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  1. I mean...she had enough stress in her life before she decided to take the most wearisome occupation in Alethkar. (But really, I saw softness in Oathbringer when she saves Renarin, shows Dalinar respect and honesty to Shallan. I imagine queenship will harden her. How will being Radiant affect her position politically? And isn't the whole of Roshar pissing their pants the second she enters the room? I mean, I don't see the Alethi taking it well that a heretic will rule them.)
  2. So there's someone called Shashara, who is his...wife? Someone else's wife? Denth's sister? And then he kills her because why? And Vasher and she made Nightblood somehow, and then Vasher is also a Returned? How does he change his shape? None of the other Returned can do that.
  3. That...sums it up pretty well, thanks.
  4. Ah, that makes a lot of sense. So they're kind of floating around in preparation of something happening.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, there's absolutely no support for this in the books, but I just get a feeling that Azure's and Kaladin's relationship might evolve in the future to something romantic. They're both passionate about what they care for (the men in their care, Kaladin for obvious reasons, and Azure with proper treatment and loyalty even in pressing situations), have seen the rough sides of the world, and seem the share traits such as: persistence, pragmatism, and obvious leadership skills. I am one of the people that does not want Shallan and Kaladin to end up together. 1. I think Kaladin's shift from "lighteyes are awful!" to "I like Shallan!" was a bit too quick. At least in the beginning. Once I got used to it, it made sense, but even rereading those chapters, I'm grimacing a bit. 2. I don't think Kaladin should be in a relationship with a lighteyes. Yeah, he's come a long way from the distrusting wretch he was, but even with changed people, there's always the ingrained bias. (It's very tough to change a racist person into a picture-perfect egalitarian, no matter what therapy and experience may tell them otherwise.) 3. Brandon Sanderson is too smart to make a love triangle. So, with Shallan out of the way (at least, in my opinion), I do think that Kaladin is going to end up in a relationship with someone. Unless, of course, he goes through more character growth and accepts himself as himself. That, however, is not the current case, as Kal seems to be the kind of person who needs — craves — reassurance from other people. Syl, Dalinar, or Bridge Four. Kaladin is always talked through his depression, with much oppositional thought and relapse. I think he'd really benefit from a relationship, where he's given love and affection with no strings attached, and he'd really soften up. (Dear Lord, someone give that boy a hug.) Syl, I believe, knows that, too, and that's why she's always pressing him to make a move. With all that in mind, I think Azure would be a good fit for him, at least for a short time. My guess is that they'd never have a long-term relationship, just because their goals are so different and would drive them to part ways. But I think for the little while that it did last it would do him good, and the end of the relationship would be with mutual respect in both directions.
  6. Best answer so far. Yeah, that explains how the windspren got there, but why'd they like Kaladin so much? Is it because windspren are subspren of honorspren and maybe are attracted to honor in the same way (at least in Shadesmar)?
  7. Ah. So we were thinking the same thing. Well, my brain always did make me look more stupid than smart.
  8. Wow... That story is a lot more depressing than I remember... I was very sad when Jezrien died. Mostly for Ash's sake. But after this...I kinda feel bad for the Heralds in general.
  9. Well. I found that little dialogue to be quite entertaining, so thanks for that. But this whole thing is interesting to me. The books keep bringing up how hard it is to kill spren, but it's very easy to hurt them. Sounds more like a liability than a help, if you ask me, but anyway. I wonder what happens to the deadeyes. What do they think about? Is Maya a special case in that she remembers her name, or do all Shardblades retain memories of their past like that? I feel that maybe it's more of a personal decision on the sprens' parts, sort of like a traumatized victim refusing to associate with anyone because of the harm done to them. Like, the spren were hurt so bad they don't trust people anymore. And also, they (I keep saying 'they' as if I have more to reference than Maya but really I don't) seem almost feral, if that makes any sense? So maybe their soul being ripped from them is sort of like their humanity taken away. It'd explain why they (Maya) seem like mindless robots, and the screaming, and how other spren are so uncomfortable around them. There's my mind belch. Any thoughts?
  10. Yes, but what does his name have to do with that? :/ I actually always found it rather ironic that his name is Ivory when he's described as being pitch-black.
  11. As in "'flip the bird" kind of finger? At whom?
  12. Adolin's Blade. Is she actually dead? She shows some cognizant abilities, but she's unresponsive. She knows her name. She's able to decide how fast she appears in Adolin's hand. she becoming less dead? Or was she never dead in the first place?
  13. I read Oathbringer (twice, actually ;P) but the whole deal with Heralds is confusing me. What exactly happened with the Recreance and Aharietiam? The Stormfather is blaming Honor for not preparing the Radiants before he died. And some of the Heralds betrayed the other Heralds by leaving them in Damnation? I dunno. Can someone explain that? Also, how are they not dead. At least, Ash and Taln aren't. Don't know if there are others.
  14. Well... He was thinking Kaladin-y things: honor, duty, stoicism, etc. So maybe...? Nothing that has to do with wind, but if the windspren are subspren of honorspren, then maybe they're attracted to honor in Shadesmar.