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  1. mistborn

    Lol my friend who got me into Mistborn in the first place has made me start Elantris.So I don't think I have much choice. Elantris is awesome.I am liking it even better than Mistborn.The diction is repeatative,yes but the worldmaking pays it off again.Honestly I am more fascinated with Elantris than I was with Mistborn,primarily because of the fact I love medieval vibes in my fantasies.
  2. mistborn

    Indeed,MRex.MeLaan is pretty amusing as well.Another of my favourite scene was him moving on from Ranette in BoM.The part where he started to hope a threesome desperately was so real despite how perfect their last encounter should've been.I say,Wayne is a challenge for Brandon.
  3. mistborn

    Aye,looking forward to get his final arc in the story.I think Wayne is going to be the super altruistic guy in the room since that's where I see his character is going.He's gonna do something pretty huge.
  4. mistborn

  5. mistborn

    What about yours?
  6. mistborn

    I was considering starting Stormlight.Thanks for the nudge.And from Era 1 my favourite character is Marsh and from Era 2,you can already guess from my username
  7. mistborn

    Just finished reading all books set in Scadrial.Any suggestions for me to know Cosmere better?