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  1. Leverage, Psych, Stranger things etc. There is plenty to watch that doesn't include harry potter, star wars or anime. Also, I almost never have any time to watch TV anyway so...
  2. I couldn't agree more
  3. I have never seen star wars and probably never will Harry potter is WAY overrated Anime isn't very good
  4. @King Cole The "fun" kind, Sydesian was just kind of the assistant/tagalong, and his parents didn't want to leave him somewhere and only see him twice a year. His parents didn't want to, but they had to. Anyway, he was never in any real danger until about 12, or at least any that he can remember...
  5. I have an Imaginary person as well, though he has a very strange backstory... I am known as Sydesian. I have been watching this group for awhile now and have finally decided to join. I suppose you need my backstory for my unique way of doing things to make sense, so here it is: I started off as a member of the 17th shard when I was 10 (both of my parents were members). I worldhopped for awhile, assisting on missions, spying, gathering information. When I was about 15 I decided to go off on my own to collect investiture. I wanted to become the most powerful being (aside from shards) in the entire cosmere. I started on Scadrial, where I became one of the original mistborn, and tried to find a way to become a feruchemist, but that didn't end up working out. I next traveled to Roshar, looking to bond a spren (this was pre-recreance) I found one pretty easily, and became a windrunner as this seemed the most practical to me. I was about 20 by this point and went to Nathis to achieve the fifth heightening and agelessness. I spent two years there, until I finally had collected enough breaths to accomplish my goal. The last stop was Taldain. They had relatively little investiture there, so I figured that this would be a good place to start my domination of the cosmere. When I first arrived, I tried my hand at sand mastery, which I was very successful at, and quickly started to rise in rankings. After tireless hours, espionage, and countless bribes, I rose to become the ruler of dayside. I united them all and we began to march towards Darkside, but I had gotten the attention of honor. He came to Taldain and utterly annihilated my army. He came to me and I was able to withstand his attacks for a full 10 minutes before I finally broke. I awoke back on Roshar next to a piece of metal vaguely shaped like a shardblade. Curious, I picked it up, and found the voice of my spren, screaming in some language I did not understand. I immediately told him to calm down and he obeyed my instruction (thankfully). I found that my memory had been fragmented and I was in a place that I didn't recognise. A place with endless plateaus and pits stretching out for miles and miles. I looked around and found a highstorm approaching, so I ran. I tried lashings, I tried summoning my shardplate, but all I had was a stupid talking piece of metal. As I readied myself to face the winds that would almost surely kill me, the piece of metal in my hand stretched out and became a dome that couldn't have been more than 1/100th of an inch thick, but it withstood the highstorm with little to no sign of breaking or flexing in the least. Over the next several years I learned that I could control this piece of metal, forming it into whatever I wished. When the everstorm came, I immediately fled to the tower city of Uruthiru to search out my brothers in arms from years ago. I arrived to find it buzzing with new activity, but I couldn't see any radiants anywhere. I quickly stopped and asked somebody what year it was, to find that I had been asleep for the last 4,000 years. I located your group, and have been watching you for some time now. There it is. This is all the me and my "spren" have been able to piece together from our fragmented memories. I wish to join you and try to become acquainted with this new world while I'm at it. My skills include: this weird metal thing that I can control, I am a master duelist (I don't know how), I can't die unless killed instantly and I have friends among the great ones (the ones you call heralds). As a final statement I will give you this: everyone I love is dead and I am stranded on this mysterious world with no idea how to escape or even survive. I came here as my last hope. To mean something, and to discover myself again. Thank you for your time, Sydesian
  6. I like what is in the doc a-lot. Some of the spells seem off though, for soulcasting (as an example) it could take a certain number of minutes of stormlight to souldcast something withing a 5 foot cube. I think that we can discern what several other orders do because of shared surges, and we could always add on as more books come out and more information is revealed. I don't know if you've read oathbringer yet, but several more orders are revealed. I think that it would also be interesting to introduce the parshendi race, which would give the players the ability to change forms. I have a couple of friends who also play DnD, one of them an artist, if we wanted to make this a big thing. I know the mechanics pretty well, and would be willing to handle that part. Let me know what you think. It is christmas break right now, so I have lots of free time, if you would be interested in doing something lake that soon.
  7. I agree with @TheVillageIdiot This was an amazing introduction. Bravo
  8. Hi, have an upvote. For initiation, could you please say the phrase "My life to yours, my breath become yours"
  9. Sorry for this. I got confused at the thread that I was in and made an accidental post.
  10. Would you want to incorporate stormlight, or just use a standard spell slots, or a mixture of the two? If you were to do this, you would need make additional rules for that. Also, it might be cool to create a whole surgebinder class with subclasses for each of the ten orders of radiants. Each of these would have very specified spells and would get additional spells as they level up and say the oaths. This sounds like a multi-person project, if you wanted to do this full scale. I would love to help with this and it sounds like it would be a lot of fun!
  11. I think Kaladin's life as a slave would be cool. Or an ancient history of the war between the humans and voidbrings and how the Oathpact was created. It would be interesting to see how it all started.
  12. Have an upvote
  13. Gravitation+Friction would be pretty cool. It would also be fairly hard to pin down, and the potential for weponization is also there.
  14. I'm definitely Renarin. Wow. That feels good to get off my chest
  15. Awesome idea, and amazing artwork! I am super excited!