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  1. @PhineasGage I would be glad if even some of my words find a place in your essay. I'm so happy you found it as a beautiful poetry Honestly I am just obsessed about Shalladin
  2. Oh my God! The latter half of this thread is Gold!! My thoughts about Shallan's character were put to word here precisely. Also that analysis by @PhineasGage was so well done that words spilled out of my hands about the beauty of the chasm sequence. Just wanted to share it with all the S.S Shalladin's crew here Keep up the good work guys. I hope I don't sound like a child with its first toy but the discussions and debates were extra ordinary.
  3. Just to put my two cents on the “triangle”. I just want to say I mean no disrespect meant to any Shadolin/Shalladin/No shippers by my opinion. Being a Shalladin shipper from the beginning I just became catatonic at the cheesy declarations/whatever of love between Adolin and Shallan. That made me think “Let me write my cheesy version of Shalladin and see if I cringe”. So i wrote a short verse describing the qualities of my ship and genuinely found myself shipping it even more. Here it goes… The Bond that is so Torn, The Bond that is so Forlorn, The Bond that was made an Unborn; Nevertheless...... A Bond rivaling a Radiant Morn, A Bond revamped from mutual Scorn, A Bond... to coalesce her, a Reborn. I honestly believe that Kaladin can help in healing Shallan if they were just able to communicate a little bit without an active thought to the betrothal in OB. Adolin… he just seems to me the normal guy ( w.r.t other characters ) and the idea of being in love genuinely fascinated him and “Shallan” provided the exact thing. Which he was looking for and the poor guy had no info on the baggage Shallan was carrying, so he was mesmerized with the “Shallan” persona. Shallan… ha! She, to me, is a beautiful mess that i fell for her even more after her dissociation. She had no idea of what that closeting away was doing to her and grasped the first safety anchor that was presented to her. If she gave a smidgen of a chance to Kaladin in OB just as in the chasm, I feel Kaladin would really have helped her face the truths just as he faced his’. Kaladin… What can be said about him that was not said before? He is the perfect protagonist for this series. He valued his relationship with Adolin and honored the betrothal by keeping his ‘silly daydreams’ to himself engaging in a much professional/platonic talk with Shallan. So overall, I am very much disappointed with the conclusion (the choice and the way it was handled) and I do believe Sanderson put and end to the ‘romantic’ part of it as he himself stated that he was satisfied by the way of handling the situation on the beta readers AM(A)A on reddit. So, I just hope that he develops a friendly/professional relationship with Shallan which i will cherish in order to sate my shipping heart. Also, props to @SLNC, @PhineasGage for their Sanderson-y discussions and dissections of the “traingle” which helped me get over the disappointment…. almost.