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  1. So... I cant read the notes handwriting all the way what does it say?
  2. I believe as rand says that you are either survival or one of our primary targets... the thing that doesnt make since to me is if you are survival why would you tell us your win con without getting anything in return. Edit: @Seoniddoes joe get access to any and all pms relating to the game that orlok had?
  3. Haha I find this funny considering how I defended you in that last QF with a similar statement haha. Thats why I dont really have a strong elim read on straw but it will be interesting to see what orlok has to say to. That being said Arinian why do you think mage is Odium? I missed that Yeah this is what particularly bugged me because that combination makes sense for a lot of roles but survival isnt one of them unless he is lying about his win con... in either case something smells fishy between this and the other points i made earlier
  4. For one it will tell us if he is lying or not. If he dies then we get information, if he lives then we know he is survival or he does have investiture (which he claims not to right now) Now if he does survive you may say well how can we tell which it is well if he has investiture then it is one of four possibilities he is village and took from preservation night 0 and lied to us ( I dont see this as likely but it is possible) He is khriss took from preservation and another shard night 0 instead of converting He is hoid ( I dont think this is likely as I will explain below) he was village (then converted) and took from preservation night 0. Now I will explain why I strongly doubt that Pyro was hoid when questioned by orlok what he did the previous night he promptly responded with If he was hoid I doubt he would have so quickly came up with two shards that he would have chosen so these two ring true to me so I think he has to be khriss or survival. But why would Survival need a charge of odium to protect himself? Wouldn't preservation or ruin be better protection? In any case even if he was survival we couldn't know that he actually told us his actual win condition. His actual win condition could be "be the last one alive" for example Overall there are too many things that don't add up and whether he survives a lynch or not will dramatically narrow down the possibilities with ruin or odium probably ensuring that he actually does die if he survives.
  5. @Seonidif autonomy is killed or shattered do their aspects remain?
  6. Interesting... welp Ruins life just became hell haha
  7. Don't worry about it man just get better Sorry I keep harassing ya
  8. @Elbereth since you have a PM with Orlok what is your read on him so far? @Orlok Tsubodai what is your read on elbereth? Have either of you had a chance to look over Pyro's earlier comments? I would love to hear your opinions on my post on pyro earlier.
  9. The Main issue I have voting for the sand lord this early is that this could become a perpetual vote sink allowing the elim's to better position themselves each time we use the lynch against an aspect. Every turn we lynch an aspect we are not lynching an elim. I agree that we shouldn't let autonomy gain too much power but I also think we desperately need information that can be obtained from a real lynch right now. If autonomy creates another aspect this turn then we can lynch one next turn IMO assuming ruin doesn't destroy one in a planet destruction anyways.
  10. This is a good point... I didn't consider how easy it would be for him to live through a lynch, I thought for some reason that the lynch bypassed his extra lives but I guess it is just his shardic one it does, and I never considered that preservation could be used to survive the lynch I thought it was for kill protection. A elsecaller lynch wouldn't be much better than a no lynch besides that we could see if he gets attacked by ruin or odium or not... I do want to consider though that he might not be survival and any shards that might be thinking about passing him your shard might want to be careful. I also think that discussion on this topic is important too as it is something that we will have to determine sooner or later and sooner is probably better. If Odium is village he could scan him and let us know if he is survival though if he could do it through an intermediary that would be ideal. @Orlok Tsubodai @Arinian what are your thoughts?
  11. I don't remember doing this We don’t have proof, no. No one’s counterclaimed, which is potentially telling, but there are possible reasons Survival wouldn’t counterclaim. Mostly it’s just that the way he said his claim seemed honest. We don’t know that it is, but it’s a decent guess. And we haven’t yet discussed killing him, just because it’s be sort of annoying to do - particularly with Braize gone. Though we could certainly be more certain of his role if he survived the lynch. This is a good point and reminded me of something I wanted to bring up and thats Pyromancer Night 0 (this game) These posts were all from night zero and seemed very convincing to me that he was indeed survival the first game and he wasn't anymore. He even revealed to us Survivals win con (which at the time I thought wasn't really fair to the present survival) and seemed he was trying to be very helpful to the village. He then started to mention khriss in several posts and then Drake made this post After this Pyro gets really defensive starts deflecting suspicion everywhere, and in general acts more suspicious until he eventually does pull out his "trump card" source Other notable quotes from pyro Followed by Which kind of just shows that the first statement was really just a statement. ----- TLDR After rereading night zero and day one I believe that Pyromancer is not survival but he either is Khriss or was converted night zero, as the votes were piling up against him he got assistance from the doc for a plan to survive which was to claim to be survival, as I don't see the current survival revealing their win con so easily. I would like others opinions on this though. If there is one thing Pyromancer gave us it is rope to hang himself with in post counts and I want to make sure I am not missing something.
  12. @MonsterMetroid, given what people have later said about Ruin's actions specifically being non-village, why do you claim here that removing Braize was a village action? Its a great question. Originally I assumed it was village because I thought village wouldnt want a kill action but with everyone pointing out that Ruin might have just wanted to ensure they were the only ones with a kill action I am not so sure anymore. I was originally thinking this was a way to prevent hoid and khriss from using braize with their followers to pick off more people discretely though was my original thinking. @Strawwhy do you feel that the Sand lord would be a better lynch target than someone that would give us information about alignments this cycle?
  13. I agree with rand but I would love to hear more from fifth this round Also does anyone see Shanerocks on any of the world docs? If he is inactive thats one thing but if he is just pretending to be inactive that's quite a different thing. ------ Willie couldn't believe it Containment was worse than he could have imagined! The shards of breached containment units laid strewn about and the outer wall had a huge hole in it leaving dust and debris all of the floor. It was no wonder that security let Willie in cause they sure weren't going to clean this dump. Willie was no scholar but he understood why people had wanted in here, they wanted the power of the gods. At that Willie shook his head as he dipped his mop into some water "An' they say cleanliness is next tae godliness." Not to these new gods apparently
  14. Ok if it is health issues then I apoligize and will remove my vote... but I am watching you Orlok
  15. I guess I will poke the bear... I am suspicious of @Orlok Tsubodai and I believe he may have been converted, or become one of the new heads of elims for the following reasons The first cycle of the first game he has a great idea with everyone listing their suspicions as the game goes on but he never brought it up for this game. He has seem uncharacteristically detached from this game, initially I thought maybe it was RL but he has been in PM's a lot lately and shown online quite a bit. He removed his vote and didn't place it on anyone else though he did know there was a strong possibility of a no-lynch. This one is kind of a low blow reason but, he is Orlok, If I was an elim I would try to convert him for fear he would find me out early otherwise. These things added together make me feel the need to get this out into the open earlier rather than later.