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  1. This story is brilliant. It has a good plot, interesting characters, and is very well written. Why haven't you sent it to a publisher yet? Thanks for posting it-- and if it is published, I'll buy it.
  2. I know lots of cat trivia... 1. There is no such thing as a saber-toothed tiger, as tigers are members of the conical-toothed cat subfamily. All saber-toothed cats (there are several on record) belong to the other feline subfamily, the saber-toothed felids. 2. Siberian tigers, the largest subspecies of tigers and therefore the largest extant felines, are not the same as white tigers. White tigers have been recorded in different subspecies. 3. There is no such thing as a black panther. There are black jaguars, though, which also have black spots like a normal jaguar. These spots are visible under the right light conditions. Black leopards have also been recorded. 4. There used to be lions and cheetahs in North America. 5. Black cats do not bring and/or cause bad luck. They do, however, possess the ability to turn invisible at will.
  3. My kitties roll around on their backs when I pet their tummies, so it is not an isolated phenomenon. However, my cat Star follows me around, cries when I leave the house, likes to burrow under blankets that I'm under, and often comes running to me when I call her name. My sister's cat, Captain Fuzzy Butt, is so lazy I once vacuumed him. With the vacuum cleaner. He also sticks his butt in my mom's face when it is dinnertime (when convenient).
  4. Good plot idea, and the characters could be interesting, but you seriously need to edit it for grammar and such. If you want the chapters to be obviously separate, please put them in separate spoiler tags rather than adding massive spaces. And your grammar could use work. Also, is that world map (in the old thread) still relevant? Because if it is then you should add it to this thread too. On the story itself: it could use a tad more description. And Charles needs to be slightly smarter. Right now he apparently has all these great ideas, and plans to implement them, but also lacks the intellect to realize some obvious things. Also, as a prince and heir to the throne, Charles should have learned much more tact and subtlety (diplomacy) than he currently displays. Something else: Titus is a boy's name. It does not remotely sound like a girl's name, and the contradiction threw me for a bit. It has the potential to be a good novel, but you need to work on it. And please continue to update on this thread, 'cause I hate unfinished stories.
  5. Does anyone know the different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients there are, in Alethkar and/or Jah Keved? Because that might help (and I'm curious). Also, I imagine that women's food might use creamy sauces (Ranch dressing), while men's food is more water+meat juices+spices sauces. Also, women's food uses fruit, bread, and some vegetables and meat. Men's food (in my opinion) probably has more meat and vegetables in it, and uses flatbread simply as a vehicle for getting said meat and veggies into the mouth. Probably uses less sauce overall, too. So, men's food is going to be spicy, meat and vegetable dishes with little to no sauce. The vegetable likely take second place to the meat in more complex dishes. They probably need a lot of wine to go with it, too. Women's food, on the other hand, primarily uses fruit and bread; with thicker, creamy sauces. There is meat in more complex dishes, but not in simple dishes; and meat is either second fiddle or equal to the fruit. May use vegetables as well, but probably sweeter/juicier ones. The bread is probably not flatbread, more like a dinner roll, and probably has slightly more importance-> several types of bread, with different uses. I also suspect that the presentation of dishes is different. Men's food has very little ornamentation, and is not arranged on the plate very much. Women's food is very much arranged on the plate, uses extra ingredients that don't add flavor, just aesthetics; basically, it looks nice. Men's food is just dumped on a plate. A note: when I talk about simple dishes, I mean stuff that is easily prepared and eaten, like sandwiches and grilled kabobs. Complex dishes is like stuff at a nice restaurant: takes more ingredients and preparation, and you need to sit down to eat it. Also, on savory vs dessert sweet for women's food, I actually think it might be both: some dishes are savory, some are dessert-like. Men's food is spicy, but not necessarily spicy-hot. Has anyone considered that Horneater stew is like gumbo? Gumbo is a spicy stew in south Louisiana that has vegetables and meat in it.
  6. In one of the Era 1 Mistborn novels (I think HoA), it is explicitly stated that "silver is a frustrating metal for Mistborn" because they can't burn it (Vin was chained using silver). Also, aluminium is not found on its own naturally-- it has to be smelted down out of ore, normally bauxite. And it has a really high melting temperature. Remember, it took near-modern technology for Scadrial to rediscover aluminum. And in the real world, aluminum was once considered a precious metal simply because it was so hard to produce/procure. The top of the Washington Monument is aluminum, for instance.
  7. That is truly sad. I am of the opinion that Jesus did exist, that he is the Son of God, and that he established the Catholic Church to share the gospel with all the world. And that the Catholic Church is the greatest organization that has ever existed.
  8. Yellow bloods could burn blood to enhance a physical property pertaining to a sense of an object? Like, a yellow-blood could make the colors of an object seem brighter, or to infuse, like, an instrument to make it sound "better". Or defuse it and make it sound like a clarinet/banjo hybrid "worse".
  9. Happy Easter! I'm excited that I'm going to Easter mass at 11:00 am today, instead of 5:00 pm mass that I normally go to, and that the youth choir isn't singing today. Because, really, singing in choir is my favorite part of mass. And Easter mass is always crowded, being a holy day of obligation and all. Ah, well. Also exciting for me: This week I am going on a field trip for my school chorus (I am in chorus at school, and the youth choir at church) to New York. To sing in Carnegie Hall for a festival that involves high school choruses from across the country singing there. It's also going to be the first time I've flown on an airplane. I'm excited and scared all at once.
  10. @A Budgie, I'm alright. It turned out to be a false alarm. @Del-light-full, I'm sorry you've experienced hate crime and discrimination. That must hurt. But basically, someone had a rifle in their car, another person saw it called the cops, big scare ensued. Said parishioner with a rifle had a concealed carry permit. Everyone is fine. Thanks for your support and sympathy!
  11. I have just been through the single most terrifying experience of my entire life. I sing in the young adult choir at my local church, and today we were singing at the 3:00-4:30 Good Friday Mass. During the homily, just after the stations of the cross had finished, the altar servers go up to Father, and then they all start quietly conferring. Then Father says, "There's been an incident. Because of the nature of the incident, let's say the Our Father." We said the Our Father. Then the Hail Mary. All the while, the altar servers are over at one of the entrances/exits of the church, clustered by the doors. Then they come back and talk to Father some more. That's when Father tells everyone to please go quietly to their vehicles, out of the left entrance. Not the other two, just the left one. And the choir director asks us (the choir) to all go too. I kept asking what was going on, no one knew, the choir director told me to stay with him because I didn't have a car, and no, I couldn't walk home (I live close to the church), he'd drop me off instead. After going outside, I asked him (again) what was going on, and could I just walk home. He'd talked to the priest just before leaving. That's when he told me, "There's been a threat." I ended up getting to walk home, and while doing so I saw no less than two cop cars and a sheriff's department car. One of the cop cars was parked on the sidewalk, empty, but still running. I have never been scared for my life before. I was singing church hymns while walking. I called my mom to let her know what was happening, and told her I loved her. I was terrified. For my life. I am in high school. And I was at CHURCH. As I said, the most terrifying experience of my life: that moment you hear there's been a threat. And you realize you could die today.
  12. Magma and Silt.
  13. You're welcome! The trick was to make sure that the different affinities were all slightly different- that way, one needs to know more than a few. The most precious gems (diamond, ruby, sapphire, etc.) are the most "powerful" (have the widest range of affinity), while the lesser-known ones are a bit more specialized. Also, I definitely suggest making your own list; your world probably has slightly different needs in magic. Another note: you might want to change the names of some of the gemstones, like Tanzanite and Morganite, to more natural names. I changed Morganite to Aliador, because heliador is a related gemstone and in-world Aliador is associated with the goddess of love/beauty Ealeinia. Also, how much is magic known to the public? Does the populace know about the gemstones/affinities thing? If it is common knowledge, then there might be taboos against certain gemstones, such as dark garnet (used in spells involving hatred), black tourmaline (prevents the truth from being spoken, breaks truth spells), and opals (used for hypnotism and compulsion spells). Or whatever gems are used for those sorts of spells in your world. Good luck!
  14. Here it is! Spoilered for length: I would like to note that there are even more obscure ones, but this list gets a lot, all in one place (I literally went through a book on minerals for them). I also included descriptions of the gemstones: opaque/translucent, color, etc. This list was as much for me to keep all the different gems straight as to list magical affinities. I hope it helps someone.
  15. Curiosity killed the cat... I just spent several minutes typing in cuss words in order to discover what they became. I'm glad no one else saw my computer screen, or it would have been a detention for sure. Also, here's some holes: Jack[wild donkey] and [offspring of adulterous relationship] are not filtered. Neither is [home of demons], [awful nickname for Richard], or [awful nickname for Richard]head.