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  1. I felt like it was pretty well explained. The Radiants can only get shard plate as the progress through their ideals. Current (dead spren) plate interferes with their stormlight use. Adolin couldn't take his plate with him to Kolinar and doesn't have it because someone else is using it or keeping it for him. As others have said, it's heavily implied that Jasnah has at least limited use of plate.
  2. True, but if you remember, Vasher tends to win fights by unconventional methods. Not by his skill so much as taking risks and doing the unexpected. I'm not saying Vasher is not a good swordsman, but i don't think you can really call him a great swordsman either. He has, however shown that he can be an excellent teacher. As to having years to hone his skills, I could live for a hundred years, shooting a basketball every day for hours and I still wouldn't be able to play with Jordan, James, and Bryant sometime there is only so much you can do to improve a particular skill-set. What all that time would do for me though, would be to observe others weaknesses and potential ways for me to exploit a perceived strength and plan a way around them.
  3. Just because someone is great at something, doesn't mean they can teach it. I also don't see Adolin having the patience to be a teacher at his age.
  4. Did you click on the link in the OP? Where it says"new Stormlight scene"
  5. *Smacks self in forehead* Completely forgot that she had a lightweaving disguise on in front of Kaladin, twice.
  6. They could be more comfortable in those forms because they want to be in those forms. Eshonai seems to have a conscience and a sense of right and wrong. Venli seem to be a "what's in it for me and how can i use this to advance myself" type personality which may put her more in tune with Odium thus making her more in sync with the form. Or they could have transformed once before, but I don't seen Venli giving up that form of power very easily to go back to a lesser form. Unless of course it benefited her to do it.
  7. Here's my question. Seeing as how Shallan makes her disguises and Lightweavings utilizing Stormlight, would these deceive another Radiant? I mean, could Kaladin "inhale" her disguise? As far as I know, we have not seen her use her Lightweaving in another Radiant's presence have we? She didn't know how to when she was with Jasnah, right?
  8. I notice how Jasnah wasn't taking any of that "I am a rope" crap...
  9. I am a late comer to the Church of Stick...but I come bearing tidings of great joy! Our Lord and Savior Stick has been made flesh!
  10. If you're looking for one of the most unlikely characters to be Honor's Champion, I think Rlain fits that description. How out of left field would it be to have a Voidbringer fighting for Honor against Odium. To the question about a champion for Cultivation, I don't think there will be one. Isn't Cultivation supposed to be the neutral force?
  11. Well, I wasn't sure where to put this so this thread seems as good as any. There are two quotes, one from Galladon in Elantris, and one from Szeth in WoK. Szeth makes this comment: Dangerous thoughts. His way of life was all that remained to him. If he questioned Stone Shamanism, would he then question his nature as Truthless? Dangerous, dangerous. Though his murders and sins would damnation him, at least his soul would be given to the stones upon his death. He would continue to exist. Punished, in agony, but not exiled to nothingness. Better to exist in agony than to vanish entirely. In Elantris, Galladon makes this comment: They didn't burn the boy. Not only did they lack the proper implements to make fire, but Galladon forbade it. "We can't make a decision like that. What if he reaIly has no soul? What if he stopped existing when we burned his body? To many, an existence of agony is better than no existence at all." I know this could just be a random coincidence, but seeing as how Galladon is a confirmed worldhopper, Is it possible that Galladon has already worldhopped prior to Elantris and this quote is a reference to Szeth? Or am I just reading too much into it?
  12. I know he is way to old for it but I can really see Sacha Baron Cohen doing Spooks lines. Kelsier - I think Collin Farrell could play this with the right amount of humor, arrogance and anger Vin - The girl that plays Arya in Game of Thrones Maisie Williams Ham - I like the idea of Michael Chiklis (sp?) Breeze - Philip Seymor Hoffman or Paul Giamante Clubs - Jack Nicholson (gotta age him down a bit) Dox - Paul Giamante or Philip Seymor Hoffman (one of these guys needs a part in this movie) Sazed - Lawrence Fishburne Lord Ruler - Michael Fassbender Marsh - Tom Hiddleston (already has experience playing a brother who feels he has never gotten his due)or Zachary Quinto Shan - Amanda Seyfried Elend - I got nothing for this one I like james Mcavoy but I think he'd be to old with the Vin I cast.