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  1. haven't read OB yet so dont really know what that means but i get your point
  2. Hoid brought it up in one of shallan's flashbacks and he raised a good point how do they know what a hound is ? it cant be some extinct specie since dawntounge didn't survive the desolation's meaning the word was made for alethi
  3. the only thing i understood from this is listeners and all i know about them is they are the ancient parashandi or something like that like i said im only about a tenth of the way through WoR but the gist is something something shard messing with genetics correct ? like what the lord ruler did with the skaa and the nobles
  4. then why didn't rysn comment about it ? the eyebrows were described to be long enough to stretch over your ears it would take hundreds of thousands of years at the very least to develop something like this
  5. this is probably one of the pettiest questions ever asked on this forum but what is the evolutionary advantage of Thaylen eyebrows ? if you want to build a grounded world you must have explanations ready for nitpickers like me ps im only on page 200 of words of radiance please do not spoil anything later then that if the question is answered later please inform me
  6. well in rock's case (not sure if i should capitalize rock) he told us his name to as one of the ways to establish his very different culture (and for a joke) in Szeth's case there is no real grammatical difference and it dosn't sound any odder then Shallan or Kaladin i doubt that was Brandon's intention with the name seeing how later on he brought up the cultural difference by having people refer to him as Szeth son son Vollano its obliviously Brandon's choice i just find it weird
  7. yeah that was my second guess why did he even put a s ?
  8. I pronounce it like Sazed from mistborn just with a th at the end is that correct ?
  9. There is research on both sides but i agree its probably best to drop the subject to be honest i was terrified of posting this question because i really don't know the political climate of this place however if Brandon is a believer of tabula rasa then the thread is finished the gender roles make sense
  10. All of the links i posted are from reputable sources, the first being a reputable if rather laymen oriented psychology magazine and the second being from a reputable science magazine, as to the third one not working perhaps your country is blocking it ? try TOR, you might be right about about the breasts thing but the links you provided just pointed to a book reaffirming what i said ( i never claimed these differences to be anything more then dispositions ) and a article claiming some vague study and not providing a link ( i am sorry for not providing the link to the study about babies i will provide it bellow ) biological psychology agrees with me man and woman are naturally more disposed to certain fields agian i whould implore you to look up Jordan Peterson he is a world renowned clinical psychologist and he has a few very informative videos on the subject
  11. well roshar dosn't actually exist so obviously that might not apply there where outside of a tribal society are female breasts considered normal to show ?
  12. my problem lies exactly in what you described mainly that Brandon has taken the "egalitarian" route embracing tabula rasa when in realty there are well proven biological differences between the minds of man and women this does not make one sex superior to other some thing i want to stress very hard however ignoring the biological differences makes it hard for me to suspend my disbelief man tend to be more object oriented while women tend to be more people oriented this was studied even in couple week old babies where males preferred cars and building blocks while woman preferred dolls which can bee seen in the adult world too with males preferring fields like mathematics physics or engineering while woman prefer hr roles psychology and teaching now it should be noted that culture most likely has influence in this regard however even in university's with massive programs to push woman into scientific fields the results were mixed and a lot of woman dropped out this is of course all general statistical data however i simply find it unlikely that there would not be a significant percent of lighteyed man who would be interested in neutral sciences and engineering this could of course simply be solved by saying that rosharian males and females have identical brain structure I should again make absolutely clear that those differences do not make one sex superior some sources for my claims also the work of jordan peterson although i will admit his papers are beyond my layman's understanding of the subject
  13. @Calderis well the first one really just has to do with sexual attraction man gawk over breasts but weman don't care for male nipples the second one is stupid i agree my point was it seems odd to me that no smart charismatic man was born in a position of power from which he could convince other people to abandon the tradition
  14. @Calderis i don't really think you got my point your analysts appears correct the problem is the system is built upon reverence of the tradition and not much else there is no reason a powerful man could not learn to read and write and convince people to do away with the old ways entirely at least for man if not for both genders and with how long this system exits you would think that a smart man would decide to do this for any number of reason
  15. this isn't a recent thing the rules existed since the fall of the original knights radiant surely in all of that time there must have been a smart man in a position of power