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  1. I think the salient point here is that Moash killed Jezrein, and then was given a new name. I think this signifies something important. I think the Heralds are being UNMADE. I think that Moash might not be Odium's champion, but he is symptomatic of a new stratagem by team Odium to divest team honor of the direct vessels of Honor's investiture, so that the honorblades become less powerful, and so that whatever additional benefits the Heralds derived from their heraldry (for lack of a better term) comes to Odium instead. We know that the Honorblades themselves are splinters of honor, but we also know that the heralds have other specific (yet unspecified) powers that they derive from the fact that they are heralds. They obviously can't take the investiture from the actual splinters of honor (the blades) with this strategem, but they can probably gain access, fabrial technology style, to the other perks that the heralds got from their previous relationship with honor. So my guess is that there will be 9 of these blades (as that is an important number to Odium) and all of the Heralds, with the exception of Taln because he seems pivotal to the narrative, will be killed by these blades, and possibly the nine shadows of Odium will use these blades in the final assault. I think that Ishar and Nale are pretty squarely on team Odium, but from the Venli POV chapter where she sees what her reward is, the spoils with an Odium victory won't necessarily go to the victors. I think Nale's indecision about what the purpose of his life is (how he has to talk to Ishar to get a sense of purpose) is particularly disturbing because he has sworn the 5th ideal and has become law, but he is quite obviously broken. He might even kill some heralds before the tailor made Odium blade comes for him. So I think the scene where he and Ishar are killed by Odium blades will be particularly dramatic.
  2. "So, it's finally come to this," Dalinar said. "We are finally here, the True Desolation, the Everstorm, the Night of Sorrows." Looking deep into the heart of the heatrial, watching the storm within, Dalinar knew what he had to do. "Oh Dalinar," Navani consoled, "If only there was something that I could do to take this foreboding brooding from you!". Unite them, a voice said. Looking around Dalinar and Navani saw that all of the Knights Radiants in Urithiru had gathered around them and they had brought incredibly comfortable looking beds, chicken feather pillows, and plush cozy blankets. Dalinar realized what he must do. Grabbing the beds, he reached out and he UNITED THEM. All of the beds that had been haphazardly spread across the great hall room of Urithiru pulled together, stacking one atop another, the whole mass of beds was bathed in radiant stormlight as the tower of beds got higher and higher. "Storms, that's the biggest bunk bed I've ever seen!" Kaladin said, as Syl zipped up and perched on the topmost bed. "You could sleep a hundred radiants in that bunk bed." "Unfortunately," Dalinar said, taking the sleeprial that Navani offered him and strapping it onto his forehead, "You're all we've got. Everyone, grab a sleeprial from Brightness Navani. With all the crem that's going to be going down in book 4, I think we all need our beauty sleep". So on the eve of the Night of Sorrows, the Radiants slept for an entire year, dreaming fitfully of battles to come, obstacles to overcome and oaths yet unspoken. I think one of them might have wet their bed, but we'll have to wait for a WoB to see who that one actually was. See you in a year they say....
  3. Nergaoul you were mighty and great, Your bloodlust did never abate. Now your trapped in a gem And your only whim Is to be Unity's new paperweight.
  4. As always, good to stand corrected. Had some upvotes left, have another one. But the underlying principle of the thing is still at play. Irrespective of which shardic intent the native splinters of Roshar have (they could be autonomy for all we know) I think the existence of cymatic cities corresponding with the oathgate cities might still hint at the sibling being a pre Honor/Cultivation splinter. The oathgates referring to the dead parent could be referring to Honor, or they could be referring to the slumbering (i.e. non-sentient and unbonded) sibling. I also think that the gargantuan glowing form seen in the calm at the center of the high storm seems like a very likely candidate for the sibling (the idea of the SF shepherding the wayward, mindless sibling seems to match his natural affinity for protecting Syl and the honor spren in general).
  5. Taravangian, brilliant yet sleepy Sincerely regretted it deeply! When Paper was sparse and he wiped his arse There were Diagram notes on the TP.
  6. A one armed Herdazian Gauncho, Talked liked he was head honcho When he grew a new arm He said with alarm At least I can still wear my poncho.
  7. On the peak of some Reshi Island, While her Babsk was shipbound and dyin' A foolish Rysn, Thought she could win, But she found that she's no good at flyin'
  8. Hmm, are you sure about that? I am not the most up to date on my WoB's but it seems like Investiture already invested wouldn't necessarily have to return to that which invested it. Let's say for the sake of arguement that Adonalsium was scrooge McDuck. The Amount of investiture that Scroogenalsium had at the time of shattering would be represented by the near infinite number of coins in his money bank, but that would not necessarily include his existing capital expenditures. To think that all of the businesses that he was "invested" in would suddenly be drawn back into his money bin because he was killed and 16 people had access to his money bin seems like a logical stretch to me. Some of Adonalsium's investiture was spent, it seems to me, in the creation of the operational parameters of the cosmere, to think that these would flow back because he was shattered would be like an inverse big bang. It would be a big suck, and I don't think energy works like that. A system at rest tends to stay at rest. A system invested and stable would probably continue in its stability with the inherent investiture placed into it. If the Big suck theory is correct (in that all investiture was drawn back into adonalsium, so that it could be divvied up by Intent seems like a logical leap as well. I think it's far more likely that certain salient heavily invested features of what would later become shard worlds maintained their pre-shattering status quo, like the spren that the original listener population was familiar with (they probably didn't get sucked back into an adonalsium shard, awaiting re-apportionment by the appropriate shard). I gave you an upvote by the way, because I have been walking around all day with this rattling through my head "I'm a Crem-Hole-oh-io", and thinking that maybe they should cast Denis Leary as Odium. For anyone reading this, that doesn't know, @aemetha did a stunning reworking of Denis Leary's song "I'm an A-hole", which is Odium basically singing unrepentantly about what an A-hole he is: It's pretty funny what the language filter turned A-hole into, but I'll let you discover that on your own.
  9. Honor is there. The woman in the shape of a tree is likely Cultivation. So the solitary figure hovering above the ground *might* be Odium, but that doesn't really seem like a good representation of him. Could it be the Sibling instead? The more I think about this, the more I think that there is definitely something to this. The mosaic is in the Holy Urithuru engine room, the heart of the beast more or less, and there were always no more than 3 bondsmiths, so the depiction of 3 avatars of divinity seems very important. I also think that the referral to the Sibling in plural is important, like @Billahollic noted. I also think that the reason given by the oathgate spren to not let Shallan and co transition back to the physical realm because "they are locked by word of the parent" as noted by @Ryder is important too. So preface aside, here is the theory. We know from Brother Kasbal's very slick demonstration, that some of the major cities on Roshar are built along cymatic patterns. The reason they are built around Cymatic patterns is because the actual physical geography of the land has been created in a cymatic pattern. We know that there are cymatic patterns for Kholinar, Vedenar, Thaylen City, and Akinah (in Aimia). We also know that there are Oathgates in those cities as well....So here is the theory, what if the Oathgates and Urithuru itself are remnants of Adonalsium's original investiture in Roshar, and that some cognitive shadow of Adonalsium is the focus for these separate pieces of Adonalsium's investiture just as the Stormfather is focus of the splinters of honor that are honorspren? Might the sibling then be the primary focus for these remnant splinters of Adonalsium (like the oathgates, possibly the greatshells)? If this was true then the Sibling bondsmith would not only be master of the Living city of Urithuru, but could also be master of the Oathgates as well (and possibly be able to utilize the investiture focusing potential of the Rosharian greatshells too boot). Another possible reason that the the Kholinar wind blades and the Tower city of Urithuru are similarly described as being crem covered might be that prior to the shattering of Adonalsium the High storm reached Urithuru as well. It's a pre-shattering feature of Rosharan ecology that the rain contains crem, a vital vector for the nutrients necessary to sustain life in a world without soil. The salient feature of Vedinar that is mentioned (which is probably the cymatic manifestation of Adonalsium's original creation) are the shelf like ridges, might these also be covered with crem (which would imply, in this context, a certain similar AGE, a certain definitive time of creation that was in the far, far distant past?) So, my speculative money is on the Sibling being a focus for the other leftover splinters of Adonalsium on Roshar, and further that we've seen the splinter onscreen in OB (Chapter 19, Subtle Art of Diplomacy): I think that the references to the Sibling sleeping are merely that it has reverted (like Syl and pattern) to a mindless state due to it's lack of a bond. From this scene and the Kaladin/Shallan chasm scene where they see something similar, it seems that somehow the Stormfather is protecting it within the nexus of the highstorm. We know from Kaladin SF scenes that at the center of the highstorm you really are in the spiritual realm (because of the pressure of investiture most likely), so this is probably how the very protective and Brotherly storm father has been protecting the sibling since the last bond smith that was bonded to him/her/them died.
  10. There were quite a few things that stuck out on my reread of Part 4, so here are some observations that I thought were interesting about Shadesmar on the second time through, broken up into the following sections; General Observations about Rosharan Shadesmar, Spren Economics, and Spren Children. .GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ABOUT THE ROSHARAN COGNITIVE REALM: SPREN ECONOMICS: (Mistborn Secret History Spoilers) SPREN CHILDREN:
  11. The carapace forehead looks great, overall looks really cool. One thing to maybe try would be to try thinner hair strands, and maybe make the beads l a little smaller. Overally really nice work!
  12. True, I was thinking of how T said that in other times the spren they used might have "blessed a Knight Radiant" but if the cousin spren theory of shard plate formation is true, then that blessing could have been they could have formed shard plate for a KR. If that's the case then it seems like all cousin spren could potentially be used to create half shards. Interesting...
  13. Just read the talk with Dalinar and Taravangian in Chapter 100, Old Friend and Mr. T is being quite liberal with fabrial knowledge while he shows off the Veden half shard shield: This seems to be confirmation that higher spren can be used to power fabrials, and if I'm not mistaken, Mr. T is implying that half shards use Honor spren to power them (sounds like the primary surge of Adhesion that is keeping the half shard together). How you would go about luring honor spren into a gem is a little beyond me, but this would imply that higher tech fabrials might come at the cost of the enemys of Odium being less Radiant. But, getting back to flying ships, it's seems (based on the example of the Half shards) that if you had a gem stone wtih a trapped high spren (and if a high spren's primary surge is gravitation), then you could construct a gimble mounted container for the fabrial that could be mounted on your flying ship an be pointed in almost any direction to re-establish the direction of gravity for the ship. Obviously some serious tests would have to be performed (how closely connected to the ship does the fabrial have to be to affect the gravitaional orientation of the whole ship, are passengers on the ship likewise lashed along with the ship, etc) and some advancements in precise control over the surges would have to be made (half to perform fractional lashings with a fabrial), but these seem the least of hurdles for building a flying ship. Of more concern is the ethics of enslaving sentient spren, and the possible down stream reprecussions of enslaving sentient spren. Spark, Malatas ashspren, already seems to favor team Odium because of the Recreance and for enslavement of Flame spren in Heatrials. If more higher spren are enslaved in fabrial technology, more of the other orders of spren might decide to side with team Odium as well.
  14. Hahahahah, holy crap, that's so funny! I Nominate Denis Leary to be the new King's...err Queen's Wit.
  15. Crem-hole, I think that might actually be worse than the original, I mean dude should probably see a GI doc if they have a case of Crem-hole. Haven't heard the Denis Leary song in question, but that's some funny rust brother. Ahhh, the tension, C'est lamour Nice! Speaking of Disney songs, I posted this one on the Cosmere! The Musical thread. This is Taravangian singing "Be Prepared" from the Lion King: