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  1. This makes me think. The size of roshar continent is roughly that of asia, and the distance between shinovar and alethkar roughly the one between europe and china. So maybe there was on roshar a Cristopherin Chiken who, after miscalculating the distance involved, attempted to reach alethkar from shinovar sailing westward. there was no continent to discover, and he sunk in a highstorm anyway.
  2. I can't believe nobody opened a new thread for it (and if somebody did and I failed to notice, direct me to the proper place and delete this thread). On twitter there is a small video that's supposed to represent a chasm. It says that there is a full version on facebook. Is there a way to access that full version if one does not have facebook himself? And are there comments? I think the bottom looks too flat, the rest is great
  3. I considered making a dalinar-related sequence, but I'm no good at it. I mean, I wouldn't even be able to stick a drawing of dalinar on top of another image without leaving white spaces all around, because I only can copy-paste rectangular parts of a drawing. So I'll try to describe the scenes. Bear with me. 1) Image: a couple is about to marry, dalinar is officiant. Text: UNITE THEM! Caption: Dalinar likes every chance of uniting people 2) Image: a political map showing the various nations of europe, and dalinar with a flag of the european union Text: UNITE THEM! Caption: Dalinar does not approve of brexit 3) Image: Dalinar sponsoring a tube of glue Text: UNITE THEM! Caption: radiant super glue: binding things since the first desolation 4) Image: Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin, with dalinar putting a hand on each of their shoulders Text: UNITE THEM! Caption: Dalinar won't ever give up on a doomed cause 5) Image: a broken egg's shell, with dalinar trying to glue the pieces of the shell back together Text: UNITE THEM! Caption: Dalinar takes this whole "unity" thing a bit too far 6) Image: on the left, dalinar with two bits of string. On the right, dalinar having tied them into a knot Text: UNITE THEM! Caption: Dalinar always tries to be helpful
  4. I liked the political intrigue and the shallan madness plots. Part 5 was way too over the top and dragonballish to me, like one of those movies where the plot is sacrificed to special effects, though it was still a page turner. goes to figure different people like different things
  5. meteorites that large exist, but they don't leave an island behind. no, they would melt the whole crust of the planet, and they may even throw enough stuff into orbit to make a new satellite. they certainly destroy all life on the planet; maybe a few extremophiles bacteria can survive in some sheltered locations, but i wouldn't count on it. And afterwards there would be a crater as big as half the planet behind.
  6. can't agree more. During my PhD I worked with some dangerous stuff, including stuff that can cause cancer and arsenic compounds, and I was cool with them. I'd be very afraid to work with hydrofluoric acid. Once a guy dropped a glass of hydrofluoric acid on his trousers. he disrobed and showered immediately, he was in a chemical lab and was immediately helped in the best way available. One week later they amputated his legs. Two weeks later he died anyway. For comparison, once two workers fell into a tank of nitric acid (one of the most corrosive ones because the nitrate ion is a strong oxydizer) and they remained inside for a few minutes and they both survived. that hand was probably exposed to some low-concentration vapors of the stuff, and the guy got away with little. If aluminium investiture had anything to do with hydrofluoric acid, a lot of peoople would be poisoned by it
  7. "Because of its strong affinity for oxygen, aluminium is almost never found in the elemental state; instead it is found in oxides or silicates. Feldspars, the most common group of minerals in the Earth's crust, are aluminosilicates. Native aluminium metal can only be found as a minor phase in low oxygen fugacity environments, such as the interiors of certain volcanoes " Barthelmy, D. "Aluminum Mineral Data". Mineralogy Database. Archived from the original on 4 July 2008. Retrieved 9 July 2008. I am a chemist myself, I know aluminium is very reactive with oxygen, but finding some of it native in low-oxygen environments makes sense. As we have different texts contradicting each other, we may dig deeper in research, or agree to let it be a maybe. At this point I don't know for sure but it makes at least enough sense that it may happen in theory Regardless ofwhether it actually works in real life, they had aluminium in the final empire without electricity, and I think I remember (probably mentioned in one of the era 2 books, because I can't find it in arcanum) that they dug aluminium from the ashmounts, so brandon at least believed my same source (which is on wikipedia, so it would be easily found by a writer wondering how a preindustrial society can have aluminium)
  8. i toyed with this idea, it's one of the possibilities. It would however imply there is a second investiture sink element native aluminium can be found in some volcanoes in low-oxygen environments, so rosharans may have discovered it; it is further backed up by claims that during the final empire aluminium was mined from the ashmounts. Except there are no volcanoes on roshar, so there can't be that source of native aluminium. Maybe they got it from an asteroid and learned to soulcast it, or maybe it was a worldhopper, or even an herald
  9. yeah, that's part of my point. They know aluminium. if the legendary metal was aluminium, they'd have recognized it as such. if those plates had been aluminium, they''d have recognized it as such - especially since ardents are learned. it seems a real stretch to assume otherwise. that's half the discrepancy. The other half is that if they have a legend of a metal that blocks shardblades, and they have this metal that can only be made by soulcasting, it's hard to imagine nobody would have actually tried to see if maybe the two metals were the same. good thinking that they could have more carbonaceous chondrite meteorites in the rosharan system. it would make it a bit less rare.
  10. there are mentions of a legendary metal that falls from the sky and can stop shardblades. It is supposedly the same metal that was used in the siege of kholinar to shield the soulcasters. I know it's supposed to be aluminium, as it has been shown cosmere-wide to be a relmatically inert metal. But the facts just don't add up. We know from a shallan flashback that rosharans know aluminium. they soulcast into it. so I can't believe it never happened that a shardblade was used to hit someone wearing aluminium jewelry. Heck, with all the people szeth killed with his blade during parties, you'd think some of them had some aluminium. even more shacky is the claim of falling from the sky. I've been looking into it, but I can't find mention of native aluminium being found in asteroids - though it is certainly a possibility, as asteroids lack the oxygen that oxides the aluminium on earth. But aluminium is much rarer on asteroids: it aggregates on a planet's crust because it's so lightweight. If lumps of native aluminium are found on asteroids, they are rare and small. So... what the heck? is that a case of brandon making a mistake? is it a different metal?
  11. I also suspected timbre is eshonai's soul or something. I was expecting some sort of reveal by the end of the book, but othing so far
  12. I think of adolin as an old buddy. I have a lot in common with him - although my talents are in completely different areas than dueling
  13. I don't see shadolin as boring at all. they were very cute together. and they gave the impression of stable, dependable relationship. Shalladin gave the impression of a quick thirst of passion followed by nothing. I take committment over passion. Plus, shallan has passion for adolin, and she makes it clear several times. Finally, all the shalladin teasing was not for nothing. It was to show how mentally unhinged shallan was becoming. the personas she started by using them as acts and disguises took lives of their own and ended up influencing her. It was masterfully done. And shallan still has three personalities, and is at risk of splitting more. I wonder where this is going in the next book.
  14. When your cat goes "mao", "meo", "mreo", and you wonder if she's trying to communicate with aons
  15. i think right of satyre is part of the freedom of speech. plus, just because we like sanderson, it doesn't mean everybody else has to. and teachers giving students big books to read that appeal to the teacher but rarely to the student is a staple of literature classes. so, just let it be.