stood, rendered impotent by shock. Scorpion finally spoke hesitantly. “A Kandra? Isn’t that the stuff of...”—she swallowed—“not fairytales, but days long past? Why would they still be among us?” “Yeah,” Weasel chimed in. “Besides, why didn’t any of the other corpses look like this before? I’ll give you that this corpse shows the exact signs of a Kandra as we were taught them when we were four, but what about the other corpses we found?” V hesitated. “My only guess is that the Kandra had more time to work in the past. Perhaps making it fight to within an inch of its life made the...transition more difficult. This may have even been its first time switching bodies.” V turned around, looking at Weasel. “Hmm...if there’s only one Kandra among us, it could be you. I know Denesta and Tuatara are fine, because I work with them, and Scorpion feels like he always does. You’re the only possible one left, seemingly.” “Not the only one.” Tuatara’s voice came as a low croak from the other side of the room. She rapped on the metal sheet covering the wall, quickly moving her fingers in a sharp pattern, undetectable to the naked ear, but a sound that came very clearly to V’s head as he burned a small amount of the tin he held. Unthinkingly, he tapped the response, sending it along to Tuatara, a rapid series of beats that he could hear thanks to the same Hemalurgic spike in him. Tuatara looked visibly relieved, but turned to Denesta. “Repeat the same pattern, please.” Denesta, the latest host of a Faceless Immortal, shuddered as she was gradually revealed to the group. She was too slow. Her masters at Heron Industries would be very disappointed in her, if they could watch the small transport hurtling through space, and see the slow progress she was making. It was not her fault. Torture was not an option aboard a ship so small that a scream could be heard by the entire crew in less than a second. She had to rely on observation, then quick work with a knife, to kill and impersonate a person quietly and accurately. The exact techniques she had used to impersonate Liseran and Dingo, and now Denesta. They were imprecise, and left little time to commit a systematic mass slaughter of a crew that outnumbered and in some ways outmatched her. She would have to outwit them. And she was so far, failing. In retrospect, she should have attacked the persuasive speaker, V, first. Too many informants ingratiated themselves with cops and investigators, and she should have been more wary when three “investigation agents” stepped forward “looking to guard the last informant.” Denesta’s small list of records on Tuatara and V indicated that V was truly the last person Heron wanted dead. The explosion on Kasheron Station had killed most of those who saw the incriminating files displaying Heron’s less-than-savory ventures, and with V dead, the last informant who knew the truth would be silenced. Unfortunately, Denesta now had to kill V for all that to occur. And she would have to talk her way out of this for that to happen. It would not be too difficult—she had basic background on Denesta’s personal life, and could imitate the speech patterns fairly well by now, if not perfectly. She prepared to help V accuse Weasel, when Tuatara’s voice reached her ear. “Repeat the same pattern, please.” Denesta panicked, her newly-formed heart racing in her chest. She had been unable to acquire all the details of the tapping pattern Tuatara and V used to communicate, and now it would cost her. Her only chance was to guess at the pattern used. Hoping it was close enough, Denesta tapped a rhythm on the sheet, sending it back to Tuatara. Tuatara’s face deepened into a frown. “That’s isn’t it.” Denesta’s face contorted into a snarl. All her work, to be brought low by a simple pattern of taps that revealed her to the crew. She would have to act quickly. Yanking the dagger out of Liseran’s chest, Denesta lunged towards V, who sprang backwards with a surprised yelp. The dagger cut a gash in his arm, but did little else. As Scorpion rushed to tend V, Tuatara advanced with his baton in front of him, prepared to defend Weasel. Denesta held her dagger in front of her, circling and waiting for Tuatara to make a mistake. “Why do this, Dene-...whoever you are?” Tuatara asked. “You are a Faceless Immortal, Harmony’s own servant and a dignified, noble being to help carry out His work. Why break His codes? Why murder and lie, and use your amazing talents to help a group of corrupt officials and business leaders? Heron is wasting you,” he implored. “Harmony is wasting me!” Denesta bellowed, stung deeply. “Every day I worked for Him I was constrained by an arbitrary code of rules he put in place to control us! Removing one of my spikes was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. I won’t let Harmony control me again.” She smiled, and lunged at Tuatara. V listened to the body that had once been Denesta’s speak. “Removing one of my spikes was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. I won’t let Harmony control me again.” Spikes...why were they important? Some small portion of his brain yelled at him to wake up, that blood loss and drowsiness would overcome him while he held the key to overcoming the monster facing them. He couldn’t do it. He could feel himself slipping... So tired. WAKE UP! The second voice jolted him upright. He looked up. The Kandra was sparring with Tautara, and winning. The wooden baton Tuatara was using was no match for the strong metal knife the Kandra held. The Kandra chopped down with the knife, slicing through baton and finger. Tuatara howled in agony, clutching at his hand to stem the blood loss. Spikes. Spikes were important... Weasel tackled the Kandra, who fell to the ground in surprise. The spike in V’s neck tingled. He knew what to do now. Summoning a final spurt of energy, V pulled the spike from his neck and slammed it into Denesta’s back. Denesta screamed as Harmony took control once again. Seizing a knife, V walked up to the defeated Kandra, whose hand would slowly inch towards one of her spikes...and then be pulled down again. He scooped up Denesta’s knife, then flicked it towards her throat. “If life with Harmony is really so awful,” V said, “would you prefer me to end it for you?” Denesta became fully herself for a moment, eyes shining with hatred even as she nodded her assent. She then closed them one last time, embracing the release of death, and the freedom it brought. Mauve Crocodile was lynched! They were the Faceless Immortal, and the only Eliminator in the game! They were previously an Elendel Bureau of Investigation Agent. All village factions have achieved their win conditions, ending the game. The spec doc really got its win two cycles ago when Vulture was bodysnatched, but we couldn’t give away the Kandra too early Vote Tally: Mauve Crocodile (3): Amethyst Scorpion, Cream Tuatara, Indigo Weasel Indigo Weasel (2): Azure Mouse Feel free to take a look at all the docs from throughout the game. Spectator/Dead Doc Elendel Bureau of Investigations Doc Master Spreadsheet Full Ruleset Other docs will be placed here once I update them to reflect the setting we chose. Final Playerlist 1. Amber Vulture (Elandera)- Refugee 2. Amethyst Scorpion (Stick)- Refugee 3. Azure Mouse (Itiah)- Rioter, Fleeing Informant 4. Charcoal Hyena (Straw)- Fleeing Informant 5. Chartreuse Penguin (Kidpen)- Refugee 6. Coral Swan (STINK)- Refugee 7. Cream Tuatara (Araris Valerian)- Elendel Bureau of Investigations Agent 1 8. Emerald Falcon (Snipexe)- Fleeing Informant 9. Fuchsia Ostrich (Bort)- Original Faceless Immortal 10. Indigo Weasel (Cadmium Compounder)- Refugee 11. Ivory Dragonfly (Drake Marshall)- Refugee 12. Magenta Albatross (The Young Pyromancer)- Refugee 13. Mauve Crocodile (Mr Doctor)- Elendel Bureau of Investigations Agent 2 14. Melon Dingo (Randuir)- Refugee
  2. I congratulate all of you on an excellently played game. Aftermath post should appear in 3-12 hours, depending on whether or not I can get the writeup done before church. Please sign out of any anonymous accounts you may still have access to and don’t post with them anymore—the passwords will be changed by Seonid when he awakens.
  3. Vote Count: >Azure Mouse (1): Melon Dingo >Coral Swan (3): Amber Vulture, Cream Tuatara, Indigo Weasel To the best of my knowledge, the current votes as they stand.
  4. The forest had grown quiet again, only an occasional snapped twig underfoot or rustling leaf marking the passing of the company. Elves moved quietly, it seemed, and while Thalin occasionally felt himself a clumsy fool when he made a lot of noise, he noticed that his movement was the only sound anywhere near him in this oppressive forest. In contrast to the low hubbub of voices at the beginning of the journey, silence now lay upon the thick forest air like a heavy, all-enfolding blanket. While he hadn’t known Elves to be the most talkative bunch, they should be discussing more than they were at present, that’s for sure, particularly if hidden killers did indeed permeate their ranks. Kadgar, one of the last members to join their ranks, hadn’t even said a word since he joined up. Well, if that state of affairs continued, Thalin may have to use his battleaxe to set them straight. Letting the Mordor scum lurk in the back of the party was dangerous, and Thalin resolved to call each one out until they spoke. (@Dalinar Kholin)
  5. “Umm...yes, Fade, that was useful,” Thalin said consolingly. “Though next time you may try stumbling away from the spider instead of into it. Move like that will get you killed in a real battle.” He paused, realising he sounded more gruff than intended. “Nevertheless, you did fine, and ended up killing the creature. Probably best to avoid washing yourself in that stream, though. Wipe the gore off as best you can and then we’ll get moving again.” Thalin turned to Elandera, the archer who had responded with such speed, and gave a grudging nod of respect. He may not trust all the Silvans, but they proved a sight handier with a bow than any dwarf he’d seen. The Greeenwood archers were said to be among the most accurate Elves, and hopefully that’d bear itself out in the coming days, with threats more serious than the spider Fade had “slain” following them, from without and within. Thalin anticipated more skirmishes and battles after this one, and getting to know someone who could watch your back during them would prove useful. Even if that someone was an elf. As Fade extricated himself from the corpse of the still spider, Thalin noticed a man, a Gondorian from the look of his clothing, slowing pushing the body with a large stick towards a stream. He shook his head. It does dispose of the remains, but once the company moved on the corpse could have just been left to rot on the forest floor. Thalin was particularly unsettled that the man was from Gondor; he had heard rumours about Gondorian Spies within the traveling group, who were trying to get the party to move to Minas Tirith. Well, they were going to have at least one person to argue against; he hated Minas Tirith with a passion. The soldiers were generally fine, but the nobility and Steward were all corrupt fools, and decent soldiers didn’t make half a whit of difference if they were taking orders from corrupt masters. Thalin resolved to keep an eye on Eleryn, and any other self-professed Gondorians. Anfalas, his supposed place of origin, was large, and held more than docile herdsmen within its borders. He shook himself out of these thoughts, the march being resumed once again, and took his usual place near the front. Daydreaming and speculation did no good while the company was in present danger, and Thalin would need all his wits about him to be alert and watch for the myriad denizens of the dark forest.
  6. Thalin tromped along the Old Forest Road in his heavy studded boots, near the front of the line, slightly disgruntled at the whole questing concept. Hmph, he thought irritably. I thought that wizard bloke had some sense, but then he went and put some random elf in charge of this expedition. And all from some excuse about noble lineage. Well, at least that elf lady, Rossiel, was still talking to him. She didn’t pretend that Thalin was some kind of second-class citizen, like all the other elves did. But even she wouldn’t talk him into taking orders from that snooty elf at the front of the column. Thalin shouldered his massive battleaxe, glancing about occasionally for spies, eyes in the forest and black bats wheeling overhead, or stray patrols of Orcs from Dol Guldur. Dealing with those the last time he had passed through Mirkwood had taken much of his strength and will, and he would rather not encounter them again. Thalin continued looking around him as he marched westward. Behind him, slowly fading into the mists of the forest, were the Mountains of Mirkwood, their oddly-shaped peaks rising high above the murky canopy. To his left, a stream ran adjacent to the path. Thalin knew better than to put so much as a toe into it—enchantments would lie heavy upon its waters. Thalin then looked above him for the first time, and gasped. A great web lay slung over the trees, casting thin shadows over the small company. Out of it dropped a single forest spider, looking for quick prey. “Everyone look out!” Thalin yelled, shoving the nearest person, a man muttering about something called sticky glue, out of the way of the monster. He swung his axe, removing one of the spider’s forelegs, but it merely bellowed in pain, wobbled unsteadily, and continued to advance. Setting his axe in front of him, Thalin gritted his teeth, hoping one of those elves would help him defend the creature. I’ll be trying to RP everything this game, including game commentary, but I’ll try to keep it distinguishable. On that note, anyone want to confront the spider? If you don’t, Thalin’s lady friend Rossiel might have to, and that would be embarrassing for his reputation
  7. Not Seonid, obviously, but currently living players are Amber Vulture, Amethyst Scorpion, Azure Mouse, Chartreuse Penguin, Coral Swan, Cream Tuatara, Indigo Weasel, Ivory Dragonfly, Mauve Crocodile, and Melon Dingo.
  8. Thank you, Ostrich. The idea came from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” which uses the same rhyming pattern and structure as my writeup, and also talks about the consequences of shooting harmless albatrosses.
  9. Well done, as has been stated before, to Doctor. I have three main takeaways from this game: 1. My record of trusting Eliminators is bad, still. 2. I shouldn’t have toned down my paranoia as the game progressed—I should have upped it, and suspected the “cleared” people like Doctor and Straw. I blame Sart for trying to tone it down. 3. Tone and voting patterns don’t clear people. Ever. I need to relearn this lesson as many times as it takes. I cleared Doctor and Walin for this, and I hopefully shan’t do it again. Knowing me, I probably will. Overall, it was a fun game, even if I’m slightly annoyed at myself for again leading the village down the wrong path. Well played Elims, and thanks to my fellow villagers for being kind enough to put up with my constant suspicions of you guys.
  10. Far better to try to get a suspected innocent lynched at LyLo than someone who’s been read as village or neutral for most of the game. While Straw may be guilty, rushing into a bandwagon head-on tomorrow isn’t the greatest idea. We should consider the possibility of Straw being framed, as well as other potential Elim teams. The fact that Straw left his vote on Elandera makes me want to lynch her, actually, as it’s either distancing if Straw is an Elim, or a genuine suspicion if he’s village, and if he’s village Elandera is one of the last feasible suspects remaining. @Elandera Your Straw/Walin theory intrigued me. I’d like to hear from them both before drawing conclusions, though. @Mr Doctor, I suspect Elandera because she has a bad voting history and nothing to clear her, and Walin because he clinched a lynch on Burnt, outside the looking-like-Elims Straw/Elandera pool. I originally suspected you because you joined the Burnt lynch, but my overall village read on you hasn’t really changed because of that, given that I did the same thing.
  11. Assuming there aren’t three Elims, and we’re therefore dead tonight, I think I suspect Elandera and one of Mr Doctor/Walin. The first probably more than the second. Straw’s retraction on Burnt, a mislynch candidate, clears him to a reasonable extent. Plus I still think Straw is an easy mislynch. As I should have done last cycle, I’m going to vote for Elandera tomorrow, probably. As a side note, that was a terrible mislynch and we better be able to recover from that, or we’re basically screwed. Edit: Steel’s game has been moved out of “currently running” on the GM spreadsheet. Wonder if that’s telling...
  12. ...dangit, Elandera. I was midway through this analysis myself. I agree with most of it, though I think some of your conclusions may be slightly harsh. While Straw does seem more suspicious, I will keep closely in mind that much of what you marked him down for is NAI for him, such as random bandwagon-y votes. Before I place my vote, I want to consider the three most likely Eliminator teams: 1. Elandera/Burnt 2. Burnt/Straw 3.Elandera/Straw Unless Elandera is going for a bus here (which is quite feasible), team 3 looks the most unlikely. Team 2 is what Elandera believes, which of course she does, but I’m having trouble with it. Why? Burnt and Straw are the easiest scapegoats for village mislynching, and the two both being on the same team feels wrong. Team 1 seems weird given the odd shade-casting that went down between Burnt and Elandera earlier this cycle. I am leaning closer to team (0): Burnt with Straw/Elandera, possibly leaning a bit more likely on Straw? Maybe?. But I really don’t like any of the three candidates—they all have reasons to be good and reasons to be evil, but the webs of connections between them are hard to puzzle out and are much muddier given everything that’s happened this cycle. However, overall, and due to the nature of the votes on her at the beginning of this cycle being mostly poke-votes, one of them likely cast by a villager and one by an elim to distance, I will go ahead and vote Burnt Spaghetti.
  13. Woohoo! I’m very ready to RP in a Tolkien setting. Sign me up as Thalin, a grumpy red-bearded dwarf who isn’t really familiar with all these Silvans but has formed an unlikely friendship with Rossiel, another elf in the company. His personal philosophy regarding his enemies is to indiscriminately chip away at them, and though his willpower occasionally falters, he remains constantly committed to any quest to which he is assigned.
  14. Whoever you find suspicious, of course. I’m just remarking that since both of you voted on Burnt, and all three of you are on my suspect list, it’s making me paranoid and not want to lynch Burnt, which is bad because one of you might just be an intuitive villager instead of an elim. Second, in the tags it says “the final showdown approaches”. Am I reading too much into this, or are there three Elims left? Because if so, we’re at LyLo.
  15. I dislike that two of the people in my suspect group are voting for the third person, just saying.