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  1. Since spren languages are brought up, the trip to Shadesmar always felt odd in that regard, since all the spren we meet happen to conveniently speak Alethi, unless while in that realm it's meanings that are directly exchanged somehow ? We know (i think?) spren see differently from humans, what about hearing ? Is there even air in the cogntive realm ? No clue, so i would appreciate some help with this.
  2. Just in case someone feels like reading too much into the text today, there's this line when they're jumping from the honorspren ship : "She clung to Adolin, but Pattern’s hand was pulled from her grip." The kind of random scenes that are most often innocent but you still can't stop yourself from thinking maybe there's something there because of said randomness, or maybe it's just me, didn't find this mentioned after a quick search.
  3. theory

    I wasn't aware of anything close to that, so thanks for the WoB. In the examples you listed the Thrill seems odd in this context, isn't it confirmed that the Unmade are splinters of Odium ? Why would their influence on a human or listener be a hack ? In those cases you have a blank canvas in which you inject one Shard's investiture, what is there to co-opt ?
  4. Maybe "friends" was just Malata's way of refering to the species, that's how i read it at first since it fit her speech patterns (well from the little we saw), most spren are pissed to some extent at humans for the deaths of their ancestors, it just seems that some individuals are more vengeful than others, Spark doesn't have to have witnessed it. But if she truly is that old that potentialy gives Taravangian quite the information trove once the memories return. Curious to see if Spark is pulling a Syl in that she's going against the rest of her kind in jumping straight into Odium's lap, don't think the Radiants can afford to lose a whole other order to the ennemi.
  5. The bit about drawing him and how it was said was actually what convinced me it was Veil, that was as close as Brandon could get to an "i want a piece of that". Real Shallan would have been more reserved than that i figure, but who knows.
  6. theory

    I don't see anything in your post that would contradict voibinding/light being of Odium other than the colors not matching, which is a moot point since if as you assume Honor's color is blue then that wouldn't fit stormlight being always white ( don't know where you got the blue stormlight ? ). The only other argument you give is a massive leap in my view, you take the absence of red glow in Renarin's eyes to somehow mean that the Fused' use of voidbinding is a hack, when the much simpler explanation is that the red glow is due to the use of the voidlight to power whatever magic you're using, the glow comes from holding a specific investiture not using surges. Then there's the whole consuming gemhearts to get investiture bit, i don't know where that comes from, but i guess the theory needs a way to separate Odium from voidlight so whatever. We know there's likely more to the Everstorm than just a way to bypass Braize, it somehow healed the parshmen and allowed them to regain their minds. Venli got a gem from Gavilar ? i kinda rushed her chapters but i doubt i'd have missed that, my understanding is that Gavilar had two gems, one holding Yelignar that remained in Kholinar and was used by Aesudan, and the one he gave Szeth for safekeeping. But anyway, Sja-Anat could or could not be involved in the whole mess in the plains, remember that Taln had already fallen at that point so voidspren were loose and it made sense they'd flock to the only band of listeners capable of forming bonds let alone the fact that Odium planned the whole thing anyway so they'd go where he points. As for Renarin's spren, he could have been created anywhere then went looking for a viable host. For the Voidbinding chart, the interpretation seems rather random to me, but i'll leave that to people more versed in Brandon's magic systems.
  7. The only thing that confuses me about Gavilar is how nonchalent he was when offering the sphere to Eshonai, it just made no sense from our perspective, there must be something we're missing which we'd likely get from his pov in a coming prologue. Before reading that i always assumed that he was smart enough to use the other fanatical morons in the organisation to carefuly plan and kickstart a containable crisis (the parshendi rampage with new forms of power) which he would use to forcefuly unite part of Roshar in preparation for the impending desolation. He had the visions so he knew it was coming regardless of what they did, this leads me to believe that the rest of the Sons (the ones the Diagram would be refering to) were unaware of the real gambit and the extent of his knowledge. Can't wait to know more about the guy, still have hope for him having had a ruthlessly effective plan before Szeth happened.
  8. He also did grab two realms and slam them into another. Next book he'll have to get hold of the Cosmere somehow.
  9. It could be, but to remain free Dalinar would need to commit troups and Radiants to protecting an isolated piece of land with no real value and too far from the Oathgates, i have trouble seeing that happening. I also don't think the Voidbringers would ignore a weak southern Alethkar to go push into the contested territories. The safe bet is that by the next book the country will have been fully occupied and the Alethi will be supporting Herdaz and pushing into the Sadeas lands, opening the way for our proto-Highprince to spearhead the liberation efforts (once the Windrunners work out their moral dilemma anyway).
  10. Well the Voidbringers will want any available strip of farmable land and human slaves to work them, we know from OB that they conquered other cities on their way to Kholinar, would make sense if the parshmen coming from the warcamps in the plains and the southern princedoms did the same in the south, there's nothing to stop them. While small towns like Hearthstone weren't worth their time in the first push toward Kholinar, i expect they'll start expanding their occupation from the cities they hold now that there are no armies coming any time soon. I wonder if we'll see a massive exodus toward the warcamps or if the humans down south will also just submit to the new rule,
  11. That part made me laugh actually, there we have Dalinar offering the soon to become second most powerful man on Roshar a strip of land with 6 villages on it ... I'm really waiting to see how the power dynamic in Urithiru will turn out when Kal grows into his new role as more and more squires attract their spren and earn their shards. That aside i doubt Dalinar's gift will be relevant anytime soon, that land is probably in Voidbringer territory by now, even if it's not i don't see Kal focusing on it just because Dalinar decided it belonged to him now, he has bigger concerns.
  12. First ideal theory that didn't make me cringe, that took a while, have an upvote. I don't think it'll be enough though, it's commonly assumed that the ideal will have to deal with failure, Kaladin already entrusts others with the task of protecting people he cares for and is somewhat aware of his limitations, there has to be a part where he accepts that not everyone can be protected despite his and others' efforts so he can let go of his guilt, seems obvious but clearly not easy to accept. I still can't figure how it could be formulated without sounding underwhelming.
  13. I would be very surprised and disappointed if Odium is as blind to Cultivation's intentions as some are implying here, it wasn't that hard for us to link the dots, and this theory isn't based on anything Odium is unaware of, that's why i like the idea of Renarin as the ultimate wild card so much, i would find it far more satisfying if both Shards tried to outsmart each other only to end up blindsided by the little human everyone overlooked (don't know how long that will last now that part of the secret is out though ...).
  14. We have more than 60 pages of people criticizing Shallan's behavior, and you find it disgusting that Jasnah would do the same ? We know from Jasnah's pov that her objective is not to have Shallan fall in line but to make her strong enough to master her circumstances, which we know for a fact she's not quite capable of. The way i see it, with that specific line, she's not forcing her into the marriage, she's pointing out that she can't have it both ways, using the betrothal to have access to the Kholins and their ressources and then go about fantasizing about any passing soldier, which would end up hurting Adolin's reputation. There's another thing i wanted to comment on, back when you guys were discussing Adolin's perspective, someone brought up the scene in Celebrant where he decides to go with Kaladin instead of Shallan, this is either an oddity as it was described, or it's aligned with Adolin's toughtfulness as he had his betrothed go with the only person in their company who was armed. Don't know how serious that discussion was, but felt like posting my interpretation anyway.
  15. Or maybe because you can't really talk when you're flying in front of a Highstorm and all we would get is a chapter of one of them fawning over the other in their head ? Can't get your fixation on this guys. If you want to be outraged over a missing scene why not the one where he took her to a mountainside off screen to ler her make her drawing of the tower ? She even had time to include a sketch of him ...