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  1. Ah thanks , I just did . Let's hope he actually reads it .v.
  2. The problem with his current stance imo is that people who haven't read the prose version (and most people haven't because it's not known or because it's not canon or some other reason) will not know how much better it is than the GN version so obviously the GN sales is gonna be good since it's the only commercially available version. Quite depressing sigh.
  3. But is there a way we can affect it? We know Brandon listens to his readers reviews so maybe we could let him know we would like it as prose instead ?(assuming other people feel the same way I do . I have seem similar views expressed on this topic here)
  4. Yeah I know , I meant the second book of the original Whitesand trilogy when I said Vol.2
  5. Any idea if we might be able to get an unofficial prose version of Whitesand Vol.2 ? I understand Brandon intends to have it released as more GNs but I personally hated the first GN and and had trouble going through with it to the end even though I had already read the prose version. I liked the prose story much better too though the changes weren't that big. I would really like to read the rest of the story as prose too. The prose version of Whitesand remains my favourite Cosmere book right along with the SA and the GN really put me off . I know quite a lot of other people have problems with the GN too so is there anyway we may convince Brandon to maybe release a prose version of the whole Whitesand story in the future instead of Graphic novels ?
  6. Actually that is now becoming unfeasible as there are lesser number of Chasmfiends pupating each month and the gemheart hunting may be completely stopped as both Shallan -Jasnah and Dalinar are concerned about this. They may still go ahead with Shallan's idea of breeding their own Chasmfiends though.
  7. This is only a short term problem until they get Kholinar sorted out. They hold a princedom and the entire Kingdom . Elhokar was to weak to tax the other princes and enforce it properly. Jasnah won't put up with any of that nonsense of course. Dalinar holds Urithru and they will eventually start taxing passage through Oathgates. You could say they now have more sources of income than ever
  8. Whut , I literally did cry when Dalinar realised that he killed Evi and how . IMO he's probably the most broken man in Roshar
  9. Oh man it well might be. Considering how dark the Dalinar-Evi thing was it very well might be. It also fits with the whole 'you need to be broken , to be a Radiant thing'. It explains why she's so distant from people and uninterested in men. Once burned and all that.
  10. It's like the saying , birds of a feather flock together. But this is also really advantageous for house Sadeas as their army now likely has the most number of broken men. Huge pool for Radiants
  11. Huh we still don't know the 9th Unmade right ? Or did I miss something ?
  12. I absolutely loved the part where Kal reveals he's a Radiant and Lirin , who seemed completely unflappable till now , gapes at him but Hesina is just delighted and awed . Even though she is said to be deeply religious and superstitious she's so happy for Kaladin. She brings the much needed motherly love sentiment to the series that characters like Navani just didn't get.
  13. Oh yeah I never considered the effect of Dalinar's Ascension. Pretty sure the church is gonna become another rival. Wew the next book is going to be very interesting. And the best thing is Jasnah doesn't give two cents about what the Church thinks xD
  14. Even though we didn't get to see as much of Jasnah as we expected (considering the cover ), she still had one of the best character progressions in the books after Dalinar. Her decision to spare Renarin even though he might have been corrupted shows how much she really cares about people , especially her family , despite her reputation as an emotionless scholar . And of course this badass scene , "Mother", Jasnah called, approaching where Fen and Navani stood by the guard post. "You need to rally the troops within the city and clear the enemy inside." "We are working on it," Navani said. "But - Jasnah ! In the air -" Jasnah raised an absent hand without looking, forming a wall of black pitch. A Fused crashed through it, and Jasnah Soulcast a flick of fire, sending the thing screaming and flailing, burning with a terrible smoke. Jashan Soulcast the rest of the pitch on the wall to smoke, then continued forward. "We must take advantage of Radiant Shallan's distraction and cleanse Thaylen City. Otherwise, when the assault comes from outside once more, our attention will be divided." "From outside?" Fen said. "But we have the wall fixed, and - Storms! Brightness!" Jasnah stepped aside without looking as the second Fused swooped down - the reactions of spren in Shadesmar allowed her to judge where it was. She turned and swung her hand at the creature. Ivory formed and sliced through the Fused's head as it passed, sending it curling about itself - eyes burning - and tumbling along the wall top. She's the character I look forward to most in the next book, especially now that she is the monarch (the Vorin church must be choking) xD
  15. Judging by how long Vasher seems to have been on Roshar , quite a bit of time has passed between Warbreaker and OB. Long enough for Warbreaker 2 even