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  1. Okay, no more theological debates about angels, move along now people...
  2. Welcome to the Shard! Please, have a home-made cookie!
  3. I am Roman Catholic, so I guess we have two very different theologies. And where did you learn angels don't speak Aramaic? That sounds very arbitrary and random to me.
  4. May I please get one? Also, is it okay if I share it with my sister, since she refuses to join online forums? If it's only her?
  5. Where did you learn all that? Because that's not what I learned in Theology class.
  6. Not really... angels are spiritual beings, who technically do not have a physical form. They can't die, are very powerful, and work for God. The Heralds, from a Vorin viewpoint, are the same as angels. From a cosmere-aware 17th-sharder's viewpoint, they are completely distinct.
  7. Yes, there is quite a bit of artwork that depicts ancient goddesses of beauty as completely nude, so an ardent painting Shalash in a revealing dress is unsurprising. Also, on ethnicities, Alethi are not "white", they are actually more Pacific-islander-colored, so think darker tan. Shalash may well be a good example of what Alethi skin-color is. Ishar's coloring may be skewed because of the moonlight (blue) and shadows.
  8. Welcome to the 17th Shard! Here, have a cookie (it's chocolate)!
  9. Buy it at a bookstore, read it the entire drive home, then lay down on the sofa due to carsickness. And read it some more (probably to the detriment of my school work and attention span). Also, spend most of my classtime theorizing here.
  10. Right, so, are there any pictures of the back two pages? Because I really wonder what Jezrien and Vedel will look like.
  11. Thank you. And I didn't say I didn't believe you, I just wanted to see if there was more than what you mentioned.
  12. The pictures are actually inworld pieces as well (painted by Oilsworn). So these will require analysis through Vorin lenses.
  13. Thanks very much, Aleksiel. The higher resolution ones show multiple masks on the ground by Shalash, and the hooded men are holding the lanterns around Ishar. Also, Shalash's dress is somewhat see-through. The masks are more interesting, though. I wonder what they represent?
  14. Can you link the source of this WoB (just curious, want to read it myself). Also, are there pictures of the back two we can see?
  15. Oh, I just noticed, all three moons are visible behind the man. But only one is visible at a time in-world.