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      Oathbringer is out! Let's make our policy on spoilers clear! 1. You must preface topics with Oathbringer spoilers with the prefix [OB] in the front 2. You are only allowed to post spoilers and spoiler topics in the Oathbringer Spoiler Board, Cosmere Theories, and some select work-related forums. 3. For posts in the Oathbringer Spoiler Board you do not need to use spoiler tags inside a topic marked [OB]. For Cosmere Theories, you also do not need to put spoiler tags inside your topic if the topic has [OB] in the title. However, for Cosmere Theories, if you are adding Oathbringer stuff to an old theory without the [OB] tag, those must go in spoiler tags and you must make it obvious outside the spoiler tag that the spoiler is regarding Oathbringer content. 4. For select things that do require talking about OB spoilers, in Events, Coppermind, and Arcanum forums, those are allowed but keep OB spoilers in spoiler tags 5. Avoid and minimize spoilers in topic titles--even though those two boards will not appear in the Recent Topics ticker, topic titles still appear in Recent Activity and the forum home.  6. You aren't allowed to post Oathbringer spoilers in places other than listed, even with spoiler tags.  It will be nine months and then the Oathbringer board will be re-merged with the Stormlight board and you will not need to tag these spoilers. If you'd like to move something in the Stormlight Archive board to the Oathbringer board, to update it with new Oathbringer information, Report the post and we will happily move it to the Oathbringer spoiler board. Part-by-part Reactions Though the Oathbringer Spoiler Board will be very spoilery, very fast (maybe don't come there until you've read the book, as people do have copies that bookstores sold early), you'll have these five topics for reactions if you want to nerd out: Part 1 Reactions
      Part 2 Reactions
      Part 3 Reactions
      Part 4 Reactions
      Full Book Reactions For parts 1-4, they will not include the interludes immediately following it. On Discord All Oathbringer spoilers on Discord will be exclusively in the #oathbringer_spoilers channel for the nine month spoiler period and nowhere else.

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  1. Man is that eye-catching and absolutely gorgeous
  2. Have a cookie and become a Drab, or don't have a cookie and continue as normal... To me the choice is obvious "My life to yours, my Breath become y--" *proceeds to stuff face with cookie before finishing*
  3. Hello all, I'm completely new to this site, though I've been a huge fan of Sanderson's ever since my high school English teacher convinced me that there was stuff out there that was even better than the Wheel of Time. I've been aware of the Cosmere for quite some time now, and while I try to look for clues and lightly theorize, I'm not very well-practiced at it. I'm about halfway through Oathbringer and am hoping to finish it once college exams are finished, then I shall peruse the Oathrbringer Board at my leisure! Other than that, I have read every cosmere-related work, at least until White Sand 2 releases. I also have never used a website like this before, but hey, no time like the present to learn. My personal favorite characters from each major world: Yolen--Hoid (duh) Scadrial--Kelsier Nalthis--the combination of Vasher and Nightblood together Roshar--Kaladin Sel--Shai Taladin--Khriss (I mean come on) Well there you have it! And never forget... I am a stick.