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  1. Awesome, thanks!
  2. If anyone at Miscon has the chance to ask a couple of extra questions, I think these would be awesome to hear the answers to: Would a spanreed in Shadesmar be able to communicate with its conjoined spanreed in the physical realm? Irrespective of whether it works or not what would the spanreed look like in Shadesmar? (Possible follow-up, best would be to here Brandon's unprimed response. Would the trapped spren be fully encapsulated in the gem, or would just a piece of the spren be imprisoned in the gemstone?) If a Dysian Aimian was an Elsecaller, would they be able to transition just a single Hordeling to Shadesmar? What level of spren are the long legged Storm Striders that walk in the center of the highstorm? Who would win a game of 3 Dimensional chess, Cultivation, Odium or Autonomy? Is there another shard that could beat the Victor? Is the Haunted man in the Nicki Savage story, the ghastly gondola, using Selish Investiture to power his strange glowing rune covered devices? If he is, how is the haunted man able to access the Dor on Scadrial? Does he have access to liquid Selish Investiture like the Ire in Mistborn Secret History, or is there another means of accessing the Dor on a different planet?
  3. Like @marles said the SNES had some of the best role-playing games of all time, and the Raspberry Pi emulates them flawlessly: Chrono-Trigger - Time travelling, multi-character cast game that spans times from the Caveman days to the Dystopian wasteland future. One of the best games ever made, amazing graphics, amazing music and a ridiculously fun battle system. Final Fantasy VI (also known as Final Fantasy III in the US) - Epic in scope, probably the best sprite based art and animaton of any game ever made, and the game is massive, easily requiring 40+ hrs of play time to beat. This is my favorite game of all times. The story is great, the characters are awesome, and this game has one of the best villains of all time. Shadowrun (for the SNES) - If you are ok with the old school graphics, this hard-boiled cyber punk rpg is great. The version for the Sega genesis is pretty good too, if you like this one would be worthwhile playing that one too.
  4. Some items of interest from the Shadesmar(t) mail order catalog: Always misplacing your glasses? Have another item of importance that you are always misplacing (dentures, wallet, etc)? Let our genuine Nalthian Awakener solve your problem with a simple command "Come When I Call". Never again will you struggle to find the unfindable, your precious item will always be just a call away. *Note, the item to be so awakened must needs be sent to our dispatch center in Silverlight, please allow 3 to 6 months for return delivery of awakened item. Scadrian reusable handwarmer medallions. Perfect for the gentleman adventurer heading up to the Northern frozen expanses. Using a patented system combining feruchemical brass, nicrosil, aluminum and harmonium, these amazing handwarmers can be used by anyone and are rechargeable. To recharge them, simply submerge them into piping hot water while holding them in your hand. Guaranteed to not explode 90% of the time. The Rosharan dream projector fabrial, the Dreaminator 1200. Truly a marvel of the modern age, using a patented combination of the surges of Illumination and Spiritual Adhesion this little beauty can project a fully realized visualization of the wearer's dream. Here are some testimonials from some satisfied customers: "I am now a free and liberated woman, thanks to my Dreaminator 1200. When I saw that my ex-husband dreamed of me as a chull's backside wearing a wig and lipstick, I knew that I had to set a different course in my life. I am now happily married to a merchant of the 9th dahn, and am now completely content and happy with my lot in life. Little Bobbybbob and Susieisus now have a chance for a better life, and I am comforted by the dreams of my new hubby nightly, as he dreams mostly of abstractions like continents burning with a yellow gold flame, stripe faced servants rising up and wearing the heads of their former masters in a kabuki style pantomime of destruction, while I stand atop a mountain of charred and blackened skulls, looking ravashing in a gown the color of blood. Much better than that Chull nonsense". -Tara "My most trusted associate can now sift through the subconsciously submerged yet pertinent details of my variably intelligent mind each day, and for this, I am truly grateful as it helps immensely with my drawings, particularly my diagrams." -Mr. T The Pen is mightier than the sword pen. These little beauties are made from genuine splinters of Dakhor monk bone making them impervious to any physical blunt force trauma. Truly this imperishable pen is an heirloom quality article that can be passed down for generations to come. Also, one special feature of these little gems is that in a pinch they can be used to transport their owner to a different location, but use this feature sparingly as the pen will have to be stabbed through the beating heart of another person for this effect to be so engaged. If you happen to be on Scadrial, look for our weekly ads featuring new and exciting products in your local broadsheets.
  5. Really nice sketch, would love to see what a dried version of the leaves looks like.
  6. I think it's far more ominous and significant that Moash/Vrye dispatched the Herald with the Odious knife prior to receiving that Herald's Honorblade. I don't think this is an accidental symmetry, but what this portends I think we'll have to RAFO. Is Vrye a foolproof escape clause to the Oathpact? Is he a stop gap measure to ensure the continuation of the Desolation if the Everstorm should fail? Is he an anti-herald, a lesser version of Odium's champion tasked with killing all of Honor's old guard of Heralds for an as of yet unexplained purpose? Or is he Odium's champion, proving himself through the ambivalent act of killing and then becoming a god?
  7. The artwork could be improved for sure, but that's some funny rust brother.
  8. You did it! You survived the cataclysm and now can fly wherever you like, only problem is that with the exception of yourself, all of the interesting productive people of the world died in the cataclysm. Your favorite bagel shop is shuttered, all the people you liked at work have passed on, and only the dullards who cosplay as their favorite character from Everybody Loves Raymond (yep, they all pick Ray Ramano) are left. Thankfully you can choose the Icarus solution and fly so high that you loose the ability to fly and crash lifeless into the sea below. I wish that I could travel back to Rome (without any of the usual paradoxes of time travel that beset time travellers) to Rome on the day that Amelius Paullus had his triumph after his successful Macedonian campaign.
  9. Granted, they are Hoid's awakened boxers. They have considerable land holdings on darks side Taldain (slums really, but they have beautiful luminescent ferns), and coincidentally they also owned the tenements in Kholinar that @ElephantEarwax used to live in before they were destroyed. Forgot your bane... Now you have to wear these self same boxers until Hoid reveals whatever the Crem he is up to. Did I mention you had to wear them on your head? Granted, you now have 10 feet of treadmill in front of your bed, which by the way is the only way to reach your bed. In your Avengers pj's you walk towards your bed to tuck in for the night. But the treadmill automatically adjusts it's speed so that no matter your pace you are always mere inches from your bed. You sleep on the couch from now on. I wish that wishes were fishes and we all had wings.
  10. Hahaha, so I just recently sent off an email to [email protected] before I listened to this shardcast, this was the second question, which would have been the ultimate red herring chain: This character is Human and is originally from Scadrial. (obviously you can’t mention the capital H) (probably will guess Felt) This character is not currently a member of the 17th Shard. (probably will guess Ixatl) This character is pierced by metal. (probably will guess Kelsier) This character is seen acting out the plans of another. You’ve already been told what the character’s name is in an earlier clue. Thought this was pretty original, guess not!
  11. Granted, the Nightwatcher hands you one of the human versions of the My Little Pony dolls (It happens to be Apple Jack, wearing a mini-skirt with embroidered stalks of wheat and strawberries). The Nightwatcher cackles sadistically as you walk away with your creepy doll and wonder what your bane is. Later that night, you are awoken by strange sounds. Investigating the noises, you find your awakened doll sitting at your computer, eating from a bowl filled with green army soldiers and Lego mini-figures and reading Breibart and the Drudge report. Reeling back in horror you gasp involuntarily, her head rotates 180 degrees, and she looks at you with a Lego arm sticking out of her mouth and smiles knowlingly. The next day, you find a note written by your creepy doll that tells you she has left to pursue her life long ambition. Sighing in relief, you crumple the note, relieved to put that unpleasantness behind you. Two weeks later, while reading your morning paper, you are startled to see a picture of your creepy awakened doll on the front page. "What have I done?", you wail as the full meaning of the headline sinks in. "President Trump to appoint Creep Doll to the position of National Security Adviser" I wish that I could have a photographic memory with complete recall of minute detail, as if time were frozen for a single moment and the detail existent in that moment could be recalled in perfect detail for as long as I chose to hold th e memory.
  12. @Mordray The scene in Edgedancer where the Dysian Aimian Arclo dispatches the 2 Skybreaker squires has some descriptions of their bodies being wrapped up in some silk like webbing, but I don't know what kind of cremlings those were. And welcome to the Shard, have an upvote.
  13. @Parttimedragon that is freaking awesome! I love the Kaladin expression character sheet, really nice line work and great 3-dimensional visualization of Kal's face. The deformations of his face for each expression retain the same volume, and the planes of his face move perfectly. Really nice character study. I saw in your original model study that you were trying to figure out where his torn pants should end. If you are modeling in a program that has cloth effects and a suitable linkable physics simulator, it would be awesome to have his pants end just below the knee in ragged strips, that way you could have some pretty awesome trailing secondary animations features that allow the dynamic action to extend a little longer. Like after Kaladin does a swirling sweep with his spear, the tattered cloth would still rotate after the main motion is complete until the force of rotational torque acting on the tattered cloth has dissipated. Definitely post updates on this thread, I'm following it and am excited to see how this turns out.
  14. Granted, it's yours. Also the Ghostbloods were willing to take your paperweight's Ramen Noodle business in payment for your Sword's debts. Only problem is that your paperweight can communicate with you telepathically, and uses this telepathic link to convince you to become an accountant. So with your Koloss sword strapped to your back (which you now only use to open letters) you sit behind a mighty fortress built of stacks of paper, waging epic war to keep a global corporation specializing in 3 ply toilet paper in the black. Thankfully your paperweight helps you out a lot and also reveals its secret recipe for its Cosmere wide famous ramen. I wish I could meet the Charmin bear, maybe even have British style high tea with him and the Pillsbury dough boy, with lots of small sandwiches, scones and other savories.
  15. Yeah, the funny thing about that is that it took me a while to find it too, and I still typed in Brainscan (which is what I initially remembered the name to be). Brainscan BTW is a super schlocky movie, unless that's your cup of tea I'd stay away from it. The only reason that I watched it was because it was on a multi-dvd cheapo dvd that also had Wax Works (which is a good movie, but Wax Works 2 is a better movie)