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  1. 'You cannot have my pain' is my number 1 favorite part of the SA. Combining all Dalinar POVs from Thaylen City and reading them without disruption from other characters should be a priority. 2nd is battle on the Tower - the part between Sadeas' betrayal and Dalinar and Adolin spotting that Kal's team came back for them. They seemed to know they will die, but decided take the death head-on. Sad, but no despair. Grief, but not overwhelming. Complete agreement with what is going to come. And they were rewarded for their heroic attitude. 3rd is Adolin's duel when Kal comes to help (well yeah, again!). True epicness. Sad that Shards are now less usefull since all the supernatural beings appear everywhere.
  2. I think you are overestimating the number of people on each planet. 7 billion is a number for modern era, developed societies, and planets of similar size to Earth, which I don't know if it's the case for Cosmere, isn't Roshar bigger than Earth? Also using Roshar as an example : Alethkar is one of the biggest kingdoms there and can only gather an army of ~100 000 soldiers. On earth, in Middle-age'ish or ancient times such numbers were achieveable for great empires, like Roman empire. In the 25B.C there were about 60 million people inhabitating the Empire and could equip ~150 000 - 300 000 soldiers at a time. Also, please keep in mind that Romans did not have the soulcasters which make feeding those massive hordes many times easier. My wild guess, basing on a number of soldiers purely and assumption that Soulcasters reduce the effort required for supporting an army let's say 5 times, I'd say that there were 10 million people in Alethkar tops. If we add the other kingdoms, maybe we can gather 100 million inhabitants of Roshar. This is based on speculations and arbitrary approaching the subject of soulcasters efficiency, so feel free to argue with me here. I bet someone has asked Brandon about it already.
  3. We know that Nightblood kills in all three Realms. Does it mean people killed by it cannot go Beyond? If it does, then using it as a weapon has some serious moral implications.
  4. Trolling since we were supposed to look for her as per WoB, like it would be a challenge to find Vivenna. It was not. Everyone who knows who V is would have guessed that with an ease. That's precisely why i'm sad - no mistery, no debates here on 17thShard, No wondering 'where could we find her'. It's almost not like what Brandon does, to give something for his readers so obviously. He used to hint at things, not to hit us in da face with a brick. That's why I'm not 100% happy about how Vivenna was introduced into SA.
  5. Yeah, gravity and the constant supply of Investiture from highstorms. So, in my head cannon, someone of age 50 actually is 55 when compared to us here on Earth, but still phisiologycally is and looks 50 due to the lower gravity (maybe) and access to Stormlight (definitely) which generally makes Rosharans much healthier. This is off-top, apologies. To the point : as someone stated before, if not Syladin, then Jasnadin. Else, Kal needs to be alone. It fits him very well. The way he looked according toShallan's eyes in the Thaylen City, as fearless sentinel caring for all the people but himself, refusing his own needs just to save the ones he loved - and for him, it would likely be thousands of people to be taken care of. IT works for Kal. Real watcher on the rim.
  6. Please don't do this kind of x1.1 multiplications. When we hear Lift is 11, we need to picture her as 11. Adolin is 24 (about). Kaladin is 22. The fact Rosharan year is 1.1 longer when compared to Earth one does NOT mean characters are older. Dalinar (in mid fifty's) is NOT almost 70 and that's not how we should picture him. When Brandon says someone is 10, he is 10. Not 11. The multiplication of 1.1 should only apply when we compare in-cosmere timelines with each other and try to match years passing by on different planets. I also ship Syladin. Since the very beginning I felt there should be more into their story than being a simple 'bonded friends'.
  7. When Venli touches dead Eshonai's body, something flashy zippes away from under the body. My initial understanding of entire Venli <> Timble relatioship was that somehow, a part of Eshonai's soul remained in the Physical Realm and is now trying to influence Venli to revoke new rhytms and leave Odium. I initially thought that Venli bonded Eshonai in a way. There might be something into it still, though.
  8. My rank so far is WoK : 10 WoR: 8.5 OB: 8 What I felt on OB was that it is not such a masterpiece the previous parts were (especially when compared to WoK) due to the bigger focus on the Magic, Powers, and too little mistery. In 1st and 2nd book : we don't know who the Voidbringers are, don't know the Radiants' powers, and are afraid. Don't know what will come with the Everstorm. There is a feeling of looming disaster all the time, not to mention the brilliant character development we see for Kaladin and Dalinar's politics struggles. In OB, almost everything is spoken bluntly for us to not miss. I felt no mistery, no fear. Magic, apart from the Dalinar's arc which was AMAZING, is the main thing that drives the book. Frankly, there were only a seldom moments when I gave a bigger interest in what is going on (Dalinar almost becoming Odium's champion, Kal punching Roshone in da face, Elhokars death and this storming Moash). Shallan's chapters were a waste of time, and it took sooo long until she came to her mind in the final chapters prior to the marriage. Didn't like the Shadesmar trip also. OB is dangerously close to other, common fantasy books. One of the worse things Brandon has written. Of course, 8/10 is a very good note and many famous authors would not even approach that (Trudi Canavan, I'm looking at you), but when compared to the masterpieces he had been producting on a regular basis for our amusement, it won't hold. Just imagine taking away all the epic moments focusing on Realmatics like Dalinar combining Realms into one, and what will you get, when it comes to the characters and their interactions? I guess not much. Maybe it will get better for me once I'm done with a reread, but as for now it's somewhere above Shadows of Self, and below Elantris and Warbreaker.
  9. Or 'trolling'. Brandon might be as well trolling us all. He said to 'keep an eye for Vivenna' in OB, but Azure is not someone you could skip or not notice - she is so obviously Nalthian awakener, swordmaster etc. You don't need to search for her as it's one of the secondary characters for 1/4 of the book. I imagined that Vivenna's appearence would be so slight like a Paliah in Paleneum or Terriswoman nurse in WB. Azure is screaming I AM VIVENNA. That's why I feel a troll's scent now. But, likely, it unfortunately is Vivenna after all. Sad.
  10. Hello folks, what evidence do we have Azure actually is Vivenna? For me, it was not 100% certain. All we know is : - she can fight with a sword - knows the same kata Zahel does - has a variation of awakened sword - can awaken her clothes - is a worldhopper - came to retrieve Nightblood EDIT: - ah, I forgot about Royal Locks. damnation, it leaves only Siri and Vivenna in the contest, so i guess this thread is to be removed... I agree those are strong points, and it likely indeed IS Vivenna, but I strongly object when this community says it like it is already certain. It could potentially by anyone from Nalthis (only this awakened sword undermines my point really hard). We won't know for sure until she meets Vasher / we get a WoB confirming her identity. Or maybe we have it confirmed already? Sorry for possible duplication of threads but couldn't find a similar one. EDIT: - ah, I forgot about Royal Locks. damnation, it leaves only Siri and Vivenna in the contest, so i guess this thread is to be removed...
  11. Hi guys, do you have any idea where can I get a pdf version of Oathbringer? I am having a hard time now - in Poland only Parts 1 and 2 are published in November, remaining part will be out in the Spring - April maybe. I will definitely buy it when it's released, but don't want to be put out of the discussions here, on 17th Shard, for half a year. So - do you know where can I get not-so-expensive version of Oathbringer in pdf? On Amazon it's about 35$, bit to much, especially when I already bought 1/2 of the book.
  12. Shallan is on to discovering that the Thrill is of Odium when she says 'other Odium's sprens effects could be something ordinary to us'. I'm a bit upset about the Fused - is voidbinding simply copying Knights Radiant? Hope not. Also, this cliffhanger with Jasnah, it's to much for me to handle. Still two weeks until release (it's in Poland and the book itself is split into two parts........)
  13. I think there was a WoB stating that Lift cannot use gems for Stormlight. She can only digest food to get Awesomeness. Can't find that WoB now.
  14. Entire story in the theatre and girl climbing is a 'human race memory' of the time humans arrived from Yolen / Ashyn / wherever to Roshar system. The wall is just a mountains around Shinovar, and the village where a girl lived was a Shinovar itself. Behind the wall there was a 'stormlight' - a way of saying that the mountains shielded humans from highstorms. It was all set up (like someone else theorized) by a Cultivation as a way to protect people not acustomed to the local forms of life. Minor addition : possibly, the people were allowed on Roshar by Listeners only as long as they stay in Shinovar, and Listeners created a control system / watch on the rim to keep humans there. So say we all.
  15. I thought about the coloss rage. Dalinar certainly acted like coloss, killing his own people in blind rage and urge to kill. Thrill is a way for Odium to affect people and make them commit atrocities. I wonder whether there is a 'line' which, once crossed, cannot be crossed back, and you stay in a mindless, full of rage state, forever. Maybe that's what a Vondbinding actually is?