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  1. theory

    Nicely spotted. this is my new favourite interpretation now
  2. theory

    I have a really difficult time seeiing kaladin swap sides. And he's gotmuch less darkness in him than he had in the first books. wasn't eshonai one of the four who will destroy? She was involved in the return of the voidspren, after all
  3. Looking at the twitter feed, I notice that brandon received in gift another shardblade, a porrtrait of dalinar, and who knows what else. I got wondering, by now he should have a pretty big stack of gifts from his fans. And he looks like the kind of guy who would not throw them away after a while. So I got curious about the pile of fan gifts he must have in his house somewhere. Anyone else would like some pictures of that? By now he's probably writing just to pay for more storage space to keep all the gifts
  4. well, aluminium is a poor choice of material for a weapon because it has bad mechanical properties for it. You can counter that with some alloying. it is also very light, meaning the bullet won't have much power or range. that you can't change, unless you alloy it so much that it's no longer aluminium. the ressulting weapon is still good enough to kill, of course.
  5. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice character and I like him. I wish we had seen more of him. But in a story, you don't add redundant characters. Especially not when you already remark that you don't have enough space to expand everything, as brandon did many times in the annotations. And so it seems to me that poor ham has no narrative role, nor a particular role in the crew. he's supposed to be the fighter, but the crew mistborn already cover that well enough. In fact, we haven't seen him fight on-screen once. Unless we count whalloping marsh on the head at the end of book 2 (why didn't they finish off the unconscious inquisitor, by the way?) He is mentioned fighting alongside soldiers somtimes, but he never does anything that soldiers could not do. He never provided much to the crew, and I can't think of a single time where he significantly affected the plot that couldn't have easily done by someone else (like in the decision to not send koloss against the city in book 3). I wonder why brandon didn't cut him out from the planning stage. He just doesn't seem the writer that would add in a redundant character just because he likes it.
  6. People with metallic prothesis are more difficult to figure out, though. I'm imagining the paralympic games with people trying to make metalmind wheelchairs, stilts, and so on
  7. It probably would depend on the individual. At least for an untrained person, it probably would have that effect. I know that when i exercice my breath gives up before my muscles, so cadmium would definitely let me run longer. On the other hand, I am under the impression that athletes, or even just fit people, don't have the same problem in normal conditions, and are limited only by how well their muscles can keep up, so cadmium wouldn't help them much. This one is debatable. If you are an archivist, you can be expected to have your copperminds with you in any working environment. It's an advantage you have over common people, but it's an advantage that you can reliably have at all times and that comes at no cost for anybody, so maybe your score should reflect that.
  8. it's basically random chance, with purer bloodline giving you best chances both of being a misting instead of a regular person, and of being a mistborn instead of a regular misting
  9. When you see this video about "conan the librarian" and you try to insert it into alcatraz story
  10. I think both motivations are true
  11. it seems spren can become smaller, but not bigger. As for cutting a planet in half, even if there was a way to get a spren that big, gravity would keep the two sides together, and the enormous pressure would seal them together, so it would really be pointless
  12. I say, I imagined the chasms much more lush. The picture shows some vegetation, but it's mostly barren. It's actually fairly realistic there. I was imagining it more akin to the natural gorge depicted at this link, but then I realized it actually has the same amount of vegetation. It's just that green on grey is much more visible than red on red.
  13. I think sanderson is becoming more comfortable writing it. Although you worded the thread title in a way that makes it look like an erotic novel
  14. i'm also going for dockson. and ham. most of kelsier's crew, those who didn't get much spotlight.
  15. I also think it's mostly a matter of maintenance. you can't set them free to eat grass. we saw some horses taking a few bites at grass before it could retreat, or tricking it into going out, but horses need lots of grass, so they don't get enough food that way. and horses eat a lot, especially warhorses. Still, "expensive" is relative. They are certainly more expensive than chulls, but all the highprinces have at least a few hundreds of them, so they are affordable. there is also the chance that they can't reproduce on mainland roshar, for whatever reason, but i find it hard to believe. unless the shins only sold castrated horses to keep the monopoly, in which case it would be noted.