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  1. I wonder, could Renarin defeat an Atium-burning MIstborn with his visions. When he was Seeing things at the same time as Odium, then they didn't come true, like Dalinar's denying Odium, or Jasnah's mercy towards Renarin. If Renarin can learn to simultaneously fight while having his visions, he could probably stand a change against someone burning Atium.
  2. Whoops, that's my bad. I was thinking of the Sja-anat-corrupted shamespren.
  3. Let's see if we can identify a spren for each type of Soulcasting: Air - Windspren Smoke - Smokespren Fire - Flamespren Crystal/Glass - Shamespren? (they manifest in the Physical Realm as shards of crystal) Plants - Cultivationspren Blood - Angerspren? (they manifest in the Physical Realm as pools of blood) Oil - Inkspren? (this one is kind of a stretch, but they are described as having an oil-like shimmer. But, so are the dark Oathgate spren, so that isn't exclusive to Inkspren) Metal - (I don't think we've seen anything onscreen yet, but I'm sure there's some sort of metallic spren) Stone - Spren in the Celebrant port Flesh - ??? So, I'm pretty sure that that covers all the onscreen spren thus far. It seems like a reasonable correlation. The Inkspren seems out of place, since it is a more sentient spren than the rest of them. Also, I'm wondering what the heck a Soulcaster that Soulcasts Flesh looks like.
  4. Yes. You learn this in Mistborn: Secret History, when
  5. I really like this idea. It makes sense, since Division can be used to burn things, and lightning is kind of like burning the air. Division is also called the surge of "destruction and decay." "Destruction" is a pretty general term, and it seems like lightning, again would fit pretty well with that. If the Skybreakers can create lightning, this would be more support for the theory that the Fused just use Surgbinding hacked with Voidlight instead of Voidbinding. If they can't, though, it could mean that creating lightning is actual Voidbinding, not hacked Surgebinding. When you edit your post, under the "Tags section", set the "item prefix" to whatever tag you want to flair.
  6. As far as Hoid, Vivenna and Vasher go, they all have confirmed appearance-changing abilities. Hoid has Yolish (and now Rosharan) Lightweaving, in addition to whatever else he knows. Vivenna and Vasher are both Returned/have Returned blood, so they can change some of their appearance at will (like the Royal Locks on steroids).
  7. One thing to note is that Pattern constantly changes, so you could really use any semi-intricate/fractal like design with 6+ fold symmetry.
  8. I recently posted an image to the Gallery and since it is portrait aligned, it displays really small. Currently, there is only one image height that is used across the entire gallery. For pictures like this one, though, I think that having a larger default size would be useful. When I scroll so that the top of my image is aligned at the top of my screen, it doesn't even take up a third of my screen height. Since this is an image page, with the specific purpose of hosting an image, I think that it would be okay for the images to take up more vertical screen space. This would allow images with a portrait orientation to display better. Thanks.
  9. Can we use this feature to correct minor typos (as in, 2 or 3 characters), or is this intended for larger changes, like correcting inaudible WoB's?
  10. From the album Stormlight Art of Carbonationspren

    My depiction of Jezrien's Honorblade, based off of Howard Lyon's illustration in the back of Oathbringer. I added the Windrunner glyph and some Stormlight in the background. The image viewer makes it really small since it's in portrait orientation, so click on "More Sizes" in the top right to view the larger image. You can view a stripped-down 3D version of the blade on Sketchfab at https://skfb.ly/6uZ9s

    © Carbonationspren 2017 All Rights Reserved

  11. Just ninja'ed me! I agree!
  12. (Minor Mistborn Era 2 spoilers ahead) One issue that I see with Lightweavers creating micro/radio/gamma rays is that at this point in technological development, Roshar has no idea what those are. Since the intention of the magic practitioner is important for their ability to use Investiture, it would be hard for Lightweavers to create electromagnetic radiation that they didn't even have a good concept of. Thus far in the Cosmere, the most technologically advanced people are the Scadrians, and even they don't have radio yet, since (minor Shadows of Self spoiler): To illustrate this principle, that using Investiture requires a concept and intention, here's this WoB: (emphasis added, https://wob.coppermind.net/events/98-worldbuilders-ama/#e850) So, as of now, Lightweavers wouldn't be able to produce these kinds of radiation without someone teaching them about the electromagnetic spectrum. Who could do this? I see two options: A friendly (or not friendly) Scadrian Worldhopper shows up, having freshly discovered radio and perhaps a plethora of other new technology, and teaches everyone. Since Harmony seems to have gained a knowledge of scientific advancements, including an approximate timeline of when they should be discovered, it stands to reason that other Shards would have an understanding of this kind of thing and could teach the Radiants. Item 2 brings up an interesting idea: There are three Shards on Roshar: Honor, Cultivation, and Odium. Honor is dead, and Cultivation isn't really talking directly with anybody right now. Odium, however is alive and kicking. This gives the Dawnsingers/Listeners/parsh-whatevers a definite advantage. Assuming Odium gained the same scientific that Harmony did through Ascension, Odium could educate his Illumination-wielding Voidbinders in other forms of radiation, something that the Knights Radiant don't have access to. In the Cosmere, knowledge is power. Another thing that most Voidbinders have on their side is a direct link to Odium for Voidlight (in my understanding, similar to an Allomancer's direct connection to Preservation). Since these Voidbinders don't need to rely on a supply of gemstones for Investiture, I suspect they would be more capable of brute feats requiring large quantities of Investiture. Thus, I think that it is possible for Odium to teach his forces to wield deadly radiation in combat or another use that hasn't really been discussed here: communication. I would think that when someone with Illumination becomes attuned to their powers, they could sense other forms of radiation (similar to Savantism on Scadrial). This could allow Illumination Surgebinders to communicate in a Morse-like code (handy that they're bound to Cryptics) without the need for a spanreed or similar device.