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  1. I think of adolin as an old buddy. I have a lot in common with him - although my talents are in completely different areas than dueling
  2. I don't see shadolin as boring at all. they were very cute together. and they gave the impression of stable, dependable relationship. Shalladin gave the impression of a quick thirst of passion followed by nothing. I take committment over passion. Plus, shallan has passion for adolin, and she makes it clear several times. Finally, all the shalladin teasing was not for nothing. It was to show how mentally unhinged shallan was becoming. the personas she started by using them as acts and disguises took lives of their own and ended up influencing her. It was masterfully done. And shallan still has three personalities, and is at risk of splitting more. I wonder where this is going in the next book.
  3. When your cat goes "mao", "meo", "mreo", and you wonder if she's trying to communicate with aons
  4. i think right of satyre is part of the freedom of speech. plus, just because we like sanderson, it doesn't mean everybody else has to. and teachers giving students big books to read that appeal to the teacher but rarely to the student is a staple of literature classes. so, just let it be.
  5. it's something to do with pether alhstrom, whom old account was "ookla the [something]". in this time of the year some people temporarily change their name to ookla to honor him. that's as much as I know, somebody else can get more details
  6. that's pretty much my angle too. though I admit I have enough admiration for adolin to react about him a bit as if he was a real friend and not just a fictional character. I have a lot in common with adolin, so you could say he is my role model.
  7. Adolin is one of the best person I know. I won't stand for slander about him, even if he's just a fictional character. adolin wants to help people. and since his family is led by the big good dalinar, then helping people means helping his family 99% of the time. But can you name me a single time where he acted selfishly at the expence of someone else? Now, to add something willow still hasn't, adolin had never once complained with his father that allying with other highprinces - and giving them good deals for dividing the spoils - would weaken their family. he argued that they may be betrayed, or that they may be belittled, but never once he seemed to complain that others would gain more power than the kholin family. did you ever see him trying to persuade dalinar to make a push for power? If he wanted power for his family, then bringing in a knight radiant by marriage would be a great move. yet he actually went and told shallan that she'd probably like kaladin more. Are those the actions of somebody out for power?
  8. The original post looks like a huge attempt at using exact words to twist meanings. from the whole context of it, adolin snapped, in a moment of stress, under sadeas' provocations. you take it so lightly. Many other posters argued that such a huge shift into his personal world should have affected him more. it's not about social status, we have seen adolin cares little for it (proof: the way he treats everyone the same, and spoilers from the end of OB). it's about his place in the world. all the times we see him, it's clear he's in love with shallan considering what sadeas did (especially at the tower) it would have been strange if adolin had not wanted to kill him. Still, that's not what premeditated means. premeditated would mean that adolin planned to kill sadeas. he didn't (unless you count the plans of cornering him into a duel, which would have been legal according to alethi law anyway). adolin would have liked to kill sadeas, but he never planned for it or took steps to make it happen, except in a duel. that's not what premeditated means. So, from this small remark you would assume proof that he did other bad things in the past that we are not aware of? doesn't look much like an argument. no, adolin simply knows he cannot be as stoic as his father. adolin has always been more hotheaded. as for what would he do if dalinar were to change, do you think the adolin we read about could have condoned dalinar's actions during his warlording days (again, going into this fully would be OB spoilers) if he had known them in full? this is using one specific word to draw all kinds of conclusions. sadeas is called highprince many times, it does not mean those who call him highprince do not see him as a person. heck, if adolin had been "I killed sadeas" would you have argued that he gives no respect to social standing because he didn't think of sadeas as highprince? As far as connection to the victim, adolin think that he killed "sadeas" many times later. and their connection was one of enmity. really, sadeas tried to kill him and his father multiple times, and almost succeeded twice on his father and three times on him. can you really argue that adolin should respect sadeas as a human being? adolin is in shock. Also, he is capable of putting aside other considerations and focus on the here and now. it's fairly clear from the way it is written. you can't really take it as evidence of cold blooded murder unless you already reached that conclusion beforehand and are ignoring all the context and the rest of the chapter. Furthermore, I want to call the greatest adolin's expert we have, @maxal: she will do him better justice than me.
  9. I reiterate, it is a matter of how much power is being irradiated. the microwave oven heats stuff up because it generally uses 800 watts or more. A strong lamp uses 100 watts. If you put a lamp making visible light inside a microwave oven and powered it with 800 watts, it would heat the food just as much. if you pointed a 100 W microwave lamp against a person, it would do no more harm than a 100 W floodlight. It's watts that matters for energy transfer, not wavelenght. wavelength matters for potential dna damage, and as I said, even with gamma rays a lethal dose takes up a fair amount of power. now, the way shallan makes her illusion doesn't obey any normal law of energy consumption - otherwise, starting the illusion wouldn't be much more expensive than keeping them up. Given the amount of gems she needs to start up a normal illusion, however, I believe that the stormlight required to weaponize lightweaving - either by making a laser or a gamma burst - is prohibitively high in normal conditions
  10. random tangent here: in the epigraph, there is a funny literal reading So, you must know that dalinar committed genocide, and what it cost him. dalinar cannot teach it, so you must seek to experience it in person. Huh. Looks like dalinar is inciting people to commit genocide in order to learn its price.
  11. microwave is not really useful for figthing. we use them for cooking, but the problem is always the amount; they are no more energetic than visible light, if you want to hurt someone with the heat the energy requirement is the same as if you were using visible light: a lot of energy, too much to be practical. radiations are somewhat more useful, but not too much. sure, you can irradiate an enemy army, and for a moderate amount of power they will get cancer... within 10 or 20 years. not of much help right now. and if you want to kill them with acute radiation poisoning, again, that takes a lot of power. the use of a perpendicularity to power surgebinding is the only thing making this viable
  12. funny thing, he actually did change the world. now the abuse don't happen anymore to some people or some other. no, they happen to everybody. human? kept as a slave and scheduled for exterminatiion. singer? will be sacrificed to reborn a fused. spren? voidspren are conquering shadesmar as we speak. everybody is suffering. yay for equality!
  13. he was always hateful from the start, and I never liked him. kaladin however had a lot of darkness in him. i think that's part of the reason they got along: there was a bit of moash inside kaladin. i am so glad to see him putting that part aside. And by the way, speaking of elokhar, he wasn't even the real responsible for the death of moash's grandparents. roshone was. elokhar was simply a fool. I think, considering his sterling behavior after he got his memory wiped, a judge may apply some leniency. dalinar would still be subject to some harsh sentence, though. Maybe he'd be imprisoned but he would be allowed to keep doing his "job" in prison. which dalinar would accept and perform with honor and distinction, eventually earning a pardon.
  14. that's actually a goood point. they may be people from other planets. though I can't even start to imagine how brandon can fit that into a book while keeping it accessibkkle to those who don't know the cosmere at wide.
  15. It's not that. Nobody expected him to fight for a brightlord. I expected him to run away with the group of trained singers. maybe do something like the listener ancestors and hide from their gods