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  1. I haven't read Warbreaker, unfortunately
  2. Hmmmm nice These look cool, maybe I should get some for myself
  3. So recently a friend had a birthday and I didn't have time to get him a present before hand. He's a big Sanderfan(Introduced me actually) and I wanted to get him some Mistborn Coins that I saw someone on this website had as a belated birthday present Right now it seems like the only way to get them is to support SM on Kickstarter but all the delivery dates are last year... Are they beta testing or something similar? If so, when will the next chance to snag some be? Have they discontinued the project?
  4. I want to hear that story
  5. True, I just started earlier then most people In his defense, most other boys my age aren't very intelligent in such matters Or most matters honestly
  6. Season two, episode twenty three "For me, Eragon was terribly cliche. For the thirteen year old boys picking up that as their first fantasy novel, it was not cliche" I read Eragon when I was eight Five years later, I'm reading Stormlight, the Iliad and Journey to the West Not sure whether the Iliad or Journey to the West count because the Iliad was assigned to me and I haven't actually managed to get Journey to the West but whatever, technicalities
  7. Wait seriously I did not remember that I haven't read it in years but
  8. Unless there's a WoB I missed, it isn't necessarily impossible to store stormlight, we just haven't seen anyone do anything comparable yet
  9. So far, we have only seen Nicrosil store Innate Investiture, not Kinetic Investiture. Of course, that doesn't mean it's impossible to do so, but I find it unlikely that Nicrosil would be able to easily store kinetic investiture without the Southern Scadrians having figured it out.
  10. Yes, there was
  11. SteelWay(Feruchemy): 1. Make friends with a Slider 2. Have them put you in a speed-bubble storing speed at least an hour a day(External time) 3. Blitz anyone who tries to fight you 4. Profit Seriously though, can we all agree that steel is OP?
  12. Alcatraz. I think he'd be able to break Vin's Allomancy, as well as any awakened objects Vasher sent after him, and his Lenses give him a pretty easy way to finish off the others after nullifying their powers.