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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought this I truly feel that Moash truly mourns the lost of bridge four and would not do anything to hurt any of them... unless they got between him and his revenge. To me the Salute said "I succeeded in doing what I needed to do, I wont hurt you and yours for I am not your enemy" So in short Moashs priorities 1. Revenge 2. Kaladin/Bridge four
  2. It will be really interesting to see but I bet it will have as much to do with Roshar as Yolen Lightweaving has to do with Roshar Lightweaving. Makes me wonder what was stored in that gem and what can be stored in gems cosmere wide.
  3. My current Theory is this. Most of the reclamation of gemhearts i happening in the oceans or large bodies of water. This either happens through A: Greatshells which act as gemstone/heart filters and collect/eat smaller pieces to grow there own to their massive sizes. B: We dont know what is at the bottom of the ocean. Brandon said there is but one tectonic plate on the world so something down there converts them back into there spiritual component then leaks them back through the creatures
  4. Hey guys here is a post I have been thinking and working on a while so hopefully you enjoy. I have been thinking about the following WoB. Once I read this I wanted to know where those Gemhearts might be settling So I have done some research. On how Storms move materials. The first shows the process of Saltation and Creep which will be the main ways animal corpses (and thereby gemhearts) are going to be traveling during a storm. The second shows how storm surges can deposit and move debris. http://www.islandnet.com/~see/weather/elements/dustwind.htm https://pubs.usgs.gov/circ/1306/pdf/c1306_ch6_g.pdf We know the main way these corpses will be traveling is through saltation because Dalinar was almost hit by a boulder in Alethkar. (If someone can provide me the quote I will add it here) Now the main thing that will stop Saltation and Creep would be natural barriers such as mountains and bodies of water that will prevent the winds from continuing to move them along. So I marked two versions of the roshar map. This first assumes that the storms comes directly from the east and moves straight west. Red Highlights natural places that gemhearts would likely collect over time from the wind, Green indicates where they would likely collect due to massive amounts of water draining, and Blue indicates the direction I assume the wind is blowing. I’m sure I missed Spots especially with the green as I could only assume the direction of water drainage based on rivers. Map two operates under the assumption that the start in the bottom left of the map indicates the south pole axis and the lines coming from it represent longitude lines. If so this is where things would collect if the storm moved perpendicular to those lines. Now one interesting thing in both of these maps is that you can see Rira has a natural collection point on both of these maps. And what do we know that Rira has that they use to execute criminals? Greatshells! I wonder if greatshells have such large gemhearts because they have an abundance of corpses they feast on with gemhearts inside them. Just a thought. Now moving on to the next WoB I think that Brandon is referring to Soulcasting mainly here and we know that when gems are used soulcast they crack into smaller pieces and eventually into dust. My question to you guys is, do you think that the storms collect this dust to return it to the pool or does the art of soulcasting send bits of it back to the pool in tiny increments? Thanks for reading
  5. I think you are getting Laral mixed up with Roshone, or Aesudan (Side note the pronunciation of the first syllable of her name I find rather appropriate). We actually dont know a ton about Laral. We know she had dreams of Kaladin getting a shardblade and presumably marry him, we know she kind of got stuck in Hearthstone with a different brighteyed family when her father died, and we know she got stuck marrying an old man for political reasons. I don't see anything in there that makes her the most horrible of lighteyed society. So far I think she has made way less egregious choices than whiny Elhokar. We also know that she has the respect of her people. Taking all of this into consideration I fail to see how she could be considered the "worst kind of lighteyes"
  6. Definitely this. I think a lot of time we focus on romantic relationships and the Eros type of Love when there are some many other relationships to explore.
  7. So I'm guessing it has to do with Kaladin and Rysn(from the interlude chapters and the trading and the larkin that character)
  8. When Roshone dies because Moash kills him too, and forces all of Hearthstone to accept that they need to move to Uritheru and Kaladin starts seeing Laral again... yeah its got to be Laral because even as a floating near demigod she is all like "you stabbed my floor"
  9. So not to rain on any parade. But considering the relationships in this book with Dalinar marrying his dead brothers wife, Sabariel and Palona not being married, and a gay romance I dont think Divorce is out of the question. Not saying that is my prediction or that is what I want (it isn't), But Shallan is crazy and Brandon does like to have a full collection of situations it seems.
  10. Hmm I can sacrifice my face for reputation eh? If things get desperate now I know what to do!
  11. Thank you so much for that! Time to get RAFO'd!
  12. When you look at aluminum foil and think "this would make great armor, and a hat!"
  13. Hey guys, I've been here almost exactly a month and in that time I've noticed that sometimes posts I put a lot of thought into get no reputation and others that I make quick little jokes in get a decent amount. Neither one of those statements are always true, and I dont post things just hoping that someone will press a button next to something I wrote. However I was wondering for you guys that have been here longer have you noticed a pattern of what does generate upvotes? Is it as simple as quoting stick from WoR? Does your reputation in the community make you more or less likely to get rep? What correlation have you guys seen?
  14. Hey Guys, I haven't been able to find information on it anywhere but I am going to order the new leather bound edition of Wheel of Ascension but I don't know what field I put my question in if it is in the personalization section or the additional notes section. How do you guys do it? Thanks
  15. Haha I wasnt being ironic and I will definately take this! I just meant I wish there was like one created by Brandon himself that would be awesome