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  1. Just conducting a test about that create button at the top of the page

    I does good work.

  2. Wait a second...

    Now I'm a Spearman

    I kind of like being weird all alone over here.

    So down in the corner it says 80 profile views, is that like my name has been hovered over?

    Because profile visitors must be the ones that come to this area.

    I think I can post here without actually coming here too.

    I hope this is called an ellipses:   ...

    I keep thinking about physics and everything around me, but maybe I should try more nerdy stuff...

  3. Oh yeah, I think I forgot to point out that I am a Darkeyes.

  4. I think I've surpassed the threshold for feeling anxious about being on the shard.

    Don't spy on me... :ph34r:

    1. CrazyManth3


      I'll try not to @CrazyManth3.



  5. I don't think she or my family members would appreciate that. When you think that all of those martial arts people on the shard should try some Chayshan on for size.
  6. I'm currently trying to convert the youth at my church before I go to people anywhere else. (I doubt I would actually talk to people I'm not comfortable with so...) When you have a sister that aspires to become an author, so you continuously tell her about Sanderson because he has some amazing writing and writing tips, but she refuses to read any of his books on her own time, (she has listened to all of the Alcatraz series on audio) and it breaks your heart.

    1. CrazyManth3


      Hey @CrazyManth3 you now have THREE likes on that one post!

      (Are they actually called upvotes or something?)

    2. CrazyManth3


      No @CrazyManth3 they're called Reputation Points!

      (Points for short?)

  8. AAHH!

    I've alerted 70 people of existence!

    *anxiety now being experienced*

  9. When you used to be very introverted, but when you learned of the shard you have tried quite hard to get others to read Sanderson's books. Actually I've given someone a copy of the first Mistborn, and someone else I've gotten to get Elantris from the library(I don't have my own copy). Yay, I was successful!
  10. It says this is "public" but what if I wanted it private?

    also: :)


    Woah... I just typed (colon)blink(colon) for that emoticon with the bulging eyes. Cool...

    1. CrazyManth3


      Is it funny that all I'm doing is talking to myself?



  11. I was scared to do this, but I think that if I have no followers, no one will see it; therefore I could say something?

    1. CrazyManth3


      This was mostly a test.

      This too.

  12. Okay, I've read the etiquette and rules page and I should be able to avoid violating any rules. What's the best information I could give now that I am more educated?
  13. Okay then I will remember that in the future
  14. Okay... I've read (in order) Mistborn (all 6) Warbreaker Elantris And I'm waiting for a copy of The Way of Kings from the library. Oh, I've listened to the whole Alcatraz series and the Rithmatist too.
  15. Hello, I am new Not sure what to do with this Inexperienced