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  1. I- am actually feeling a little bit ambivalent about it so far The music is very reminiscent of stuff from Two Steps From Hell or other such groups. Normally, I would LOVE stuff like this, but in the context of the setting, it doesn't quite stick. I feel there needed to be more leitmotifs, because Way of Kings is heavily character focused, and I would've enjoyed a more traditional orchestra sound. Now that being said, one should NEVER look a gift album in the harmony, especially if it's a really cool album. My favorite songs are: 1. Oathpact Abandoned- This song really GETS the chapter it's based on. I can clearly see burning Thunderclasts, dead Radiants, and lonely Heralds walking the alien landscape of Roshar. 2. The Assassin in White- I love the way the drums are juxtaposed against the melody. Also- minor keys are great, all hail minor keys! 3. Alethi Codes of War- The violin(s) had some really cool themes, and once again, the drums are pretty dang awesome. 4. The King's Wit- Two words: Jazz. Flute. 5. Wandersail- I saw this called the crown jewel of the album, and I would heartily agree. This song encompasses the very best of the other songs, and the flute is absolutely gorgeous.
  2. Maybe. I really hope Kaladin and Syl get to stay together. Going after Azure, though- that'd be great. I just really want him to stay in the Cosmere.
  3. I didn't cry, but the emotion was particularly strong at several points, especially at the end- namely, Dalinar's oath/denying Odium, Jasnah not killing Renarin, Teft's oath, and Dalinar sealing the Thrill. Oh, and Bridge 4's final time carrying the bridge made me a bit misty-eyed.
  4. Kaladin-Jasnah, huh? Hmm... I- actually like it. Huh. However- what about Kaladin-Venli? It's a bit of a crack pairing, yeah, but I wonder if it might work (provided they meet each other in the near future). To be honest, though, I'm kinda hoping Kaladin doesn't end up in a relationship, if only so he can join the Greater Cosmere as a whole after the series ends without leaving someone behind. Crazy theory, yeah, but a fella can dream, right?
  5. I came into this book expecting Kaladin to be my favorite. I was- shocked, to say the least, when I found that I didn't like his character as much as the previous two books. I did NOT expect Adolin to become one of my favorites, but seeing him throughout the book act as an INCREDIBLE force of- gosh, I dunno. Pure goodness? That was cool. REALLY cool. Him managing to talk to his blade was pretty great. Shallan also got a lot better for me this book. Also- Elhokar. I've always liked him, but he got even better in this book. But Dalinar, though. He was BRILLIANT. I especially loved his scenes near the end of the book. 'You cannot have my pain'- absolutely beautiful. EDIT: I forgot! Nightblood and Szeth are my new favorite power duo. And I hate Hate HATE Moash. Screw that guy, he's beyond redemption- and it takes a lot for me to say that.
  6. Here we go! BOOKS Lord of the Rings + Silmarillion (Basically, Tolkien's Legendarium): Aragorn and Fingolfin. Aragorn, because he is one of the best examples I have ever seen of the 'Lost King' trope, and a fascinating character overall, and Fingolfin because he FOUGHT AND SERIOUSLY CRIPPLED THE MASTER OF ALL EVIL ON MIDDLE EARTH. Wheel of Time: Androl, Rodel, Mat, Rand. Inheritance Cycle: Roran. He's- really the only character from those books I fondly remember. MOVIES It's a Wonderful Life: George Bailey. Proof that man, though far from infallible, is still overwhelmingly 'good'. Star Wars: Han Solo, and Ewan McGregor's Obi Wan. Marvel: Captain America, full-stop. TV SHOWS FMA: Roy Mustang! Alphonse is good too. Firefly: Wash, Mal, Simon... basically everyone. The Flash: Barry Allen is pretty great. VIDEO GAMES Skyrim: The Dragonborn (FUS RO DAH!), and Paarthurnax. Also have a strange fondness for Alvor. Halo: John-117, tied with Thel Vadam. Kurt Ambrose is pretty great too (Though, he's from an EU book). Destiny: Cayde-6, probably because he's Nathan Fillion
  7. I was just thinking about this! I think it'd be pretty great. We all need a bit more Kelsier in our life.
  8. HO BOY!! Okay, here we go. These all come from the last three books, so- sorry. - Rand's revelation on top of the Dragonmount, book 12. One of the singular most beautiful pieces of fiction I have ever read. The revelation, coupled with his redemption- gah, gets me every time. - Rand walking through the orchards, book 13. A simpler scene, but it really sets up his 'new character' nicely. Very touching, very heartwarming. - Mat killing the Gholam, book 13. Complete. Unadulterated. AWESOME. - Mat one-upping himself and escaping the Finn, book 13. EVEN. MORE. AWESOME. - The council of the leaders in book 14, coupled with Moiraine's reappearance. - Most of the battle in book 14, but specifically: The Seanchan joining the fray Lan killing Demandred (FRICK YEAH) The Horn of Valere being sounded Egwene wrecking M'Hael Androl and Pevara Logain's glory Rand absolutely shutting down Shai'Tan Bao the Wyld The Dragons in the caves - The very ending, book 14. Rand walking off into the world. A conclusion to a series nearly two decades (and then some) in the making. In my mind, utter perfection.
  9. To SOME people, it IS very wishy-washy. However, isn't that the point? There are different orders of the Knights Radiant for a reason- the orders encompass various values and beliefs of the Knights themselves. They all have their own beliefs regarding right and wrong. For example, at the end of Words of Radiance: Which, of course, is very much against the law- something the Skybreakers wouldn't like. Some people, though, would argue that he was right to do it- I believe Sanderson said that some of the orders of the Knights Radiant would agree with his choice. It's all about perspective. Kaladin thinks the oath fits, and so does the Stormfather. [OB SPOILERS AHEAD]
  10. Can I make a list? -Something with Rysn. I have zero idea why I like her so much, but I do, and there's no point in denying it. -Nohadon and his life/journey to Urithiru. -A Bridge Four Novella. Nothing but Bridge Four. -Jasnah, prior to Way of Kings, focusing on her research and interaction with the Ghostbloods. -Adolin winning his Shardblade/becoming the honorable fella that he is. And Finally: -I Am a Stick: The Novel
  11. Hmm... Evidently, I don't know many actors outside of the Firefly cast. S Kelsier- I think Lee Pace could work fairly well here, actually. Alan Tudyk kinda fits the look as well. Vin- Summer Glau and Ellen Page have both been suggested, but I think an unknown would be preferable. Actually, I think this for most of the characters, but it's fantasy casting so... Hammond- Chiwetel Ejiofor or Adam Baldwin. For some reason, Chiwetel strikes me as very 'Hammond'. I blame his philosophizing whilst killing in Serenity Breeze- Oddly enough, I think Sean Astin would be a good pick. Spook- Finn Wolfhard, once he gets older. Or maybe Noah Schnapp. Hooray 'Stranger Things'! Elend- Drawing a complete blank. Will update later hopefully. The Lord Ruler- Sean Maher. Hoid- Somebody mentioned Tennant and quite frankly nothing else works for me now.
  12. All praise the stick? Wait should stick be capitalized? Ah gee darn, who knows. We are all sticks!
  13. Double zinc would be neat. Not only would I gain the ability to emotionally manipulate people (MWAHAHAHA), I could compound mental speed. Math would be a breeze! Also, I think allomantic pewter and feruchemical bendalloy would be great- strong as a horse, and able to eat as much as possible.
  14. From the album The Doodlestorm Cometh

    So I had an idea, and it worked out for once. Huh. Imagine that. Shallan and Kaladin belong to Sanderson, obviously.
  15. From the album The Doodlestorm Cometh

    A shardplate doodle I did recently- not sure why I chose green...