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  1. Skip Hates Dragons This thread should have a spoiler tag on it since it mentions Calamity. Or just an edit to make mentions of Calamity covered by a spoiler box.
  2. I just always read to the end of the chapter. I makes it easier to remember. My pet peeve is authors who think it's funny to make the chapters out of order, or change to page numbers around. It doesn't happen very often, but occasionally you'll find books with coded symbols instead of numbers and it is REALLY ANNOYING.
  3. Disney's know for their blockbusters aimed at young adults and kids. It seems right up their alley. Besides, movies about teenage rebellions in dystopian futures are really popular right now. I think if Disney was willing to make A Wrinkle in Time, they'll be willing to make Steelheart.
  4. Here's what we know: The movie has been announced! So unlike most of Brandon's books, which quickly get the film rights bought then are never made, this one will actually become a real movie. 20th Century Fox has the rights to the film (I think when the takeover is approved Disney will acquire the rights, but that's just speculation). Carter Blanchard is doing the screenwriting. It's being produced by Shawn Levy, Navid McIlhargey, Donald Mustard and Anthony Rhulen. NEW INFORMATION: In 2016 the script went to Fox. The producer said at the time that the movie is “very much alive” and the studio is “bullish” on it. (http://collider.com/sesame-street-movie-update-21-laps/)
  5. It looks like he meets Samantha IRL way earlier than he did in the book. I seem to recall they only saw each other's face's for real right at the very end. And this 'welcome to the rebellion' stuff? I guess instead of being true to the book and having only the occasional scene of a bald teenager in a trailer-park, the director decided to embellish the real life events. Still, it looks to be a good action movie regardless. It reminds me of Total Recall.
  6. TLR all the way. Not only for the reasons stated by others above, but because he's more experienced. Susebron has had little experience with combat or rebellion. He's more used to being pampered. TLR has had decades of experience dealing with rebels, spreading fear and being generally evil. He's had to work hard to get his position of power. Also, if TLR has the home field advantage, the I guarantee that he would cheat. He'd get his steel inquisitors to intervene, plant traps and try to overwhelm Susebron somehow. In return, Susebron couldn't do much more than critique the palace décor. The only trick Susebron has up his sleave is his Breath. Unfortunately, the only way he could weaponize it is by using it on TLR. While this would probably catch him by surprise, I don't think it would harm TLR in any way. In fact, it would probably just heal him. So unless being super-healthy has some unforeseen adverse effect on TLR, Susebron is doomed.
  7. Best Hero: Wolverine. He may not always win, but he can't lose. Best Villain: The Purple Man. David Tennant did a great job portraying that guy. Worst Hero: Hawkeye. He's out of his league. Worst Villain: Red Skull. He didn't adapt well to film at all. Not to mention Black Panther is smarter than Stark. He' got him beat on all levels. What I wish would happen is all the characters who's abilities stem from one item pool their resources. Picture someone with Cap's shield, Thor's hammer, Bucky's arm, in an Iron Man suit made with Wakandian tech, and Vision and Dr. Strange's Infinity Stones... they'd be unstoppable. You'd need someone Omega level to handle it all, someone as powerful as say Thanos, and who could get past the various fail-safes (making an AI like Vision a good candidate) but with a powerful enough host you could compress the entire team into one all-mighty hero.
  8. Marvel is better. DC a has few good characters: Superman (though he's overpowered), Batman, Wonder Woman... basically the members of the JLA. On the other hand, Marvel hundreds of good superheroes: The Avengers, the X-Men, The Fantastic Four, the Inhumans, Alpha Flight, Guardians of the Galaxy... and that's just the teams. The work of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee has given Marvel a lot to draw on. I also like how Marvel labels its different versions of Earth. Sometimes it gets confusing with all the character variants/ pocket realities out there. My only complaint is that I'd really like to know what's going on with Cyclops right now (in the comics).
  9. Fortune cookies are notorious for this.
  10. The Old Man and the Sea could have been written by a seven year old. Have you ever watched someone fish? Pretty boring, right? Now imagine reading about someone fishing. It can only be described as the pinnacle of boring.
  11. Unfortunately discussions about Colfer inevitably get derailed by a debate over how to say his name (It's pronounced *Owen*). But I'm with you on the Airman thing. What I never got was why Sanderson still puts 'chosen to finish Jordan's WoT series' on his bio. He's independently successful now, he ought to lean on his own accomplishments more.
  12. Someone has published a parody novel of the Mistborn series. Under the pseudonym Sarandon Branderson, an author wrote a lewd satire of Sanderson's works entitled 'The Annoyomancer'. Has anyone read this? Does anyone know how it came to be? The bookseller Chapters Indigo provided the following description of the book:
  13. When you see he has a 'Mystery Project' on the go:
  14. Good eye! But where would she get gold to burn?