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  1. Oh wow, the Ooklas have spoken. Hemalugy is worrisome, in a word. Until I get that actual brownie from The Idiot, you ain't gettin' my Breath, Elephant. (But that raises a good question.... Would being a Drab Mistborn be significantly weirder than being a normal Mistborn?)
  2. Ah yes... Forgot about the Dustmother....
  3. Long time fan, always read the what's-what on this site, finally had a comment to make so I got an account! The world I enjoy most is Scadrial, perhaps because the three magic systems just blew me away when I first read the books (Mistborn trilogy was the first thing I read). Roshar is cool too; at the beginning the constant mention of spren annoyed me to death, but now they complete the atmosphere of Roshar and SA would not be what it is without them.
  4. Long time Sanderson fan, mostly I read others comments, but I finally had a comment of my own to make so I got an account.

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, (I haven't finished the pod cast) but don't the three mindless Unmade have no hyphens (one segment names)? And then the semi-intelligent ones have two segments in their names? And then Ba-Ado-Mishram has 3 segments to it's name? And it sounds like it's the most powerful Unmade? (Sorry about spelling) My theory is that the hyphenation denotes level of intelligence.... Can anyone support or disprove this? I lent my copy of OB to a friend. Edit: level of intelligence and perhaps power