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  1. Rad. Voted for Steris, but that was close, the Lopen almost convinced me...
  2. Hey Steel Inquisitive, I bolded the part that i think is most important from the quote you pulled. Humans are an all you can eat buffet of experience/emotion, listeners are a small plate fancy restaraunt. They ditched the listeners for humans because the experience/emotions they got from humans accelerated their development. Look at the progression of pattern, same time, if he was bonded to a listener, he wouldn't be nearly so cognitively advanced. That's why I think they started bonding humans (this quote specifically). @Yata makes a really good point, Venli has her form of power precisely because she is bonded to a voidspren (which currently resides in her gemheart). If she doesn't divest herself of the voidspren, then Timbre seems relegated to dampening the effect of the voidspren duty, which would seem to preclude the summoning of a sprenblade. But the question then becomes, how does Radiant Venli progress? How does she go forward? Can she be a Scholar form Radiant? Worst case is that she is a dull form Radiant. This is interesting to speculate about, I'm sure Brandon has a plan (he is an outliner after all), but this is totally uncharted territory. Fun stuff.
  3. Steris was buried under a pile of paperwork, but she's finally emerged to bring "The Lopen" "The Roast":
  4. Hahahah,so funny. I've a got a song for you attuned to the Rhythm of feeling really sorry for yourself, here's the link and you can all be Listeners: Thanks for the info Toaster, if it's about Elantris I don't even bother looking it up in the coppermind, I really didn't care for that book.
  5. Undwear yes, Manties no. Just kidding, you seriously can do what ever you want with the art, but if you do turn it into underwear don't say who did the design, capiche?
  6. I just went through a bad movie from the 2000's, I went from Enefel (which I think is just a poor spelling of NFL) to a listener. I guess I'm more sensitive now??
  7. Thanks brother. I'll take your honorary title if you listen to one of the best songs ever made, 9th and Hennepin by Tom Waits which has the lyric that inspired this bit o art.
  8. That is so good! The color is absolutely amazing! You've got so many of those amazing colors that only show up at sunset, and they all work to set off the luminescent Syl trail, so good!
  9. Rad, that's a great song! I was listening to some more songs by The Score, their song Unstoppable sounds a lot like an amazing remix of the song American Woman by David Lynch for Twin Peaks the Return, (originally by the Muddy Magnolias): *EDIT* I got my daughter to listen to The Score's Revolution by telling her there was a Night Corp version of it (which is actually really good, slightly sped up with an anime video bg). Ok, I am actually listening mostly to one of my favorite bands of ALL TIMES, the CAPS LOCKS, just kidding, but they are SO GOOD, for real (they actually even have an amazing song called For Real). Okkervil River, oh they are so good. Here are some links to some of my favorite of their songs: 1) Lost Coastlines (this song is so freaking amazing) 2) Okkervil River Song (so good, so good. If I had to listen to a single song on infinite repeat, it would be this song) 3) It Ends With a Fall (if I could have a second song on infinite the repeat playlist, it would be this one) 4) The Velocity of Saul at the Time of his Conversion (Live version, featuring a fully clothed stand up bass, SO GOOD). 5). Kansas City (the first song I heard from Okkervil River, they were opening for the Decembrists at the Crystal Ballroom, and you know what, they were WAY BETTER than the Decemberists).
  10. Oh crap, still getting work done... Should be ok though, Steris can take the Lopen out with one arm tied behind her back. Congrats @Herowannabe, Human crushed it, as he always does. Nice roast too @Felt, that was a fun round.
  11. Do whatever you want with any of this artwork, total greenlight for whatever you want to do. If you put it on diapers dont give me an attribution though, that would be embarrasing...
  12. This is SO good!!! I love your whole series of illustrations, the color is top freaking notch!
  13. From the album Ghostblood symbol art

    This is actually what I was thinking about making, Mraize with a tattoo ghostblood tear. I think it looks pretty good, and this will probably be the last ghostblood symbol bit of artwork that I glut up the gallery with...
  14. Get your tiki torches out, grab a high ball of something strong, set the way back machine to the exotic island crazed 50's and 60's and go on a ride with Les Baxter and and the Teen Drums with the track "Boomada".
  15. This is actually more like the eyes that I think Mraize has.