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  1. I'm not sure that Dalinar would want his brother's murderer, as well as attempted assassin, to be covering his back. Also Szeth had to get through many Parshendi to get to the gem (Kaladin isn't as efficient at killing as Szeth). Also as far as we know, Dalinar does not know of Nightblood. To sum it up, Dalinar doesn't know Szeth or anything relating to him, such as NB, so he wouldn't make the decision to have him defend himself, rather than his rusted bodyguard.
  2. Shamespren manifest as falling petals, and thenonly metallic Spren I can think of are the sailors when Kaladin and the others were travelling through Shadesmar!
  3. This crossed my mind. Also the Soulcaster of wheat had vines growing out of her face, etc. Similar to Lift's Spren... Unsure if they're connected, but it is interesting!
  4. B Bo-Ado-Mishram is one of the Unmade which is believed to have stepped in to take Odium's place temporarily at some point and give Parshendi Voidlight, and thus the ability to change forms and access the surges. Which sibling are you talking about? If you mean the one in regards to Urithuru, I don't believe they predate Odium. I don't believe we have seen the same gem which Gavilar had since TWoK. Hopefully the others can answer the rest as I don't have all the information (and I'm falling asleep! )
  5. There is the theory that the other sibling is of stone, and created Urithuru, the Kholinar windblades and other things. It is a fitting theory! Can't remember the thread, if I find it I'll post it.
  6. I'd like to point out you have spoilers in this thread (ones I didn't know... ). Please make sure you hide them!
  7. That's awesome! By all means tag me in it and I'll happily read it. I'm currently outlining/writing my own fantasy novel. Sanderson is definitely a big influence!
  8. When you get a splinter, then worry that the voices in your head are actually Ruin influencing you through hemalurgy ... or am I the only person who hears things....?
  9. I'd also add lifespren to the Edgedancers as an educated guess!
  10. That's actually an interesting theory! Also Horneater's height and red hair could derive from the Parshendi...? Just theoretical of course!
  11. Logicspren for Jasnah?
  12. I forgot that quote! I need to reread Warbreaker, I loved that book!
  13. I don't know whether to support this or shun it...
  14. My father started me on Mistborn a good five or so years ago, and I've been hooked since, I've reread a large number of novels by Sanderson. I think the Mistborn trilogy (first era) is great for starting people on. I've recommended it to many people as it is fast paced, and gritty. (I think SA is the best but it is definitely more dragged out and there are a lot more factors to take into account).