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  1. I'm a professional Illustrator, so I use Adobe Illustrator CS 6 and Macromedia Freehand MX to make my diagrams. My profile pic is from an illustration that I did for Make: magazine about how to build your own R2-D2 based on the official blueprints from Astromech.net. They have blueprints for pretty much every star wars R-Series droid, and they've actually taken physical measurements from the real props used in the Star Wars movies, pretty freaking awesome. My R2 was modified slightly from their blueprints to make R2 look closer to how he looks in Empire Strikes back, a larger version of it is spoilered below: I would wager good spheres that you use a vector based drawing program to make your diagrams, what program do you use? Your diagrams are really good, they very clearly illustrate the point you are trying to make and visualizations are always helpful (unless they're not). @Calderis I've been thinking about this a lot more than is possibly healthy (considering how my work is piling up), but I will get back to you about your points over the weekend. I was doing some research about quantum entanglement experiments, and saw this amazing video produced by a group at MIT where they have filmed in super slow motion the movement of a single photon of light through a 1-liter bottle. The photon of light is created by titanium sapphire laser, and it truly looks like a bit of stormlight moving through the bottle, here's a video of it spoilered below (freaking amazing):
  2. Very nice WoB, as per usual. I have slowly been working on a seriously impressive diagram where I was attempting to solve what was going on with conjoined fabrials pictorially and mathematically using the Physics equations for Total Mechanical Energy of a system. But, using the Gillette Mach 3 model of Occam's razor, the simplest explanation for the archery platform test is probably the true solution. If the archery parapet is heavier than the conjoined square platform and the energy from the stormlight investiture used by the conjoined fabrials is ensuring parity of motion between the two systems, the fact that the square platform doesn't move after the supports are taken away is simple to explain. Say that archery parapet A weighs 1000kg with the archers and that the square platform it is conjoined with, platform B, weighs 600 kg. Platform A would be experiencing a force of 6,864 N due to gravity directed towards the center of Roshar (F=m*a, and the surface gravity of Roshar is 6.864 m/s^2). Platform B would be experiencing a force of 4118.4 N due to gravity likewise directed towards the center of Roshar. If the force affecting platform A is subject to is inverted and applied to Platform B, then you have a net upwards force of 2,745.6 N that is being applied to platform B after the fabrials are conjoined. This implies that the work being done by the stormlight would be in offsetting this force differential to maintain positional parity. Actually, now that I am typing this up, this still implies that at the moment of conjoining a new relational baseline needs to be established, because unless you used precisely matched Masses for conjoining their would always be a drift due to a mass imbalance at the time of conjoining paired fabrials at different heights and the force of Gravity Maybe the simplest explanation is that the magical effect of the reverser conjoined fabrials is simply cancelling out the effect of mass in the system. Say that conjoined fabrials are only concerned with Position. All of the differences in mass are done away with through consumption of stormlight. Whatever external non-conserved energy that is necessary to maintain exact inverted positional parity is handled through conversion of Investiture (in the stored gemstones) into energy to maintain force relations so that positional parity is maintained after the initial baseline reference frame is set when the fabrials are first conjoined. Until we get further information, this is the official position on this that I will maintain, that conjoined fabrials work by ensuring complete inverted positional parity using stormlight as necessary to provide non-conserved energy to balance out the forces in play (really just the effects of gravity) to ensure that the positions in relation to the baseline positions are inverted. This would imply that if you used a 1 kg sphere to try and raise a 1000 kg platform, you would require an insane amount of stormlight and the gems would most likely crack due to the "the multiplied strain of simultaneous infusion drain and physical stress". So for reals, I was working on an epic Diagram, I believe that it is now mostly useless, but I do think it's still kind of fun to look at, so it's spoilered below:
  3. Ok, let's try a slightly different tack here, how about describing the Cosmere characters as different prescription or illicit drugs or medical procedures... STORMLIGHT: Tien - Prozac (for Kaladin) Teft - Oxycodone Renarin - Ritalin Jansah - Huperzine A Shallan - Thorazine Lopen - Lavis Beer Dalinar the Barbarian - Amphetamines Dalinar the Penitent - Ethyl Alcohol Taravangian - Chemotherapy...Ouch Venli - Anti-Retro viral (the duplicitous double-double agent in medicine) Adolin - Placebo (come on, you know he's a total sugar pill) Evi - Nitroglycerin (saved dalinar's heart after all) Axies the Collector - LSD Arclo and the other Dysian Aimians - Hallucinogenic Frog Licking MISTBORN: Kelsier - Epinephrine Breeze - Barbiturates Ham - Steroids Marsh - Mineral water enema Sazed - Alka-Seltzer Clubs - Tucks Medicated Pads Demoux - Ergotism Spook - Red Bull Elend - Castor Oil MISTBORN ERA 2: Wax - High Fiber Diet Steris - Glycerin suppository Wayne - High Fructose Corn Syrup Allomancer Jack - 100% pure, certifiably guaranteed authentic genuine snake oil* *Note does not contain any oil, or any product derived from a snake WARBREAKER: Susebron - Powdered Sugar Siri - Pure Cane Sugar Tonk Fah - Ether designed to be huffed (like Frank Booth in Blue Velvet) Vivena - Liquid Nitrogen (useful for removing unwanted warts...) Vasher - Traumatic Surgery (sorry, that limb can't be saved we have to remove it) Lightsong - Non-alcoholic beer (he can't handle his liquor because he heals too quickly)
  4. So, I feel duty bound to weigh in since this has grown to 7 freaking pages. Oathbringer is my favorite book of all times, and the Stormlight Archives is my favorite series of all time. Brandon doesn't concern himself with things as common as linear progression, each of the SLA books has been geometrically better than the previous installment. The Way of Kings was masterful, Words of Radiance was TWoK^2 and Oathbringe was WoR^4. This is a very large book, and my only real complaint with this book is that it wasn't longer. The Dalinar flashbacks are the best series of flashbacks in any of the SLA books, and there was never a moment in this book where I wasn't dying to turn the page and find out more. That is masterful storytelling. Most of the criticisms of this book are purely in the negative, focusing on what didn't happen in OB. This also seems like a criticism that I can agree with, namely that Oathbringer wasn't long enough. I've yet to read a book where Brandon didn't deliver a satisfying and surprising conclusion to a long hinted at mystery. I think the version of the Recreance that we got in OB was only the details of the actual event that were tailor made to drive a wedge in between Dalinar and the members of the coalition. All of the details that were revealed were set in motion by Taravangian, and we know his primary motive was to undermine Dalinar so that he could take over leadership of the coalition. I think the details hinted at in the Gem archive are closer to the real reason for the Recreance, and we've basically only seen, to draw a parallel to MB, Alendi's path to being the hero of ages. I think there is, as Kelsier would say, always another secret. The onion of the Recreance still has some layers to be peeled before we get to the true reason. A lot of people seem to be upset by the perceived lack of progression of Kaladin and Shallan, but I think that their story arcs in OB were brilliant. The Girl Who looked up with the continuation of the Girl Who Stood Up is one of the most powerful allegories I have ever read, when Hoid tells a broken Shallan that what sets her apart is that she is the one who stood up, I was deeply moved. This is powerful stuff, and though she wasn't magically fixed by this revelation, it was an important object lesson to learn, that the world is better place because of the fact that even after failing she stands up and keeps trying to make the world a better place. That is progression along a meaningful moral dimension. Kaladin likewise struggles with his inability to swear an oath because he's not sure he can swear this oath and actually believe in it. I personally think this has something to do with realizing that he can't save everyone, and his inability to believe that this is true about himself is one of his greatest virtues as a hero. I hope that he's a Windrunner frozen at the 3rd Ideal, who continues to try and save everyone and feel deeply when he is unable to do so, this is what makes him who is, this is the thing about him that I think is truly heroic, and I hope that he doesn't trade his ideals in for a set of plate. We got tons of information about the Unmade, we got to see the Unmade manifest in 2 realms, and the Battle of Thaylen Fields was epic and incredibly well told. I don't mean to hijack this thread with abundant praise for OB, but I do think that criticizing Oathbringer is like looking at Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise after only 3 of the reliefs were done and criticizing the whole door because it's mostly unadorned. We are only 3 books into what is the most Epic of all Epic fantasy, and I have every confidence in BWS's ability to give the most epic fantasy series ever written the most epic and satisfying ending that has ever been.
  5. He didn't wrestle the hog, he managed to get out of the manacles before the Hog ate him (which means he escaped the manacles REALLY quickly). During the interlude scene where he is giving the aforementioned options of unpleasant death to the squad captain that sent Tien to his death he is escaping from handcuffs. This is just something that the Herdazian general likes to do, like a Herdazian Houdini.
  6. flashbacks

    Hahahahaha, and she's still hungry! But it turns out that after eating Vax, she discovered another heavily invested shard-world, Invested by the shard of Antacid. After devouring Tums, Lift takes a brief break and enjoys the temporary relief from the pains of her unusual diet. Thankfully she was fully able to convert the Dawnshards, Vax, Unity and Dragonsteel to investiture, but since the Recreance is more of a concept than an amalgam of Investiture, she has to work out the alimentary details of processing a concept. But don't worry, she has a lot of Mistborn Era 2 broadsheets to read while she "works out" these details.
  7. That's funny, NetHack was the game I thought you were probably referring to, but the daunting number of forks and other RogueLike games made me think that as an internet dilettante I was out of my depths. But using my cursory and newly acquired knowledge of Nethack, I feel somewhat confident that I can indeed bestow upon you a boon and bane. So to do this up right: Granted, you now have blessed greased fixed +2 grey dragon scale mail in your inventory, but unfortunately you use an unidentified scroll named "DAIYEN FOOELS" and it asks for an item to apply it to, and you select your recently acquired awesome armor. Then you get the following message "Your blessed greased fixed +2 grey dragon scale mail glows for a moment." and it loses one of it's enchantments and is cursed. Also, your computer that had all of your NetHack saved games on it explodes. Youch. I wish that the Empire, instead of cloning Jango Fett, would have cloned Frank Zappa instead for their clone army. Holy crap, I would be on the side of the Empire if we had 3+ million frank zappas. The universe would indeed be a strange place.
  8. So, I'm going to order my books today, and I was thinking that if you are okay with it, I would prefer to ask one of the following 2 questions: OR Since your question was the one that got the most upvotes, I really like both of the questions above pretty equally (leaning a bit more towards The Sovereign's Iyatil question, but would be completely happy with either), so if you want you can pick which of those 2 questions I ask. Or if you feel REALLY REALLY strongly about the Eshonai being dead and gone question, I would still ask that one. It just seems like a shame to use a question to get 100% confirmation on something that really is at least 99% confirmed already.
  9. flashbacks

    Renarin, in one of his visions of the future sees what the real reason for the Recreance was, because he sees Dalinar going down the same path as Tanavast. We're all well aware that the Stormfather is the grouchiest of all spren, but he's just a mere splinter of Honor. Honor's true intent was Griping! As Dalinar amasses more and more of Honor's power, Renarin sees him changing in his visions of the future. No longer the man of action that he once was, he sees him puttering around in his bathrobe, complaining about teenagers, and how the modern heatrials aren't as good as the fires from the old days, etc. And Renarin sees that just like during the Recreance of the past, all of the Knights Radiants and their Spren are being driven completely bonkers by Dalinar's incessant backwards looking rants and complaints, and so the spren willingly kill themselves and the Knights Radiants abandon their oaths just to get away from the ceaseless raving inanities of Dalinar. Sorry if this spoiled the back 5 for you all, but this is totally how this is going to play out...
  10. Granted! Unfortunately you kind of mumbled when you made your wish, so you show up to your Dark Alley and see you a whole lot of people who look like this: You're Dark Alley has been turned into a Dork Alley! I wish that someone would grant @Drake Marshall's wish: I did some initial internet research to try and figure out what this was referring to, but I could tell that I was seeing shallowly and dimly into an arcane sub-world and that I lack the requisite esoteric knowledge to come up with a suitable bane/boon for this one...
  11. Awesome theory @Subvisual Haze, hard to prove or disprove, but very fun to think about. What if they use the surge of division's spiritual aspect to project their consciousness into their highspren? Like you suggest, this would be an amazingly powerful method of surveillance. If this is truly the mechanism, maybe this is wherein the danger lies. We've seen from the drooling Fuzed the unpleasant effects of a damaged spirit web, maybe the Skybreaker using this spiritual division likewise run the risk of giving themselves a spiritual lobotomy if they aren't rigorously trained in the use of this surge. This is a cool enough theory that it has been mentally flagged, my next time through the full SLA (including edgedancer) I'll be on the lookout for details that corroborate or refute this. Overall, awesome idea, and I love how it ties into the essence associated with their order.
  12. Thanks on both counts. I like your profile picture, but what are you holding in your hand? It looks like a giant pickle.
  13. Hahahaha, rad @Personification! My favorite part, because it matches the cadence and the lyrics of the original so well and it's brilliant, is this: Once again, brilliantly done!
  14. Awesome, thanks all! Thanks for dumping @Jofwu's calculations of the physical characteristics of Roshar @RShara, really helpful stuff. I am working on some calculations for conjoined fabrials. I realized that after the first couple of answers came in that the proportional gravity of Roshar was stated by Khriss in Arcanum Unbounded (duh), but it's rad to have all of those calculations that Jofwu did in one place like this.