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  1. Another interesting thing about Sylphrena's name is that back when the Way of Kings was first being written, she used to have a different name: These winds, in Greek lore, have specific names. The east wind is usually called Eurus. Of the three other names, the west wind is Zephyrus. But more interestingly, the North and South winds are called Boreas and Notus, respectively. I think it's very likely that Borea (the first mate) and Notum (the captain of Honor's Path) are named for those two winds. Also, I'm still not quite convinced Phendorana is Teft's spren. Spren don't usually travel that far from their Radiant, and it would mean she went to the other side of Roshar to look at Bridge Four, while Teft stayed behind in Urithiru. (Of course, none of that matters when we're just discussing her name. )
  2. In chapter 66, on page 661, there is the phrase 'Evi cleared her voice'. Is that supposed to be 'cleared her throat'? I've never seen the first version before.
  3. I think that moment shows us the negative side of stormlight. It makes you want to move, act, not think, and Kaladin fell victim to it at the height of the moment. That said, I think this moment would have been very recoverable if Elhokar had just kept his cool, told Kaladin that of course he would honor him (even if that's a lie), but first he must listen to the demands of the original challenger (Adolin).
  4. But Baxil's interlude was in Way of Kings? It's interlude I-7 there. Unless I'm misunderstanding you, we were told Shalash was Jezrien's daughter in the same book as we were told Baxil's mistress was destroying art? I think what Brandon Sanderson has said about the story structure is that each book is going to focus on one order (like in book 3 we learned a lot about the Bondsmiths). At the same time, each book is going to have one flashback character, where we learn about a turning point in their past (why Dalinar went to the Nightwatcher). Until know, the flashback character has always been both alive and of the same order as the book is focusing on (Kaladin - Windrunners, Shallan - Lightweavers, etc). But this will not remain so for all the books. The next book could focus on Eshonai (who is dead) as a flashback character (who probably would have been a Willshaper). But the Knight Radiant order the book focuses on might be.. Edgedancers. Or another order. And then we won't learn more about what Willshapers can do until a later book. So Shalash's book could have her flashbacks, while at the same time have her become a Dustbringer in the current timeline. Or she could stay a Lightweaver, and find and help Chana recover her powers as a Dustbringer, which is how we can learn about that order. Or in Shalash's flashback book the order we focus on might be the Truthwatchers, and not the Dustbringers. We still have so many books to go.
  5. I think (though I admit this is a theory without a lot of textual support) that there are three levels of Unmade sapience. Rank 3: The first three, the mindless ones, Moelach, Nergaoul and Ashertmarn, who are more forces. Rank 2: Re-Shephir, and two others (Chemoarish (maybe?), and Yelig-nar (maybe?)), who are sentient, but not really sapient. They'd be roughly at the level we saw from Re-Shephir. She can obviously think and react to things based on some past experience (Lightweavers scare her), but she's not on the level of a human. Rank 1: Ba-Ado-Mishram and Sja-Anat and one other (Dai-Gonarthis?), who are referred to as individuals. At least B-A-M is said to be keen of mind, and from what we've seen of Sja-Anat she seems like she has a clear personality and sense of individuality separate from her identity as an 'ally'/lieutenant of Odium. Of course the problem here is that we've only seen five of these (some only very quickly), and we have a few lines of information from the epigraphs about two more, so this could turn out to be completely wrong once some of the others show up. Especially Unmade like Yelig-nar, who we've seen twice, but only through Aesudan and Amaram. We still haven't really seen his personality like we have Re-Shephir/Nergaoul/Sja-Anat (so I put him in the middle rank because the human still seems in control, even though they are twisted by his power, but who knows) I think we can see a clear difference in sapience between rank 2 and 1, from what we've seen of Shallan's interations with Re-Shephir and Sja-anat. The difference between rank 3 and 2 might be harder to define (if Hessi is right about it existing). Nergaoul seems to have some form of memory, since he clearly remembers Dalinar, but maybe the difference is that he doesn't react based on past experience, while Re-shephir seems to have learned from her capture by a lightweaver, and changed her behaviour based on this experience, and now wishes to learn new things.
  6. Well, yes, true, none of the text definitely excludes it as an option. We've seen a lot of unreliable narrators in the story. But it would be a complex twist. We'll just have to wait to read it in the coming books I guess. Also, most of the Heralds' insanities (that we've seen) seem to be a corruption of their original intent, and I don't really know how Brave and Obedient (Chana's attributes) twist themselves into impersonating people. I would find it a more logical corruption if it was Shalash who had started pretending to be another herald (Creativity and Honesty being her original attributes).
  7. Well, not all of them are. I quoted part of one WoB, but if you want to be more certain, have a look at the complete one: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/218-words-of-radiance-chicago-signing/#e6737 It discusses both the real names of the heralds, and their nicknames. It has audio, so it's definitely not paraphrased.
  8. I thought Moelach was the last of the three mindless Unmade. They are mentioned in order in Mythica, and the book notes how Moelach and Nergaoul are similar. This epigraph also states that Moelach is more of a force: Something else I'm curious about, is what Moelach was doing before the events of the book. While we know that Nergaoul and the Thrill remained active, Taravangian states in chapter 71 of tWoK (Recorded in Blood) that the Death Rattles didn't show up until Gavilar found the Parshendi in the Unclaimed Hills. And since Gavilar somehow managed to get his hands on several voidish spheres, at least one of which has some sort of spren captured inside, I wonder what happened that led to at least Moelach, if not other Unmade awakening again. I agree that it's weird, and I still think that it's unlikely they were actual Unmade, however, Brandon has been giving us several hints that seem to lead us to points in the story where they capture some sort of spren (flamespren to Unmade) in gemstones. So it's likely that at least one of the spheres held some sort of voidish-Odium-oriented spren.
  9. While I don't think this is in the books, I do believe we have several WoBs that Shalash's nickname is Ash. Of course WoBs are not completely canon, and Brandon could be pulling an elaborate trick on us, but that seems unnecessarily complicated. While I like your theory, and there are definitely heralds with identity issues (see: Ishar, in his new job as God-King Tezim), I think Ash is just Shalash, and her Dustbringer-y tendencies are something that will be explored in the coming books. I kind of like the idea that she will become a Dustbringer, but while each book focuses on both an order and a main character, the character does not have to be from that specific order (though so far it's worked out that way). I actually think that next book this might change. The flashback character is Eshonai, and probably Venli will be the current-day character, but that doesn't mean we're going to learn more about the Willshapers, especially as the Elsecallers/Skybreakers/Edgedancers/Releasers are so much more prominent in the story so far.. then again I might be wrong. Also if there is a herald who deserves to regain his sanity, I think it's Taln. His story is such a sad one throughout WoR and OB, especially in part 5 of OB, and he deserves better. I want to see him stand again.
  10. Well, probably because Dalinar's older brother was part of at least one (religious) secret society, and Wit thought Gavilar would have involved Dalinar. Of course, as we now know from Oathbringer, Dalinar was in no fit state to join any secret group after what happened at the Rift (being too busy making sure he was completely drunk for most of the time after that), which all probably happened before Gavilar started working with the Sons of Honor.
  11. technology

    That's very interesting. I know in WoK they have beer and liquor bottles with corks, which I can imagine are also difficult to open one handed. But the quote specifically says cap. I wonder if it's either a mistake, or an invention the Thaylen acquired through trade. It somehow seems out of place, especially in Roshar, a world where most technological progress is being made with fabrials, and not with machinery like on Scadrial and on earth.
  12. In chapter 37 of the Way of Kings, 'Sides', Roshone has green eyes: In Oathbringer, chapter 6 'Four Lifetimes' (page 77 of the hardcover), Roshone has yellow eyes: Is this an error, or was his eye colour changed between books?
  13. But if Nale is a 5th ideal Knight Radiant, wouldn't his eyes be permanently light grey? At least I believe one common theory now is that the more oaths a Surgebinder says, the longer his eyes stay light. Kaladin is at three ideals, and his eyes stay light for several hours after he last summoned his shardblade.
  14. Yes, definitely. Even the Stormfather feels sorry for them now.