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  1. Deep down I think we all know that Kaladin's going to die a virgin
  2. Yeah, you're right I forgot about that. In my defense it was just a quick guess. Like I said before. If you can't explain why the Fused have existed for centuries before the Knight radiant then your theory doesn't work. This is one thing we know with certainty. Your reasoning about a current loose understanding of the timeline doesnt work here. Anyways this thread was supposed to be about voidbinding and I don't want to hijack it with this topic anymore. If you ever work out what I said above and want to formulate your theory in to a thread, feel free to tag me.
  3. True, but there are things that we know with certainty 1. the Dawnchant the oldest known language on roshar 2. It was the language the singers were speaking when the humans first arrived https://wob.coppermind.net/events/175-oathbringer-houston-signing/#e8356 Yes this is true, but you said was that there were no written records before the Aharietiam and we have more than enough proof to know that this isn't true. I mentioned the dawnchant intially because it seems more plausible the KR wouldn't be speaking it, but I'll admit that that claim is hard to prove so I'll drop it. My main argument is that the Fused pre-date both the KR and the Oathpack. For your theory to work you have to adress that. The most plausible case I see for this theory is that the insane Fused are the former radiants, but even that is really speculative. Not sure. Honor prepared the visions so maybe it was intentional. You yourself have said that the people all over Roshar were speaking in different dialects and languages yet, no matter where he goes, Navani hears it on the other side as ''The Dawnchant''.
  4. Nope. We know more about the Dawnsingers now then Ellista did in that interlude. Besides that not what she said... She said that by the time of the Aharietiam people had already stopped speaking the Dawnchant for milennia (she assumes that it was written by humans, but by part 4 we know that isnt true). Also, where are you getting the ''no written records'' thing from? The Dawnsingers wrote the Eila Stele (the oldest know document on Roshar) so that can't be true Eila Stele It's probable that humans adopted parts of the Dawnchant later on to form their modern day languages though. Maybe its possible he started doing this later on, but that's definately not the origins of the Fused. Like I said before we know that they pre-date the KR. also doesnt explain why the Fused care some much about ancient Singer culture...
  5. This isn't really true. The first thing she does in Kholinar is study and document the corrupted spren. She the documents the apperance of the spren in Shadesmar too. I don't know about that... Veil draws sketches perfectly fine, in WoR, for Mraize. You could say that at the time she hadn't factured in to Veil yet, but we dont really have a specific moment for when Veil was ''born''. I think that time (I think it was her 3rd or 4th apperance) is good enough to say she had become a person in Shallan's mind.
  6. To be fair we don't really even know what voidbinding is yet. Are Listener forms with voidspren voidbinding? If so how would they fit in to the voidbinding chart we have. I think it's safe to say Renarins future sight is voidbinding, but what about the Fused? they've been using the conventional surges so far. Maybe anything involving Odiums investiture is considered voidbinding? that wouldnt make sense for most of them. We know that the Fused have existed longer than the KR orders themselves; Venli has to speak to them in the Dawnchant (the ancient singer language); they express disapproval towards the new singers for acting like humans; and you know their desire to exterminate all of humanity...
  7. The Stormfather told Dalinar that the Heralds were warned by Honor not to linger after a desolation ended. At first I thought this was just about putting the oathpack in danger, but perhaps this affected their psyches as well? Jezrien is broken at the end of the last desolation, but he still seems a lot more stable there then 4 thousand years later.
  8. Well it'd be more entertaining at least, but that's not hard.
  9. Thank Adonalsium, that ship is dead.
  10. I don't know about gambling, but considering Sly's enthusiasm getting laid seems to have the honorspren stamp of approval
  11. What other possibilities are there?
  12. Ok, but your theory was that they were derived from eachother. Were you just trying to say that they weren't created through evolution? That both humans and singers were created by Adonalsium?
  13. I agree that it's strange that they can mate with eachother, but I remember a Wob saying that the Listeners and Humans don't have a common ancestor and are not some sort of mutation. I'd have to find it though Edit: here it is https://wob.coppermind.net/events/188-general-reddit-2015/#e3922
  14. Interview with light-eyed captain from Sadeas' army: Highprince Sadeas was a brightlord like no other and one I'm proud to say to have served faithfully for many years. Fair and wise he was always happy to take council from others, even from women! Old king Gavilar himself said that the his family were nothing but a bunch of storming backwater barbarians, until Sadeas got a hold of them... The highprince always made sure his worthy men were well taken care of.. That fool Kholin got 6 thousand of his own men killed at the Tower, through his recklessness. I know about the lies the Kholin have spread. It was with a heavy heart Sadeas decided to leave the blackthorn. He cared about our lives! Always a pragmatist he took anyone who needed it in and gave them a job. The best men got the best positions and even the wretches of society got the chance to prove themselves through a minor trial of strenght. Yes that's right... the bridgecrews! Murders, rapists, unlucky recruits and theives all worked to earn their place among us. And the women? Sadeas opened the brothels to all of them and let them set up anywhere they wanted. What more could they ask of him? Would those stiff Kholin ever do something that productive to help their lesser subjects? No all they can is stand constipated in their blue uniforms.