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  1. Probably true tbh
  2. Well of course Actually I think Warbreaker is the only Cosmere book I haven't read
  3. I didn't read Warbreaker, and actually still haven't but I did look up the plot on the coppermind...
  4. Cool that you finally got this up on here
  5. She's a literal professor, if I recall correctly
  6. Pretty accurate, based on the amazon preview. It's very adult though, and has a lot of swearing, just FYI.
  7. So yeah, this is what I made for the Tyrannopotomus Rex prompt in a recent episode. Enjoy, if you can Trouble was coming. The bull Tyrannopotomus Rex could sense it; smell it in the air. But of course trouble was coming. It's always coming at the beginning of stories; if there were no trouble, there would be no drama, and therefore no way for ridiculous and silly things like the Tyrannopotomus Rex to become ridiculously popular with the masses. However, you have been lied to. I don't know how, or where, or why, or when, but it has happened once in your life. Also just now when I lead you to believe that trouble was immediatly forthcoming. The truth is, the trouble our heroic Tyrannopotomus Rex feared was not to arrive until hours after his original observation. I could have used a short, efficient timeskip, but I chose to do this instead to help you have some empathy for the poor animal. He literally did nothing but stand in a river for 10 hours, and I hoped to impress on you the insane levels of boredom he heroically endured. He cleverly took a nap to pass the time, bravely left his herd defenseless for hours in end, despite the fact that he knew danger was coming. Now, I’ve already wasted a lot of your time, but I have decided that you still cannot empathize with our Most Excellent Protagonist™, so I have added the following intermission. No, I’m not going to let this up. Quit trying to convince me. You won’t deceive me with your lies; this is not ruining the flow of my story, no matter how you slander me. This is boring? I suppose… but that’s the point! Oh, fine. The trouble eventually did come, in the form of a tribe of Tribicerasontops. They were charging at the river the Tyrannopotomus Rexes(Rexs? Rexii?) were resting in, running from something; probably their own collective shadows, or perhaps a groundhog. The bull Tyrannopotomus Rex prepared to fight, because he was an animal, and had no concept of diplomacy or even getting out of people’s way. The other Tyrannopotomus Rexii fled, leaving the bull alone. He did not care. In fact, it is likely he did not notice, and was distracted by an insect floating in the water. That hypothesis would also explain why, when the charging heard of furry monstrosities crashed into the river, the bull Tyrannopotomus Rex did nothing to defend himself and was ingloriously slaughtered by the bovisaurs. As he fell, the ugly brute reflected one the fragility of life, and regretted abandoning his herd(he had, by this point, noticed the herd had gone; however, he assumed that he had somehow wandered downriver). How he did this, despite being--as we established earlier--a dumb animal, is a question still debated by scientists to this day.
  8. My thoughts exactly
  9. It wouldn't be something to constantly do, no; on top of the problems mentioned above, that would also waste a lot of health. It would be only something to do if he was already injured and in combat, and would prefer to heal as fast as possible.
  10. I always assumed that he could just let it flow into him directly, rather than storing it and then tapping it, if he needed to do so. That might not be true though.
  11. Rangers Apprentice
  12. Welcome to the Canton Kaj!
  13. The few basic points are this: -God of Darkness is Ruin, God of Light is Preservation -Humans on Remnant have much more of Preservation's Investiture than in the Scadrial timeline of the planet, which they can use to Preserve themselves and for unique effect based on their spiritweb. They still have to Snap, however, as there is a bit of Ruin in them still -Ozpin is an extremely powerful Cognitive Shadow -Salem is a Splinter of Ruin -The pools outside of Salem's fortress are Shardpools of Ruin -Grimm are just creatures that have been Invested by Ruin and/or hemalurgically modified -The Relics are really just items similar to the sphere the Ire had, which allow you to Connect to Preservation's power more fully
  14. Not so, per these two(admittedly tenuous) WoBs Kaymyth (paraphrased) I asked him about what the board refers to as "reverse" compounding - i.e., using Feruchemy to enhance Allomancy, rather than the other way around. I wanted to make sure that it was really a thing that exists. Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) He said that it was. Kaymyth (paraphrased) Is this what the Southern Scadrians have been doing? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) It's similar, but not exactly the same. source Chaos (paraphrased) I continued to ask about the Lord Ruler and his Allomantic strength. Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) There's an upper bound to the amount of power you can get from being a savant. Brandon said that, obviously, the Lord Ruler wasn't using duralumin and Elend could only get that powerful in Soothing using duralumin. He implied that there was a way to Compound to enhance Allomancy. source