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  1. Standing unnoticed, the koloss-blooded man smiled to himself. "I volunteer to be a emissary between the Canton and the DA, it you agree," he stated. "It is well known that @MacThorstenson can be a little hasty at at times. I prefer to work in favor of all"
  2. Hello Caden. Have an upvote and a cookie. Took you long enough. I take it you haven't read the alloy if law.
  3. Welcome, @LopenTheTwoArmedHerdazian! Glad you could join us! Do you like delicious cookies?
  4. Welcome to the 17th, @fammann! Have an upvote! Do you like cookies, perchance? And what is your favorite cosmere book so far?
  5. Welcome to the 17th Shard! Have an upvote. Do you like cookies?
  6. Welcome to the shard! Do you like cookies?
  7. An Embassy of Hemalurgy... a Consulate of spikes... A SPIKESULATE!!! @Nohadon, may we set up a small spikesulate in the Canton of Combat?
  8. (If a bit un-cosmereish, this should be fun) Ok, who would win: Alcatraz- Pretty complete knowledge of his powers Vasher- Using only awakening Vin- normal mistborn Place- City of Elantris post Shaod and pre-revival of aons. Keep in mind there is not much loose metal in Elantris and likewise with awakening opportunities.
  9. Can there be multiple DA reps? If so, spi... sign me up! *absently rubs the dozens of tiny spikes barely poking out of his upper arm next to the metalmind*
  10. I would love to spread our spi... hemal... wonderful ideas all around the Canton of Combat, @Nohadon
  11. When you find your 17S account name (which you made on a whim) in a Sanderson book and you sit down quietly and have a mini panic attack.
  12. Glad to hear that you like cookies! They are so amazing! Try one...
  13. Hello @Epicazeroth! Have an upvote and a cookie! What is your favorite cosmere book?
  14. For Oathbringer, we have a spoiler board. If you go to the stormlight archive area on the forum page, it should be right underneath that. It should also be in the announcements area near the top of any page if you are using your phone. Great question!
  15. Hi @Odium Reigns! Welcome to the 17th Shard. Have an upvote and a cookie! You can request Aether of Night in the unpublished works forum, but you have to get white sand prose version through Brandon Sanderson's website. I think his email updates contain it.