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  1. @Czernobog sorry to break it to you, but as a semi-Texan, "y'all" can be singular or plural. It's dumb, I know, but that's how people use it. If people want to emphasize the plurality of "y'all" they'll say "all y'all."
  2. I'm certain this has been Q&A'd before but I can't find a reference... In Secret History, when kelsier is getting close to the IRE fortress he describes odd rock formations: "strange formations of rock, like glassy sculptures". Do we know what the significance is of these formations? Also, related, what are the plants in that cognitive realm. Thanks!
  3. ... or maybe Hoid is the R2-D2 of the Cosmere
  4. Good point @Wander89, that can't be a coincidence that in every case the story's protagonist is on Hoid's side (except, I should note, Hoid and Kaladin's funny relationship)
  5. http://www.businessinsider.com/spacex-rocket-launch-cimon-robot-head-ibm-iss-2018-6
  6. Ok, so maybe Musk didn't figure out Elantris' magic, BUT, his team did build a robot that sounds rather Seon-like for the Space Station. https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/28/17513410/spacex-iss-nasa-commercial-resupply-15-falcon-9-launch-dragon-watch-live
  7. @ljósmóður I'm amazed you can listen to such charismatic music while reading! I can never read with lyrics playing in my ears, I find myself splitting attention between the two.
  8. I read all of the 3.5 Stormlight books back-to-back, almost always with a specific Google Play Music playlist playing in the background: Downtempo Instrumentals. "Hypnotic breaks and pensive electronic soundscapes from some of the greatest electronica artists: the perfect soundtrack for reading, working, or just relaxing." Now every time I hear this type of light electronic music I think of Kaladin, spear in hand, marching across the Shattered Plains... And that got me thinking, does anyone else associate a specific playlist/album with these books? I'm curious how broad such associations may be.
  9. Thanks @Chaos and @Argent!
  10. Hi Sharcast team! Has a podcast yet been made that covers the various groups roaming the Cosmere (IRE, 17th Shard, etc.)? If not, I'd love to hear a recap of the different groups and theories on each... Thanks!
  11. @ArcherSolid question. I'm trying to think of some way a ride could recreate "flying" via steel pushing - I'm envisioning dangling from a moving roller-coaster thing on a bungie-chord system... Another idea would be a horror-fun-house playing on the Island of Patji, with the ability to see gruesome possibilities. That'd be intense, right? What have been your favorite replies to that question?
  12. @ElephantEarwax I will next time we duel.
  13. Guys, I can't even. This is gold.
  14. Hello! I was introduced to Sanderson just over a year ago and recently wrapped up all of the Cosmere books... Jeesh. I've tended to read more sci-fi but I'm very excited to explore more fantasy now. I kept myself from reading much here for fear of spoilers until I finished Words of Radiance and I've been devouring posts since. Thank you all for building such a great community! I recently started listening to the Shardcast and have enjoyed geeking out with those guys... :-) A favorite Cosmere book is hard to pick... Is it a cop-out to say Oathbringer at this point? Either that or Hero of the Ages.