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  1. Sitting at his table, Archer continued to covertly write in his notebook. As he watched the events unfold with mild amusement, he popped a cookie in his mouth. Crumbs sprayed across the table, which he brushed off for the city vermin to eat. Riley is quite a fine baker, he thought quietly to himself.
  2. "Thank you Rudolph." Archer grabbed his bag and waltzed over to the nearest table to have a seat. Pulling out a cookie, he placed it on the table. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small notebook and pencil, then began to write seemingly absentmindedly on the first page.
  3. "Yes, of course, the money." Archer slides a few boxings across the table. "Here you go Ralph. I can't wait to try these delicious smelling cookies. Just to be sure, they are hemalurgy-free, right?"
  4. "Don't rush me Randy! You've got to take your time in life, stop and smell the aluminum once in a while. Hey, you don't mind if I have a seat over by the window do you? To eat my cookies? This place makes me feel so good, I don't want to leave just yet."
  5. "Let me tell you something, Rafael," Archer leans in to say, "I've been all over this city. I've had cookies from every Octant. I know cookies. And these? These pathetic excuses for a desert are just mass produced garbage! I mean, it's not even the right - oh, wait a minute. I've been holding them upside-down. Oops." Archer takes a moment to scratch his head and flip the cookie over. "Looking at it from this angle they're a whole lot prettier. I like the arrangement of those little chocolate chips. I'll take three. How much are they?"
  6. "Eh!" Archer exclaimed extravagantly. "These extra easy-to-eat looking morsels aren't as fresh as they seem upon closer inspection. I demand to speak to your manager Richard!"
  7. "Let's see what you've got", Archer requested as he strode up to the counter. His stomach grumbled, but he resisted the urge to try one of the samples just yet.
  8. The bell on the door rings, announcing the entry of a well-dressed man off the streets. With a nod to the shopkeeper, he looks around the room, then cocks his head. "Hmmm," Archer says, "It's bigger on the inside."
  9. That's what I thought it was, but it looked too good so I had to check
  10. Welcome! Those are fantastic! What medium did you use on the top one?
  11. Welcome! Terry Pratchett's Discworld books are similar in concept, although his sense of humour was a little different from Brandon's. Still, they're excellent books to read! And twice as plentiful as Sanderson's!
  12. I never thought of it as having a sex, and I don't think it was labelled one way or another in the book. Perhaps if the majority of the breaths used to create it came from females, then Nightblood would be a girl.
  13. So the question is about the best order to read the cosmere? That's a hard one. Personally, I read them in publication order, but I don't think there's a right way, or a best way per say. Perhaps reading all the ones that happen on the same world together would help. Like reading Warbreaker and emporers soul, then switch worlds to read mistborn And you're right, reckoners is noncosmere.
  14. Hi! Which one was your favourite?