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  1. My reaction to just about everything Moash did in Oathbringer
  2. Maybe it's somehow related to the perfect gemstones? That's the only thing I can think of
  3. Never before have I wanted something so much without realizing it.
  4. I feel like Dalinar will still be a prominent figure in Book 4. With everything that happened to him in Oathbringer, especially at the end with Honor’s perpendicularity, I don’t see how he could be moved more into the background. I think this would be doubly true if there were a new Bondsmith, even if it is Navani. My thought is that he’ll still be a prominent character but he’ll take a less active role in the story although he might be just as active because even though Oathbringer was primarily focused on Dalinar, there was a lot going on with Shallan, despite the fact that she was the focus character in WoR.
  5. You’re definitely right and using the Radiants as a crutch is not a very Navani thing to do. My theory is that, at least initially, we’ll see these ships requiring a Windrunner to make them work and then later on they’ll be able to fly under their own power. My guess is that’ll happen after the timeskip between books five and six as there will probably be enough time in between to perfect the technology. It could happen before then, since I don’t think we know how much time will have passed between Oathbringer and books four and five, but I feel like book six would be a safe bet for when the tech will have been perfected. Regardless of when it happens I’m really excited to see how these ships will be made and used
  6. That’s a valid point but aren’t those types of fabrials relatively new? Plus they’re related to conjoined fabrials, which are used for spanreeds and if I remember correctly, those don’t work while moving and have a limit to how far apart they can be. If similar limitations apply, it might be more practical to just have a windrunner lash the ship up, especially if they can somehow join it to a gemstone like lightweavers can do with illusions
  7. Wouldn’t an upwards half lashing applied to a ship make it effectively weightless though? Then it could use a sail to steer and navigate
  8. I mean, we’ve seen that Shallan is able to tie her illusions to a sphere. Maybe windrunners could eventually be able to do something similar with lashings. They could put a half lashing on a ship at Urithiru and tie it to a gemstone on the ship.
  9. I’ll be honest I never really thought about Preservation being able to see forward. Although it’s not exactly related to SA, what are the odds that an alloy of Lerasium could grant an Allomancer sight into the future to a greater extent than atium can?
  10. My bad, I had no idea. Although personally I do think it’s even funnier based on how much the relationship between Dalinar and the Stormfather develops throughout Oathbringer
  11. @kaellok While I agree with you 100%, isn’t it possible that the breaking of the Oathpact somehow affected Honor? Like I said I agree with you but maybe the breaking of the Oathpact had some effect on Honor that either weakened him or caused him to stop communicating with the Radiants directly? Granted, the Radiants fought against 10 Desolations but for a Shard that amount of time could be next to nothing. Either way, there’s definitely more to the story than just what we’ve been told.
  12. I believe it says that the souls of the Fused are imprisoned on Braize, not that it’s the original home of the voidbringers
  13. "Inappropriate?" Pattern said, "such as...dividing by zero?"
  14. I haven’t seen anyone post this yet the person who made it can be found here: https://www.google.com/amp/tatter-demallion.tumblr.com/post/100307590545/i-love-that-dalinar-basically-ordered-the/amp
  15. The idea of Mraize being the “anti-Hoid” is a really cool idea. Although I feel like it wouldn’t be Mraize but maybe the Ghostbloods as whole because I feel like Hoid has always been a “I’ll do it on my own” type of person whereas the Ghostbloods are an entire organization