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  1. Thanks!
  2. This has most likely been asked, but I cannot find it. In the fifteenth chapter, Alcatraz talks about doing something with the first fourteen chapters? I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Can someone answer my question or direct me to the appropriate thread? Thanks!
  3. Honestly I’d like to be a narcosil ferring and a coinshot. I feel that the ability to vary your pushes and pulls by flaring the steel then varying your capability to burn steel would be extremely useful. Most people aren’t constantly burning metals, so the metalmind would be easy to fill.
  4. Hello, this is my first theory, so here goes. The twinborn system of thought says that being an allomancer can enhance your feruchemy, but it does not work the other way around. There is now way known for other systems of power to augment your ability to burn a certain metal. For example, there is a way to gain almost limitless speed with steel but no way for feruchemy to enhance the way you sense metals with steel. I've noticed that there may be a triangle of power throughout the mistborn series. The first point is that Allomancy enhances Feruchemy in the twinborn. When burning a metalmind, you can release its power tenfold. I have a theory that, in some way, Feruchemy can enhance Hemalurgy and Hemalurgy can enhance Allomancy. The obvious way Hemalurgy can enhance Allomancy is by spiking an allomancer and increacing their power, as was done to Vin. But could burning a hemalurgic spike release some of the stolen power into your body? On Feruchemy enhancing Hemalurgy, what would happen when a metalmind is a hemalurgic spike? Could the spiritual identity of the metalmind and the person recieving the spike be altered in a way that they would be able to gain some sort of power from the spike? ie. a brute ferring with a pewter hemalurgic spike. The ferring could tap existing stores in the spike, or have the power he stores become augmented by the hemalurgic properties? I hope this may become a discussion about the interactions between different powers in the mistborn universe If there is already a topic about this, please direct me too it and I'll discontinue this one. Feel free to correct me, add to the theory, or shoot me down. I'm pretty new to this.
  5. That is an amazing point! The only question would be how she got the gold. Do you think that she could have been drawing tiny bits of Preservation’s power when she didn’t have her earring? For example, her pewter reserves were replenished automatically just after she drew upon preservation’s power to defeat the Lord Ruler. Could she take in small amounts of metals whenever her earring isn’t on?
  6. I’ve read most of sandersons books except the shorter stories like perfect state. I haven’t yet finished oathbringer though.
  7. Hello! I’m semi-new here! I can’t wait to (hopefully) start interacting here! I picked up the Rithmatist about four years ago and ever since have been reading Brandon Sanderson’s works. And... um... I prefer brownies over cookies? Do you guys have any cool info for the 17th shard other than don’t accept cookies? : )