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  1. I've never seen or heard of a smedry with two talents, so maybe they don't get both
  2. you can soulcast pretty much any resource, but it takes a lot of gemstones to produce large amounts. So, you can get needed materials in a pinch, but you can't sustain an economy long-term that way. I believe their presence changes little on large scale economy. as for your analysis, I only have one remark: near the end, you say that taylen may conquer the frostlands against vorin expansionism. I doubt it. taking lland on the continent would give alethi troops the chance to face the taylens on land, which is exactly what they want to avoid. I would say, even if alethkar claims the frostlands, they'd still be unable to invade. they could certainly organize a landing across the longbrows strait, but the taylen navy could then arrive and plug the gap, leaving the invasion force isolated. without influx of reinforces and materials, an alethi invading army would be lost. it is more or less a similar situation with the siege of great britain during the world war: hitler could have sent troops across the strait, but they would have remained isolated as soon as the royal navy arrived to disrupt suppplies across the english channel. soulcasters could mitigate tthe need for supplies somewhat, but still, there is a limit to how long an army can go
  3. I'm pretty meh. White sand already showed that sanderson's style is not fit for graphic novels. too much plot and dialogue to be conveyed.
  4. It's far from the first similar announcement I read, and nothing ever came from them. I'm not an expert on the media industry, but this doesn't seem all that different from the others. I attune the rithm of skepticism, and I will keep it until I am at the movie theater watching the end titles.
  5. they did. those people iin the know-how knew calamity was an epic in space. as for glass, it's hard to see, even with a telescope. probably it was mistaken for the light aura of the epic.
  6. true, but keep in mind that physical fitness at old age is very dependent upon the person, and that someone with rregular training can do a lot of stuff that wouuld be assumed impossible. You only have to look at badass grandpa on tvtropes, go to the real life folder, there are people running marathons or climbing mountains in their ninties. I have to say, dalinar feels a realistic depiction of a 55-years-old very fit for his age.
  7. as far as aging, the reduced gravity should mean less problems with the whole bone structure, particularly the spine, and possibly less heart problems too. On the other hand, more oxygen means a greater oxidative stress. I'm not sure how that translates exactly into aging, but I'd certainly surmise a greater likelyhood of cancer. Rosharans would probably look older than they are, because it also hits the skin. but they'd be fitter.
  8. at this point the question is why simple knives and not full macahuitl, which is basically a stave with obsidian blades embedded at the edges; it has the shape of a sword, cuts like a sword (better than most, actually) and it's the sword's substitute in cultures that did not have the metallurgic knowledge to make swords. It's inferior to swords because the obsidian blades dull or shatter more easily and it's not worth much for piercing - which also forced the aztecs to fight in more loose formations - but it's the best you can get without metal. Possibly they didn't use macahuitls because of encumbrance issues.
  9. Still not working. Does it maybe require some particular patch/expansion?
  10. Now it doesn't crash games on different maps, but it still won't start on randland. I tried with 3 city states and 5 civs, according to the instructions. Maybe it's map size? I used it small and medium, and didn't launch either way
  11. I tried it, but it crashes the game. I tried disabling every other mod, it still crashes. Even when I'm not playing randland, having the mod activated crashes the game. Any suggestion on how to fix it?
  12. While I also don't rate it as sanderson's best work, there is one thing I greatly admire: so, the plot was set up with the protagonist having to achieve an impossible task in 100 days. But laws of storytelling state that of course she would succeed, so there was a serious risk of losing any tension. I mean, I never even remotely doubted that the emperor soul would be fixed. Restoring tension to that by all the interplay with the arbiters and gaotona was really well done
  13. yeah, something like pratchett's the last hero would have been great. Frankly, when I read that white sand would be a graphic novel first, I was expecting something like that, and not a comic. Incidentally, why is the name graphic novel used to designate something that is actually a comic?
  14. no idea, although they are roughly contemporary with the second trilogy. A better question, however, is what actually happened there
  15. To me, it's evidently the kind of actiivity where you'd have 1% to 5% casualties in training. Something acceptable to ancient scadrial, where houses treated their children as resources. Not with more modern sensibilities. Steeljumping is also fairly dangerous when you're skilled, too. I guess it can be as easy as walking for someone trained; well, you ever tripped and fell while walking? In years and years, it can happen. And when it happens with steeljumping, you die. Although I'd say in this case the risk is more or less akin to that of a car accident, i.e. something we consider acceptable ffor the commodity it provides.