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  1. Oathbringer spoiler but with no context:
  2. Windrunners are asked to stop flying out towards the Everstorm when it passes and making rude gestures
  3. Would the nearest Willshaper please report to the Bondsmith's office to explain what it is you do already? Any Edgedancer who is found applying the surge of Abrasion to balcony rails will be fined. The Windrunners cannot keep catching everyone who slips and falls because of you.
  4. Personally, I find myself agreeing a lot Llarimar on this subject, although I did thoroughly enjoy Oathbringer. The first Sanderson books I ever read were the first Mistborn trilogy and initially, probably halfway through the second book, I was kind of confused about why anything was happening. But as I stuck with it, it all came together in the end, and being able to look back on everything I had read and fully understanding the significance of it was extremely satisfying. I think that seems to be the way most of his stories go. They start with all these seemingly disconnected events that slowly wrap themselves around before finally revealing how they all come together in the end, and that's kind of how I view SA. At the end of the day SA is meant to be read as one continuous story, just like Mistborn, and while things seem disconnected now, I know from past experiences with Sanderson books that they'll somehow tie together in what will hopefully be an immensely satisfying conclusion.
  5. Did we ever find out how Nale can do that? Or even how he got Nightblood? From what I’ve seen so far only a Shard has been able to create Returned and the Nightwatcher has Nightblood
  6. I really like what Dalinar yells at Fen when he first brings her into a vision But it can’t beat my favorite quote from Lift
  7. How I imagine the Almighty (or whoever it is at this point) after spending three whole books telling Dalinar to unite them:
  8. After reading Dalinar’s interludes
  9. Explaining the Coalition to Dalinar
  10. So, I don’t which WoB is correct but if it’s not aluminum then my guess would be that it’s iridium. Unlike aluminum, iridium is very rare, at least on earth, but it’s very common in asteroids and meteorites. It also has a very similar color to aluminum, silvery-white, so it kind of resembles a sheet of aluminum foil.
  11. So, I’ve been some thinking recently and have been trying to put together a theory on the three Bondsmith spren. I discovered, however, that trying to keep track of all the different threads just made my head hurt, so instead I’m going to try throwing it all at the wall and seeing what sticks. This all started with the fragment from the Eila Stele in chapter 116 Now this struck me as strange for a number of reasons. First, there were only two Shards on Roshar before Odium arrived, so why are there three things listed? Second is that only one of those things actually matches with one of the Shards, Honor and the wind because high storms and such. Stone and spren though don’t really match with Cultivation because when we see her she’s very clearly associated with plants, not stone. My first thought is that the three gods mentioned in the Eila Stele must be the three Bondsmith spren. They’re the only group of three on Roshar that would be powerful enough to be considered gods. Again, the Stormfather is obviously the wind but where does that leave the Sibling and the Nightwatcher? I went back and looked at Dalinar’s visit to the Nightwatcher and when Cultivation speaks there’s this little tidbit of description: It’s not much, but it’s the only link I’ve found between Cultivation and stone. Stone doesn’t mesh with the Nightwatcher at all though. She’s described as indistinct and vaporous which is pretty much the opposite of stone. Since the Sibling is associated with Urithiru, which is made of stone, I’d guess that is the god of stone the Eila Stele refers to to, which makes the Nightwatcher, by process of elimination, the god of spren. Or technically the spren of spren as weird as that sounds. This brings me to my next thought which is that the Sibling is somehow connected to the planet itself. If the Sibling is the god of stone referenced in the Eila Stele, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that’s its somehow the spren of the planet or the land in the same way that the Stormfather is the spren of the high storm. This next part is a bit of a leap but I think it’s possible to follow. I think the Sibling is what let the ancient Radiants force all the parshendi into dull form. In the gemstones, the Radiants say that they are both abandoning Urithiru and attempting to seal up Ba-Ado-Mishram. Somehow the Sibling facilitated this and the strain may have killed its bondsmith and forced it into its slumber, similar to what happened to Syl when her original Radiant was killed. The Radiants knew something like this was possible which is why they decided to abandon Urithiru-without the Sibling to power it, it’s useless. I really don’t have any evidence for this, but I just get the feeling there might be something to it. Ok, I think that’s enough unsubstantiated theorizing and rambling for one night. What do you guys think?
  12. My reaction to just about everything Moash did in Oathbringer
  13. Maybe it's somehow related to the perfect gemstones? That's the only thing I can think of
  14. Never before have I wanted something so much without realizing it.