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  1. I don't have specific actors or actresses for a lot of characters. But. Iain Glen, aka Jorah Mormont from Game of Thrones, is the voice I hear when I read Dalinar's lines.
  2. I would! And thank you. It's a particular favorite of mine!
  3. I have a few different Cosmere personas, but there is a general archetype (sort of Hoid-ish in terms of gathering investiture, but less for a purpose and more by chance). This is sort of the earlier stages for such a character (actually, more or less what it was before I got through Words of Radiance and understood the Nahel bond's effects a bit better, which works better for starting an RP where the importance of such a bond can be discovered and forged). Qwydyn was a young Feruchemist and Worldkeeper in training when she stumbled into the Perpendicularity that would later be known as the Pits of Hathsin, in the time before the Lord Ruler seized the power at the Well. Intrigued by the strange world, she found a way to return and discussed what she had seen with her elders, who told her the legends of the lands beyond the pool, secrets passed down from times in the distant past. Intrigued by this, she went exploring deeper into the Cognitive Realm, until she finally decided to go beyond the local Cognitive and go exploring the Cosmere as a whole. Qwydyn spent some time on various worlds, experimenting with foreign metals and taking in the various ecosystems on both sides of the various Perpendicularities. She tended to the sick and dying in (and acquired a number of Breaths from them in their dying moments) in Nalthis, and picked up a few tricks of Forging on Sel along with a Seon. However, when she returned to Scadrial to visit, she came across a disturbing discovery - the lands had passed through hundreds of years of turmoil, and been through many changes, physically and socially. Somewhere in her travels, she had accidentally slipped through spaces that shifted time, leading to her arriving after the rise and fall of the Lord Ruler. She was caught by the mist as it passed its sickness to find an army of Mistings, though she doesn’t understand what that means yet. She fled again when she recovered before the end of the battle against Ruin and Vin, disturbed by the strange nature of this world that had become her home. Entering the Cognitive Realm, she fled into the Cosmere in a random direction, never intending to return home to Scadrial - there was nothing for her there, or so she thought. Now, she has appeared in the Horneater Peaks on a new planet, a place called Roshar. She’s an alien here, but no place is home for her now. Somehow, she ended up on this world, lost and confused and alone, trying to find her way, knowing the world she came from is long since gone. Personality: Generally, Qwydyn is a very curious soul; however, her curiosity has been dampened a bit with the revelation that she lost so much time on her homeworld while exploring the Cosmere. She tries to put on a brave face, and draws on her aluminummind to be the person she used to be when she needs to, but right now, she is a bit broken. Which may explain that strange figure following her in the corners of her eyes… Skills/Abilities -Feruchemy: She wasn’t fully trained before she left, and doesn’t have a complete set of knowledge in her Copperminds, but she is still decently skilled in Feruchemy. Along her quests, she discovered a few strange metals, most notably Nicrosil, which she uses to fuel the more difficult Feruchemical bands (converting Investiture from weight and caloric energies into ones she doesn’t want to be without while storing, such as Luck in her Chromium). --In Mistborn: Adventure Game, she has Feruchemy for all metals at 3, except Nicrosil, Duralumin, and Copper (which are at 5) and Gold (which is at 4). -Nicroburst: She doesn’t know it yet because she’s never even heard of or considered allomancy, but Preservation found a small bit of power in her that could become a Nicroburst. Should she charge a Nicrosilmind and consume it, she could Compound it. However, at present, she doesn’t even know to try it. -Breaths: Qwydyn has reached the First Heightening thanks in part to the Breaths she was gifted by the dying she tried to help but failed to. She can Awaken a bit, but tries to avoid using her Breaths to do so unless there is no other option. -Forgery: Qwydyn possesses a small quantity of soulstone, and knows the rudiments of forgery though she rarely uses it due to its rarity. She has a couple of pre-made seals for basic transformations - most notably, changing metals into other, uncharged metals to make into Metalminds when she’s desperate. -Seon: Qwydyn was given the Seon Eshe by an Elantrian as a gift for her stories from other realms. She acts as a companion for Qwydyn, though she doesn’t give Qwydyn any abilities (yet). Accessories: Metalminds: Qwydyn has metalminds of all the normal metals, having discovered some odd ones in her exploration of the Cosmere. She also has a ring of Atium that she uses for disguises (though, with her Nicrosil, she could use other investiture to fuel the age regression, and has in some cases subconsciously done so - her timeframe was distorted in her travels, but she actually was away from Scadrial far longer than she thought. Forging Seals: In addition to a quantity of raw soulstone, Qwydyn keeps a few basic Seals. Most are attuned to specific metals, and can create metalminds of various sorts.
  4. This may be a silly question, but I'm just curious. I know there are glyph translation projects, but has anyone translated the First Ideal into glyphs, or seen an official translation I may have forgotten about or missed? Just curious - it'd make a very interesting tattoo and I was wondering to see if it had been done.
  5. suggestion

    I've seen a few attempts to do Stormlight Archives rpg adaptations, and I am hopeful for one day getting one using the Mistborn Adventure System (if only so we can do the Realmhopping crossover we deserve). However, I've been trying to think of other systems that could work well for it. Part of the difficulty is how the system lines up with other systems - you'd need a game that allows for a variety of powers and advancement of characters. MAG works well because it's very adaptable, as is FATE. However, I am terrible at designing game balance, and though I've seen some adaptations of the Surges for MAG, I can't develop the others on my own. FATE could also work to an extent, since you can let it be more flexible with the aspects and all, and it works well for non-surgebinders as well. However, I also had another idea. Godbound is an OSR style game that was built to represent players playing as gods in a world where the gods of old are dead. They are Godbound - a new generation of divine entities made for a war now over, and faced with a world to deal with. Thematically, it works well. For those who haven't read it (and if you want to, there is a free version that has the basic rules on DriveThruRPG), each power is tied to a Word, and Godbound are bound to three words each to start. As they level up, they get points, which can either unlock gifts of words they have or bind other words. In addition, in the Deluxe version, there are other options beyond the words provided. This includes creating new Words out of powers from the others, martial art styles called Strifes, and options for customizing Godbound. The idea I had was to have each Radiant have a set of Words for their surges, with gift options based on some of the other gifts in the book rearranged. In addition, there will also be the Sword word, which everyone can potentially bind (despite its name, it covers all sorts of martial combat). This word also works for Shardbearers who are not Radiants (the one thing the system doesn't do WELL is differential power-levels; however, I'm thinking Shardusers and Fabrial users may get a separate selection of words, or else just use the mortal creation rules). All of this is just an idea, but I wanted to share it to see if anyone had any opinions on it.
  6. Ack, you are correct. I will fix that soon enough. And thank you to those who like it! It is a theory, as I have said - it is entirely possible that these things will be disproven eventually (perhaps the Red Rip and the Set's patrons are actually two separate threats, with the Red Rip being a more distant foreshadowing - that would make sense if that was of Odium with him taking a break between Stormlight 5-6). But, I did want to share it.
  7. I will admit that there is one flaw in my plan. Looking at the endpapers of the Cosmere collection, we can see that Taldain is on the other side of both Scadrial and Roshar from the Scar on the map the endpapers show. This does create a bit of an issue for both being part of Autonomy's dominion. However, this isn't a fatal flaw, just inconvenient. For one thing, while the Scar does appear to be opposite Taldain from one perspective, that doesn't mean they aren't on the same plane when distance from the POV is taken into account. Hell, real world constellations often are made up of stars that are at incredibly different distances from Earth (part of why the sky we see now will eventually not be the same sky the future sees - as we and the stars move about, the patterns will lose cohesion). We do know that from Scadrial's point of view and Roshar's that the Scar/Rip is relatively cohesive, but we don't know where in the Z axis Taldain is located. It could be that it is further out from where the endpapers map. Further, we don't know know that Physical distance really affects Cognitive distance. We do know that the more cognitive activity there is in an area, the more defined the parallel is in the cognitive realm, and the less activity, the less defined. This is part of how Worldhopping seems to work - you just have to get far enough away from the cognitive center of a system, and the empty space becomes distanceless (there is a WoB on the lack of Cognitive realm between worlds and systems but I am not able to find it atm). Thus, Autonomy could be controlling a far vaster empire than they otherwise could, and it could be far more dispersed than we'd assume should be possible. Also, Bavadin makes sense as a rival for the rest of the Cosmere given Hoid's letter in WoK. Odium/Rayse is someone he has a problem with and is trying to deal with on Roshar; it would make some sense for all the rest of the problems to come from the only other Shardbearer he calls out as having a specific grudge with in that letter...
  8. This is really more a Mistborn and greater cosmere theory; however, it relies partly on material found in Oathbringer, so putting it in here for now. Before I begin, this has spoilers for Mistborn (specifically Bands of Mourning). It also draws on Word of Brandon and some material from the various system write-ups in the Arcanum collection. So, if you try to avoid the spoilers from Brandon's comments, or haven't read Bands of Mourning, please read no further! ---- So the red rift we see in Wax's visit to the Cognitive Realm seems to bear a resemblance to another red stellar phenomenon seen on Roshar, Taln's Scar. For a lot of people, this seems to have ties to Odium, which would make sense - Odium did a lot of travelling, and is a hostile force towards shards. However, we discovered a few big hints in the book. Neither is completely iron-clad, but they seem to make sense. Firstly, Odium himself is connected to Damnation, possibly locked there by the Oathpact. As Damnation likely is Ashyn Braize in the Roshar system, it seems that Odium hasn't left Roshar in a while. This doesn't necessarily mean he isn't behind the issues distracting Harmony, since Era 2 takes place after Stormlight 5 (and thus he could get free around then and go exploring elsewhere), but Taln's Scar was already visible prior to this Desolation - if he did cause it, he did so significantly in the past. Furthermore, though, he is incredibly set on finishing his work on Roshar. Unless that work appears finished by the end of Book 5, he wouldn't be causing trouble off-world. Second, Odium's colors are NOT red. His colors appear to be white and gold mixed. This also appears to be the color of his god-metal, assuming the dagger at the end is made from it. This is relevant for a reason: if that white-gold metal is Odium's god-metal (Raysium, we can call it), then a different Shard is behind the Trellium spikes that corrupt the kandra and, presumably, are behind the red-eyed, Set-aligned Faceless Immortals. Trellium is a silvery metal with rust-like spots on it. Further, from a Word of Brandon, we find out that red is a color that is associated with one shard co-opting another Shard's investiture. It's not specifically tied to Odium. So any shard could be behind red colorations. This makes sense with the Red-Eyed Faceless Immortals - if they are indeed a type of Kandra, they are a corruption of the Investiture behind them. So then - who is Trell? Let's look at some other clues... The Faceless at the end of Bands seemed to indicate the original plan was to take over Scadrial. However, it appears as if the plan changed - the advances that the Set discovered convinced the Faceless' superiors that they would be better suited eliminating all life on that "sphere" instead. Given the word choice of "sphere," that implies the entire planet - which in turn implies that Trell originates off of Scadrial. This doesn't necessarily mean that the Kandra does, of course - it could be a mistwraith awakened by Trellium rather than a standard blessing, and then possessed of Trell's will - but Trell themself comes from elsewhere in the Cosmere. Further, this implies Trell is expansionistic. This is a key implication. One shard, and only one, seems to have any intent on spreading outwards and taking over other worlds - Autonomy. But wait - Autonomy's name isn't Trell. It's Bavadin. How does that reconcile? We only know Trell as "Trell" because that is who the deity is associated with. We don't know if the threatening Trell is in fact the same Trell that inspired Trelagism prior to the Lord Ruler. It is possible that Trell is just a name coopted by the Shard behind the Faceless and the Set. Alternatively, it is the same being, under a different identity. This fits in with things we know about Autonomy still, though. Brandon has said that, when it comes to Bavadin, gender, race, and general appearance aren't things you can get hung up on - in fact, he flat out says that Bavadin is worshipped under many different names even in the same pantheon. This provides another issue for Trell being Odium - Odium is egotistical in such a way that I can't see him taking on another name. He may call himself Rayse or Odium depending on the situation, but nothing we've seen suggests he'd go incognito of his own accord. Others may mistake him for something else, but if he was involved, his passion would drive him to be recognized as what he was. Autonomy has multiple personas. Autonomy doesn't need to care what name they are known by. This also fits in with something in the Trelagist ideology. Trelagism teaches that the stars are "the thousand eyes of Trell." Autonomy has many forms simultaneously, and many identities, unlike any other known Shard. Further, Autonomy controls many systems. It's entirely possible that agents of Trell's/Autonomy's, or worldhoppers from that area, arrived in the past of Scadrial and taught that they were Trell's eyes since so many stars belonged to Autonomy - and avatars of autonomy may have been on all of them. Then there's the Faceless Immortal at the end of Bands. If indeed it is a Kandra, that would imply that Autonomy knows about the shapeshifting abilities they possess. Something that would be very handy for a Shard with many personas - a great way to be in more than one place. Especially if Autonomy is using different personas to possess the kandra in question. It is possible Autonomy doesn't need this of course; they claim to be raising a new avatar on one of their worlds, so it's possible that the splitting is just an aspect of their power. Then again, they had to raise up that avatar; perhaps the discovery of the kandra made them eager for the faster way of self-(selves?-) expression. Again, this is just a theory. But I thought it seemed like a possibility given the avalanche of clues we've gotten recently.
  9. A few of you have seen my posts, but I completely missed this thread until just now. I first read Elantris and Soul of the Emperor back a few years ago (at least 3), but only in the last few months dug into the rest of Sanderson's works. Now, I think the only published Cosmere piece I have to read is Sixth of the Dusk, which I am working on, though I haven't touched the non-Cosmere material yet. Really dig the work, and love having a place I can hang out and discuss! Nice to meet everyone!
  10. I knew I was forgetting something. I forgot about that flaw in the theory - the part about the location of the stabbing. It's not a total theory killer, for as ZenBossanova mentions it could be that they are so full of Investiture that anywhere would work, but it was the one thing that made the theory a bit off. That does bring up another point about the dagger though - the whole detail about "why use Moash?" They were willing to handle the dagger to give it to him, but not to use it. In another thread, someone pointed out that maybe it is a way around the Oathpact (besides trapping him in the dagger or gem). Perhaps the pact required that they die at Odium's hand, a voidbringer's doing, or the Herald's own hand (to fulfill the pact). Perhaps it is possible that, if a human kills of his own free will, the Herald isn't able to go back - they didn't die for the pact. This is probably wrong, but it is a related issue to this topic so I felt like bringing it up.
  11. As a note, I had this theory before listening to Shardcast's reactions to the book, but credit where credit is due - they pointed out a colorscheme element I missed, and reminded me of perfect gems. So the Dagger: it was made of a white-gold metal (colors we see associated with Odium in his appearances, as Shardcast pointed out), with a sapphire on the end, and was used to kill the Herald Jezrien. The manner of death, it is pointed out in the book, felt to Jez like it was taking him somewhere. It wasn't a normal death - somehow done in a way that wouldn't allow him to go back to Damnation and lock it with the Oathpact again (or so we can infer, since it was Odium's idea). The knife itself is strangely Invested - it managed to leave a smoking, blackened wound, like a certain sword we know, though unlike Nightblood it doesn't seem to feed on the user's life force. And, after the kill, it caused the gem to glow. However, the kill wasn't instant, the way a shardblade or Nightblood cut would be. It took a few moments for him to die, enough for a short dialogue between Jez and Moash. So, I have a few theories. Some of these may not add up, but these are my theories all the same: 1. The gold-white metal is, as Shardcast theorizes due to the color similarities, Odium's godmetal. This may explain the smoking as well - invested metal does odd things to victims. 2. The knife is a variant hemalurgical spike, used to draw Jezrien's essence, or some part of it, out of him and into the gemstone (possibly whatever made him a Herald/bound him to the Oathpact - Brandon has said that hemalurgy is really flexible and can be used to steal almost anything). 3. There will be ten knives total - one for each Herald. This is based on the sapphire - a stone associated with Jezrien and the Windrunners founded in his honor. Odium will create (or at least try to create) nine others, each with the proper polestone. 4. The hardest sell/biggest leap: this hemalurgy is different than Scadrial's. Normal hemalurgical spikes leak power outside a host, though blood can significantly slow the leak down. Something about this version, though, allows the power to last longer. Perhaps it is because it isn't directly fueled by Ruin, thus changing its nature somewhat; or, perhaps, because the gem on the pommel is a perfect gemstone, and whatever was stolen isn't stored inside the dagger (as hemalurgy usually stores in the spike) but rather in a gem that can't leak it out into the world. As I said, these are just theories, but I am curious as to others' thoughts - what do you think was up with the dagger?
  12. I'm in agreement with Nicrosil that Rysn becomes a Willshaper, though Dustbringer is also possible. Pre-Oathbringer, I was reading over the Gem List, specifically the primary and secondary attribute associated to each gem/Herald/principle set. Each one has something to do with the order's we've seen. Sapphire is about protecting and leading (much like the Windrunners are all about protection, and also are the order with the most Squires historically and now). Smokestone is about being just and confident - the Skybreakers uphold the law (or the law they swear to), and are confident in their laws. The Diamond goes to Loving and Healing, associated with the Edgedancers (who hear and remember the ignored and forgotten, and physically and emotionally help people heal). For the amethyst, the gem for the Willshapers, you have Resolute and Builder. Rysn never gives up, regardless of the challenge, and also worked as a trader to build connections and understanding. Further, we know from one of the WoR epigraphs that the Willshapers were somewhat unpredictable and erratic. Kind of like someone who would go past the chain of command and speak directly to an island god... Now, I mention Dustbringers as a possibility. This is because, before I remembered the epigraph for the Willbreakers, I looked at the traits for the Dustbringers: Brave and Obedient. Rysn faces her fears of failing in obedience of her Babsk's desires, and confronts them head on (the idea of bravery not being without fear, but facing the fear you have). And Oathbringer did make it clear she did what needed to be done when strange things were afoot. When she realized someone was stealing from the treasury, she did everything in her power to try to stop it, without regards for herself. I still think Willshaper is more likely, but I bring up Dustbringer as a possibility.
  13. I would like to be entered into this drawing.
  14. Putting this here because of the discussion of the Skybreakers (probably being a bit overzealous but... would rather do that than break the rules. Oh, Lord, am I becoming a Skybreaker?) So we know that the Skybreakers are devoted to upholding the law. I had a thought. This may be only out-of-universe, but it is a possibility I wanted to discuss. Many of the orders are somewhat obvious in their meanings - Windrunners and Bondsmiths and Lightweavers are pretty straight forward. Edgedancers are a bit weird, but we can see the idea behind them in the lines in the novella about how they could run along a wire (and thus a thin surface). Even Elsecallers make some sense - through Transformation, they make things into things that are other - or "else" from what they are, and are the masters of calling themselves between the realms, from one to another realm, calling into what is "else." But Skybreakers are a weird one. Perhaps it's a reference to their surge of Gravitation, which allows them flight - they can take to the sky and break those who break the law from there. Or, perhaps it's a reference to their implied rivalry with the Windrunners, given Syl's concern about Kal acting like one (and who are about defending all, where the Skybreakers are about hunting others down for breaking the law). But I also recall a quote that seems to apply from the real world: Fiat justitia ruat caelum. Translated, it means "Let justice be done, though the heavens fall." It's a reference to the idea that nothing should stop the law from being applied, not even the consequences. Sound like anyone we know? So if they were to do justice, even if it caused the heavens to fall, it could be reasoned that they are breaking the sky to deliver justice. Not sure about this, but just wanted to share to see if anyone else had similar thoughts.
  15. Haven't yet, but I am planning on one soon. I'm thinking one of the Orders, maybe more... just having trouble deciding which one to get first.