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  1. Elsecaller from the chicagoland area. I've got big ideas and im not afraid to whip them out in public! 


    Here i come WoB! 

  2. Perhaps that was even the last stop on her trip before slipping through a perpendicularity right in front of hoid. She saved it till the end in case she needed to make a quick exit from the cognitive realm? And explains why she seems to be disheveled in a similar manner to taln's appearance. It also strikes me as symmetrical that hoid would be there to greet two travelers who had just returned from damnation. Maybe he'll be there to say hello to another escapee at the end of OB?
  3. So i tend to agree with some theorists proposing that the in book, book, Oathbringer is being written by jasnah. The line that stuck out the most was "I did not die. I experienced something worse." I believe she is referring to her attack on the wind's pleasure, and subsequent trip into the cognitive realm. We know from her first hand that she visited the highspren and their city during her travels there, but i think the perhaps she made another stop along the way. Possibly by choice, or perhaps by force or happenstance. I think jasnah visited braize in the cognitive realm, this is one of the things often referred to directly or obliquely as being worse than death. Damnation. This is only supposition which may be proved wrong on this upcoming tuesday, but i imagine that if jasnah was finally going to take a deep dive into the cognitive realm she would be compelled to have a better understanding of her enemy. Discuss.
  4. Omg, i want something from heleran.
  5. That would certainly be interesting, but doesnt seem likely to me since it was the very first scene that we got in SA.
  6. My vote is that we get elhokar/amaram in book 4, and big ol' Gavilar himself in book 5. I dont see these types of prologues extending past the first 5 books of SA.
  7. Wait... those werent for everybody to take? ..... I think i need to go to kharbranth...
  8. Hello all you wonderful sharders! I've been lurking around for about a year, as well as having been a sanderson fan since the release of the final empire! Ive already posted my first fan theory in the SA forums about a nightwatcher origin theory! You'll be seeing more of me popping up with my moderate cosmere knowledge! Life before death. Head Crabs (P.S. im an elsecaller)
  9. I assume that they would have to alter their connection. Someone could use a soul stamp or similar method to change their spirit web to match up with a scadrian attuned to preservation. To dive a little deeper, would projectiles glance off of an edgedancer? No friction meaning that they (projectiles) wouldnt gain purchase to rip or tear into skin? Mistdancer!!
  10. It's even possible that the nightwatcher had an entirely different purpose prior to the shattering of adonalsium and the arrival of honor and cultivation. It would seem likely that their investiture into roshar would influence and shape any of the "natural" magic systems that were put into place by adonalsium. Which could be why wyndle seems to regard the nightwatcher as some kind of mother figure. I have to agree with yata, there is a WoB stating that cultivation's holder is still alive and kicking around roshar. Im liking the idea of the nightwatcher being an ancient pre-shattering spren that has been influenced by the long term presence of a shards investiture.
  11. Hey Sharders! Long time lurker, but first time poster! Hopefully im not regurgitating a theory posted elsewhere, and apologies if this theory expands a bit beyond the confines of roshar, it's about an entity on roshar but by necessity has to expand a bit further! Let me know if i should move this to cosmere theories! but i have some ideas about the origin of the Nightwatcher. It starts with our current understanding of the nature of spren capable of nahel bonds. From what I understand, these spren are small pieces of honor, and cultivation to varying degrees depending on the variety. And have been referred to as splinters of honor or cultivation. These splinters are bits of investiture left without will or a host long enough that it gains sentience. (There has been confirmation in a WoB that spren are splinters similar to the way seons are on sel) I've come accross a number of theories proposing that the nightwatcher is of cultivation, possibly a kind of cognitive shadow similar to the stormfather. This doesnt hold up in my opinion, there is a WoB that i dont know how to link which tells us that cultivations holder is still alive, and from what we know of the old magic, it doesnt seem to fit into the types of investiture made possible by honor and cultivation. (nor the possible iterations of voidbinding that we'll see more of soon) I propose that the nightwatcher is actually a splinter of adonalsium from pre-shattering. There were already other spren on Roshar before any of the shards came there. I think it's possible that this is a magic system that predates all other kinds on roshar, and was put into place before any shards were taken up. The concept of a boon and a curse doesnt feel at all like the symbiosis present in all of the magic from honor, cultivation, or even odium. Thoughts?