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  1. Update: school is closed today, too. Yesterday, the sun melted just enough ice to make a layer of (cold) water on top of the ice, which then froze again last night. Now everything is slippery. And I have yet to go to school this week.
  2. We just got some snow in Lafayette, too. And then the roads ICED OVER last night. Everything has just shut down, school's out, and I nearly took an unplanned ice-skating trip down my driveway.
  3. The roads are icing over here. In south Louisiana. It is so strange.
  4. Are they on Earth or Roshar? Because Szeth would win either way. Even if he loses Nightblood, he could summon his sprenblade.
  5. Well, the problem here is that there's 10 Heralds and 1 Lord Ruler, and that the Heralds are insane. Although the sort of conversation between an insane Ishar and the Lord Ruler would be interesting (from a distance).
  6. Merry Christmas to all! And @Mestiv's cat is adorable. I wish I could get mine to tolerate a Santa hat.
  7. Kelsier would be pretty high on the list, as a Fullborn with minimal morals. Harmony (or maybe Hoid) should sic him on Odium.
  8. Gold and electrum are both pretty expensive, and the Allomantic alloys might be expensive just because they're so precise in the metal percentage, and Allomancers need them. Same goes for Feruchemists, who would also need those expensive metals.
  9. unmade

    If the Unmade were originally splinters of Honor or Cultivation, but were then corrupted by Odium, then they would be red in coloration, not black, because of this WoB: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/173-oathbringer-san-francisco-signing/#e8340
  10. The color red is indicative of one Shard corrupting the Investiture of another, as per this WoB: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/173-oathbringer-san-francisco-signing/#e8340
  11. My current pet peeve is my two pet cats... I love them, and they are absolutely adorable and cute, but when I am trying to sleep at night, they like to use the rug beside my bed as their own wrestling mat, and the rest of my room as a gymnasium for games of tag and catch-me-if-you-can. And they like to chase my feet. And right when I start to get really annoyed, one of them lays down beside me and starts purring sooooo hard, that I don't get angry. Exasperating creatures, are cats.
  12. Like, cowboys vs. cultists? Because that sounds interesting. Really interesting.
  13. Could you please provide context for the technological level and culture of the people who use it? Because a magic system alone is pretty hard to work with.
  14. I'll vote for @Ookla the Maccabee, too.
  15. The Way of Kings cover is my favorite. There is just something about it... something awe-inspiring, something majestic, something more to it than the others. Even without all that, it would hold a special place in my heart anyway because that cover is what first drew me to read SA and eventually to the Cosmere as a whole.