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  1. Nightblood definitely has a spiritweb. Everything has a spiritweb. This is the WoB that's being referenced.
  2. Savantism is when someone uses an investure ability to the point it changes their physiology. Savantism isnt based on skill, its over-use. Yes, I know. However, high skill level and savantism are correlated (because they both have the same cause: high usage levels). See this WoB that Kal-Eldin posted above:
  3. When she sees her shadow pointing the wrong way she thinks "not again." Do we know what that's referirng to (I'd guess her childhood "insanity" )?
  4. The "wicked armor they wore" could refer to exoskeletons that the Varvax (from Defending Elysium) use. Also, something's up with the Lifebuster bombs - how do the humans know what they are/what they're capable of? Ironsides is super sketchy.
  5. FYI, Ivory is an inkspren, not a logicspren.
  6. We don't have confirmation about whether or not he's a full Mistborn or just an Allomancer. We only know that he can use Zinc and/or Brass. That said, I really like this idea. It would provide a reasonable explanation for only ingesting part of the bead (which I don't think we had before).
  7. In addition to the worldhopper-cluing that's going on, Brandon's conceit is that someone is translating the fantasy language into a real world language, attempting to preserve the puns, etc.
  8. As already pointed out, there's Vyre's knife which is similar, but possibly distinct. Additionally, we know that there are Kandra on Roshar, so that's probably what Brandon's referring to. I doubt we'll see full-blown Hemalurgy as an active part of the storyline, as Brandon is trying to minimize crossovers in Stormlight (saving them for Mistborn Era 4 and Dragonsteel).
  9. Hoid's (and other worldhoppers) slip-ups are added intentionally by Brandon as a clue that they're using magical means of translations. It's one of the main ways we can pick up on who the worldhoppers are.
  10. Brandon stated this is just kelsier being really good.. It's a skill level thing. Savantism is more than just being really skilled - it has to come with a serious drawback (e.g. Spook's sensitivity, Soulcasters).
  11. That would be a lot easier, but I don't think that there'd be very much benefit to have two of the same spren. You'd get another shardblade, but no additional Surges.
  12. It would depend on perception/skill. Both Wax and Kelsier were able to see/push on different parts of an object.
  13. Humor is one of those things that is super subjective. On my first read of his books, I actually found Wayne/Lift annoying (because I was reading for plot), but upon re-reading, I really, really enjoyed those scenes. Brandon has actually talked about the various (distinct) inspirations/styles for the humor of his various characters: Jane Austen for Shallan; Oscar Wilde for Wit; uplifting, self-effacing for Lopen; innocence/sarcasm for Syl.
  14. Odium did not leave his power behind - he left the broken Dominion/Devotion power behind. As for my thoughts on the Skaze, I basically agree with everyone here: they are definitely splinters of Dominion, their symbols are the Fjordell equivalent of Aons (same as the ones used in Dakhor), and they're going to be very important in the Elantris sequels. LOL - like we can resist
  15. As I said above, in my response to @Spoolofwhool, I was using the distinction between "focus" and "substance" that @Oltux72 defined in the original post.