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  1. Ok I just got back from my long drive. I didn't get audio of the questions, but I wrote down some notes right afterword. Me: Is ReLuur's spike made of Atium? Cut out some stuff, he started to answer thinking I said Lord Ruler, but I stopped him Brandon: hesitated a for a second RAFO. You get a card though. It's not that big of a spoiler, but the answer would bring up questions that are. Me: Are the Svrakiss cognitive shadows? Brandon: RAFO. But you expected that. Me: If you tapped blank Identity in an area, would you develop the area's accent? Note: Sanderson interpreted this question as blanking identity. Also, I don't think tapping blank identity is a thing, so it was not a great question. Brandon: It's part of what you need. You need to both blank your Identity and tap Connection to get the accent. Me: If Shai had a gold shadow, and she used one of her Essence Stamps, would her gold shadow change to reflect her new self? Brandon: Yes, because she is changing her soul so the gold shadow changes. @Rasarr I liked your question so I asked it here: Me: If you were on Roshar, and tapped Connection, would you be unable to use Scadrial magic? Brandon: No, but that's a good question. You would not be able to use Selish magic though, because that is dependent on location. Me: Did Demoux achieve immortality by manipulating his Connection age? Brandon: Demoux uses the same method as most of the Seventeenth Shard. That method slows aging by a lot, but doesn't stop it completely.
  2. I'm going to this signing tomorrow, so I need questions! I was thinking of things related to these topics, but I'm not sure what wording (or in some cases, what questions themselves) would be best, so any advice would be nice. These questions are mostly BoM/SH related, with some Cosmere stuff as well. Theories I've made are listed first, because I have a better idea of what constitutes a good question for that theory, so the questions are more fleshed out. 1. Svrakiss - I was thinking of asking something them--Either: 1) Are the Svrakiss of <shard> (Autonomy/Odium, probably, leaning toward the former) or 2) Are the Svrakiss able to worldhop?, but maybe something else would be interesting (do they actually possess people / how?, etc.) 2. ReLuur's Spike - I still have questions about what's going on here, but I'm really not sure how to get a good answer out of Brandon--partly because I don't know what's going on here. Probably 1) What blessing did ReLuur have? or 2) Was the spike recovered in Bands of Mourning actually ReLuur's spike or 3) Which physical feruchemy power did ReLuur's pewter spike give him? 3. Connection - There's a huge amount of ground to cover with Connection, so I think I'd ask about how people manipulate their Connection to prevent aging: 1) Do the Seventeenth Shard members achieve immortality through Connection manipulation? or 2) Is Demoux immortal because he's changed his spiritual age through Connection? 4. VenDell's Coat - Argent is going to ask about this at the Chicago signing, so I shouldn't need to, but it's a very interesting theory to me. 5. The Ire's Drink - What is it? Liquid blank Connection? Investiture? I'm also curious if we've seen any Ire elsewhere, so I may ask that.
  3. Do you have a link to this WoB? It doesn't make sense to me in the context of the change, as Szeth was the person who died during the conflict, and he had no bond to a living Shardblade at the time he was healed, and Nale used some sort of fabrial to heal him iirc. So I don't know how changing the original version to the new one would prevent the reveal of that plot point. The full paragraph that I quoted earlier is below: Edit: Oh, I get it...because in the original version, Szeth was bonded to the Honorblade and that couldn't heal the spine wound...I'm an idiot, that makes sense.
  4. Yes I know; I was referring to the fact that Peter said the old way was still canonical--and Sanderson specifically mentioned in that blog post that the cut section had importance relating to the difference between living and dead shardblades: So I thought that might explain some of the differences to the two situations.
  5. I think it also has to do with the fact that Kaladin killed Szeth with a living sprenbade, while Nale killed the girl with his honorblade (which I thought would work like a dead shardblade)
  6. I think Hoid uses Feruchemical Connection to know where to be. Like you said, Atium+Duralumin made Elend see into the Spiritual Realm, and the Spiritual Realm shows your Connections, so these things made me ask questions at the Denver signing: So I think Hoid taps Future Connection, which gives him a sense of what is going to happen. I think Allomantic atium + Allomantic duralumin in such large quantities as to see the future as Hoid seems to have, would have to be huge. Feruchemical duralumin compounding I think could achieve a similar effect(though less pronounced, and without the 'expanding of the mind' thing Atium has), and with a smaller fuel requirement. As to your question of what Hoid would be able to do with Allomantic atium in addition to his future sense...I think tapping your Connection to the future might extend Atium shadows, so he would see farther than most people when using Atium (on the other hand, it might do nothing because Atium shows you other's Connection, and presumably you can't change that with Feruchemical duralumin).
  7. theory

    It depends on how you view strength...I think short-term future is far more valuable in combat situations (at least when looking at Atium; Electrum is a bit weirder). Because you see actual actions. While what I'm suggesting is more like a version of you just standing around, like your Gold shadow just stands around. Even when Elend did Atium + Duralumin and he saw the future farther, I don't think it was a huge amount into the future (should be all the atium he had compressed into a few seconds--I assumed it was like a 30 minute glimpse into the future, with his mind expanded so he could understand it; and anyway he saw actual events and outcomes).
  8. theory

    An Electrum-Atium alloy might show your long-term Future Connections (i.e. like a Gold shadow but for the future--who you "could become") but it might also have a lot of overlapping versions like Electrum.
  9. I just saw this WoB from a Shadows of Self signing: So she's descended from S.Scadrians, currently on Roshar, and she originally came from...Vax? Ashyn? Yolen (unlikely)? Some minor shardworld? I don't know of any other shardworlds we haven't read about, but know about.
  10. I asked a bunch of questions about Connection at the Denver signing and one of them was about storing different types; it's not the greatest wording but I was trying to see if storing different types of Connection worked like storing different senses in tin: So I'm guessing that he was only tapping Locational Connection. As for "forming trusting relationships," I'd guess it goes both ways because otherwise I don't think it would do anything. A connection by definition needs to have more than one thing to connect.
  11. An Aluminum Blessing granting a stronger sense of Identity to the kandra (this would make them more individualistic, harder to use Forgery/Soulcasting on, etc.) aligns with the other "human attribute" blessings and the Lord Ruler had access to Aluminum so it definitely makes sense that ReLuur could have a Blessing of Identity. I think a Gold Blessing improving a kandra's health makes a ton of sense with the other Blessings we've seen, as well. Chromium and Cadmium are weird though. I'm not sure what temporal attribute could be stolen for Cadmium (age? But that's Feruchemically tied to Atium...); it might be energy (but as I understand it, Bendalloy's Feruchemical 'energy' is really food/calories, which doesn't really make sense as a Hemalurgic attribute). For Chromium though, I have a few ideas: 1) Fortune. As far as I know, we know absolutely nothing about Fortune in the Cosmere or even Feruchemically. But it's definitely a possibility, especially if Fortune is really some integral part of someone's Spiritual aspect. 2) Investiture-resistance. It would just make you harder to invest--harder to Surgebind, use Aons on, etc. Like how the mid-Shaod Elantrians couldn't use Aons on themselves, but to a lesser degree. I don't like this that much because resistance to emotional allomancy is already in the Zinc Blessing, and this would make more sense with Aluminum anyway (but Identity is perfect for Aluminum, I think). 3) Improved life-sense or Investiture sense--the life-sense granted by Breath always seemed to me like one of the things that should be able to replicated by many other magic systems in the Cosmere. The problem with this is that it doesn't really fit the other Blessings, which just improve upon something everyone has; this is more of an ability. From what little we know of ReLuur (explorer, spent 200 years looking for the Bands of Mourning) it seems not unreasonable that he could have had a Blessing granting him a stronger Identity.
  12. I really like the idea that VanDell and MeLaan were lying about ReLuur's age; that allows for a lot more possibilities than I originally thought. I've wrote some ramblings about Blessings and Hemalurgy's workings to try to figure out what metal would make sense. The four kandra Blessings we've seen so far are all "human attributes", and Sazed being unaware of how Bleeder managed to use Feruchemy/Allomancy from Spikes makes me think ReLuur didn't have one of those spikes (or Sazed should have known how that worked--unless, as you mentioned Kandra-in-disguise, that MeLaan and VenDell were lying about ReLuur's age) Quote from SoS from Sazed (SoS page 133): So, assuming there's no way to use a metal in Hemalurgy for two different purposes (i.e. granting either a magical ability or a "human attribute"), and kandra Blessings should be a "human attribute", that means it should be Iron/Tin/Zinc/Copper (known blessings) or Cadmium/Bendalloy/Electrum/Chromium/Nicrosil (of which none we know the attribute of. One must steal Temporal Allomancy, and the other four could be anything) or as you suggested, Atium. I actually just noticed that Aluminum/Duralumin/Gold are from the MAG, so it is possible that's incorrect. They all steal magical abilities, which certainly doesn't make sense with the known first half of the Hemalurgic table (where pure metals all stole "human attributes" and alloys stole magical abilities). I tried looking up some WoBs and found a bit that seemed to confirm the MAG but it's definitely inconsistent. And now I'm wondering what four "human attributes" remain...Anyway that's not really important for this. If Marasi doesn't know the most common Allomantic metals (which I think is unlikely), then it's probably Iron/Tin/Zinc/Copper. Otherwise, of the five standard metals remaining, if we take ReLuur's given age at face value, it's possible he has an Electrum spike (since that's a metal the Lord Ruler knew about and had access to, which he could have used on a kandra. On the other hand, electrum seems like the most likely to steal Temporal Allomancy). With the idea that ReLuur is fairly young, there could have been experiments to make new kandra with new Blessings, and it could again be anything. Though I don't see Harmony sanctioning experiments of this nature...it's possible he didn't know about them; after all, Paalm figured out Feruchemical Blessings without him knowing. I definitely agree that someone lied. Whether it's MeLaan/VenDell about ReLuur's age, Sazed about kandra and Feruchemy/Allomancy, or the Lord Ruler about Blessings in general...there's something fishy going on here (or Marasi needs to seriously brush up on her metals).
  13. Alright I got back from the signing. I asked a bunch of questions (mostly about Connection) and my sister recorded them; here's a transcript. I didn't write down my questions / don't have a lot of practice with good question writing so I got quite a few RAFOs, but there's some interesting things still. Me: "Have we seen a Svrakiss in a book so far?" Brandon: "Um...RAFO" Me: "Can you tell us anything about Svrakiss, like are they originally from Sel?" Brandon: "Um...I'm not going to go into that." So I dropped that topic My sister: "Is the cognitive realm flat or spherical?" Brandon: "The cognitive realm is this weird thing, where it's flat, but it's distorted." Sister: "Yeah, 'cause I was going to say, if you make a globe flat..." Brandon: "You can walk from one planet to the next. So it's got really weird...the spatial reasoning doesn't work the same way." Sister: "The Expanse of Broken Sky, is that Sel?" Brandon: --- (something I can't make out....it was a RAFO; I don't think he said anything more) Me: "Can you be Connected to two locations at once?" Brandon: "Yes" Me: "Will that help with doing Sel magic off-world?" Brandon: "RAFO" Me: "Can you store different types of Connection at different times? Like can you store Connection to people versus location?" Brandon: "That is possible." Me: "Can you store....like if there is a Twinborn, who is a Gold Allomancer and a Duralumin Ferring, would his gold shadow change based on what his Connection is?" Brandon: "I'm going to RAFO that." Me: "Can you store any sort of Temporal Connection?" Brandon: "Um, most" Me: "Could someone who's never been to Scadrial be Connected to Ruin, Preservation, or Harmony?" Brandon: "Possibly. Depends on the strength of the Connection. But yeah, Connection's not an on/off switch." Me: "If you tap Connection in one area, for location, would that remove your Connection to your original place, where you're actually from?" Brandom: "Um, RAFO" Me: "What are ReLuur's spikes made of? Marasi thought they were pewter, but that doesn't make sense." Brandon: "It doesn't."
  14. Both of these are pretty good points; I forgot the Svrakiss might not be from Sel (though I think taking over bodies is an act of Domination). I am going to the Denver Calamity signing on Friday so I'll see then if I can get any information on Svrakiss then (if we've seen them in a Cosmere book; where they are from; maybe directly ask about the Set but that might be a RAFO). From my searching, it doesn't look like he's been asked much about them so I don't know if I'll get RAFOed.
  15. Feruchemical duralumin allows someone to store their spiritual 'Connection'. Recently, Bands of Mourning and Secret History have provided some insight into the workings of Connection. This is collection of theories relating to Connection--what forms it takes and how it can be applied to different worlds/magic systems in the Cosmere. Despite their being different theories, they are all related to each other so I did not want to split them up. I've used spoiler tags to collapse the different theories so it is easier to read. There are also excerpts relating to Connection from Bands/Secret History, so don't read this at all if you haven't read those. Types of Connection Connection in Feruchemy: Duralumin Connection in Allomancy: Gold, Electrum, Atium, Malatium Connection in Forgery/Soulcasting Connection on Sel Connection for all Major Shardworlds and their Magic