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  1. okay that makes sense thanks
  2. he himself states in the books that feruchemy is completely neutral tho
  3. if allomancy is from preservation and hemalurgy is from ruin shouldn't there be some sort of united magic form created from the two sides of the shard merging
  4. if allomancy comes from preservation and hemalurgy comes from ruin where does feruchemy come from ? ps: please ignore if answered in newer books
  5. i dont think elend was burning any other metal because they didn't mention so okay ? lets just agree to disagree i think this thread has been tortuously prolonged enough
  6. Well yes marsh was also burning atium
  7. Funny how you say i am ignoring the text when you yourself dont remember it he only started burning pewter when he was getting tired infact i indulged the idea of him burning metal even tho he only mentioned starting to burn pewter after almost a day of fighting
  8. Not when there is absolutely no danger involved
  9. he had alot of atium tho there was no reason to maximize killing potential
  10. He only mentions he is burning atium at the start of the battle except they specifically mention how atium allows your brain to process information faster
  11. Because atium turns you into a wmd there is no reason to use pewter when you can see the future
  12. your confusing the timeline he started burning pewter at the later stages of the fight because he was getting tired what i meant in that quote is that he had no reason to burn pewter while he still had a lot of atium left
  13. What reason whould aland have to burn pewter while he still had hours worth of atium ?
  14. ok fair enough in that case use obsidian it is sharper then steel only swords and spears are still by far the most popular weapon's take pre lord ruler death luthadel it had lets say about 12,000 soldiers in it total (combining the city guard and the private gaurd of the great houses) at the same time it had maybe about 30 people who can affect steel that means that for the common guard the chances of running into someone who can use his steel against him is four hundred to one it simply docent make statistical sense to use weaker weapon's because of such a absurdly low chance ok and what if the mistborn grabs a battle staff or a dueling cane ? i am not saying dont use silk what i am saying is the smartest thing whould be to use silk as a stand-in for chain mail and wear armor on top you dont know that all that is written is he started relying on pewter when he was getting tired we dont actually know how much steel/iron he used in the fight for all we know he was almost out by the start of the battle