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  1. 1. My Power will be the ability to fly and to make things fly, my secondary power would be self Healing 2. My weakness would be silence, and for that I would always be listening to music while using my powers. 3. My name would be Deathbeat, because I would always fight with the beat of the music I'm listening to. Kind of like a dance. 4. People would hate me because I would kill anybody that I find that has a bad sense of morals (Irony. I know). Epics and regular man as one. Well, atleast as long as I'm powerfull enough to win. Here is a super quick sketch of me as an EPIC
  2. From the album Stormlight art by Stormwatcher

    I tried to paint Shallan in the middle transforming to Veil.
  3. From the album Stormlight art by Stormwatcher

  4. From the album Reckoners Art by Stormwatcher

    I drew the reckoners team from the first book - Prof and Tia came out pretty bad but I really like how the rest came out :D
  5. Sparks, Its just like I imagined
  6. This is amazing!!!!!
  7. Though its a vaden (?) song. I wonder how would Sanderson describe it
  8. I Made myself a cosmere bookmark
  9. From the album Reckoners Art by Stormwatcher

    Quick sketch just to show my intentions. Srsly how can it be that there is no Reckoners art in this gallery?!!
  10. Thank you!!!
  11. I'm glad you liked it (: But Hebrew Is Jewish, not Arabic\Asian, But I get how to someone who doesn't speak nether Hebrew can sound a lot like Arabic..
  12. So basically my native Language is Hebrew so I'm reading the books in Hebrew. I really love composing and making music so the moment I'v seen that there are Lyrics to a song In WoR I knew I had to do it. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it and please comment what you thought of it despite the language barrier. I want to also share how amazing and strong the secend appearance of this song was for me, after I'v already composed it and read the words with my tune.
  13. THANKS!!! <3
  14. Found this and Thought It will be a shame to miss it. The Mistborn - Leatherbound & Signed
  15. Thanks!!