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  1. This is correct. One of the kandra (TenSoon I think) mentioned 'we are weaker than other hemalurgic creatures. Two spikes are enough to control us'. Implies that other sapient species need to be spiked more than two times to be controlled by Harmony.
  2. Do we have a confirmation that Radiant would also destroy a gem used as a source of Stormlight to soulcast? This happens for ardents with fabrials, but for Radiants too? Also, does a Radiant need the Stormlight to be stored in a right gem? They can soulcast every Essence as Jasnah states after saving Shallan's life. I believe profficiency in soulcasting is only a matter of practice and progress as a Radiant, not a matter of gem. I know that Jasnah in Kharbranth while releasing the Taravangians granddaughter did destroy some of the gems in her soulcaster, but I always assumed it was only a part of her disguise and she did it intentionally to hide her true skills.
  3. Even though we are discussing Soulcasting by a Radiant, not an ardent with a fabrial, there are still some clues we can extract from the ardent soulcasting. The process where a fabrial is used seems to be not excellent and can damage the gems or even destroy them completely. Based on that, I assume that soulcasting takes like A LOT of Investiture and actually is one of harder things to do - only copying Sharblades and Plates seems harder for the artifabrians. Having this in mind, it seems reasonable that convincing a plant or a set of plants to grow using Growth would, of course, consume a lot of Stormlight, but still it would take less than, say, making a rock turn into food. Plants are already food or a future food, they only need some more nutrition (Investiture) while rocks are, well, rocks. I think simply speeding up the growth process would be more cost efficient than changing the entire physical nature of an object.
  4. In Poland, Oathbringer is going to be split into two books - 1st released on November, like for all of you, 2nd will be likely released in January. Imagine how it will feel to lurk around the 17thShard knowing all of you read entire book, while we know only one half (majority of the 1st book will be released in preview chapters on TOR anyway). This is going to be a torture.
  5. Hi, As we can see from what happens in Thaylenah, and also from the previous chapters, Voidbringers are not a mindless beasts some of us expected them to be. They are smart, trained, and have a bigger goal in mind rather than slaughtering every non-Parshendi in their vicinity. Likely, what they will try to do is to overwhelm Roshar and humans in a deliberated, strategically planned manner, taking advantage of their superior communication and organizing skills. If it seriously is the case, what aces do they have in their sleve? What are they able to do? From the transformation of Eshonai and others into Stormform we can see that besides getting a boost in 'magical' capabilities and changing into hatefull people, their level of knowledge and abilities did not increase on their own. However, we know that Eshonai does remember her previous life, she only no longer cares about what was previously important to her. My theory is that all the Parshmen, now transformed into Voidbringers, also remember their previous lives. Knowledge they had is retained. Parshmen from forges can forge weapon. Parsh-sailors steal or build ships. Parsh-farmers know how to grow food to feed their own. Basically, whenever there was an activity on Roshar where Parshmen was involved and taught how to do something, he still knows and potentially could be doing it. And Parshmen were everywhere, and were doing every basic tasks. Storms, could there be some jobs that no human was doing and humans might not know now how to to something? What could be the potential consequences of that knowledge and what can Voidbringers actually do from an industry / manufacturing perspective?
  6. What is this 'shame' Dalinar feels after claiming his Blade? Is he ashamed of killing the heir of Tanatal even though Gavilar does not seem to put any blame on him for this, or is this something else?
  7. Actually, is there a reason why Adolin is handling the investigation instead of Aladar? As far as I remember, Dalinar named Aladar the Highprince of Justice. Is he seizing the power and authority once again, unable to let go and allow others to do their jobs? This happens so often that it is slowly starting to become really irritating.
  8. Well hello there, I'm the new guy on 17th shard, registered about a week ago. My journey with Brandon started after someone from the polish Tolkien fan's forum elendili.pl recomended Stormlight Archive as a great reading for someone looking for epic and big to enjoy and follow for years. I've been a hard fan ever since. The way Brandon writes his plots amuses me every time (HoA, I'm looking at you). Looking forward to theorizing with you!
  9. I've been lurking here for more than a year now, but it never occured to me that this theory was a thing. It is very reasonable though. Urge for battle, for challenge caused by the Thrill could possibly be behind his jealousness and agresive feelings towards Gavilar - after all, was there any better challenge than defeating and killing a first-in-centuries king of the strongest kingdom of the planet? This is great, gonna reconsider my Dalinar's boon and bane approach. This could also make one of the reasons why Dalinar was more accessible for the spren - since one of the Unmade could no longer affect him. Weak point, but still a point.
  10. I've always thought on Dalinar's boone and bane that he asked to have his jealousness towards Gavilar to be erased. His urge to attack older brother to take his kingdom and woman was mentioned several times as a problem Dalinar had. However, if he asked to become a better man like Maxal suggested or for getting rid off the pain he felt, removing jeoulesness towards brother would also could be a part of fixing his character, so it works very well. And his bane would be forgetting Shshshsh in the process too.
  11. Was it theorized whether Lift can channel her investiture into the gems? I suppose she can as all Radiants can, but could we treat her as an unlimited supply of Stormlight? It would be especially usefull during the Weepings. As long as she has something to eat, the Investiture is available for those around her. Also : can a solucaster with infused gems change rocks into food and give it to Lift? How efficient would it be if she had eaten that food? Possibly the law of diminishing returs would come into play, but an idea is interesting (and most likely discussed many times already).
  12. She would still have the possibility to go back into Cognitive Realm via Shardpool, e.g. on Scadrial, if Sazed left his Pool in the plain site (I suppose he did). So the steps to Worldhop as a Radiant are: 1) access the Transportation and move to Shadesmar 2) Walk to another planet in CR (e.g. to Scadrial). This one depends on whether you can 'break' the Connection that binds you physically to your original Shardwold? 3) Use Perpendicularity to appear physically on another planet 4) To go back, you need either a) have infused spheres and working bond with your spren which I am not sure is the case) or b ) use the Shardpool on the world you arrived to or c) use some other, local method of accessing the Cognitive Realm or d) stay there forever. This still does not explain the lack of bigger presence of Rosharans in the Cosmere. I bet in thousands of years there must have been many of them who hack the system. Or it is much harder than we pressume to hop as a Radiant.
  13. Hi folks, There is something I've been wondering about and could not find a thread about it. Why there are no mentions of massive worldhoppings from Roshar? As far as I understand it, everyone with the Transportation Surge and access to the Shadesmar has potential to worldhop. We cannot make estimations on how many Elsecallers and Truthwatchers there were, but it can range anywhere from three (number of Bonsmiths) and low thousands (Windrunners with squires). For the sake of discussion let's just say they were a total of one thousand of KR with access to the Transportation in a one lifetime. Since the beginning of SA there must have been thousands of potential worldhoppers. How come there is no clean evidence of anyone of Rosharan origin to worldhop? We know that some visitors came to Roshar (17th Shard, Silverlight, Vasher) but they were very few. Why KR did not become a thing noticed in history of other Shardworlds? Is there any limitation on Transportation given by Honor we are not aware of? I don't think no one in thousands of years did not think of exploring Cognitive Realm to find perpendicularities and dive into Cosmere. EDIT: What came to me right now - it's possible that KR did actually hop to another worlds, but without access to their spren and the Surges, they were not able to come back, similar to the AonDor teleportation. Hence maybe there were some legends among Radiants like 'if you see a strange pool in Shadesmar, don't explore it. No one who did has ever come back'. But still, if some of them explored perpendicularities, then some remnants should be left in their new worlds like knowledge, stories, or simply a different genes or looks due to the strange Rosharan genetic traits.
  14. My bet is on Renarin. He knows what Adolin did, and tries to pose as a killer by killing more people in order to protect Adolin. Renarin knows that Adolin will snap and reveal what he did, and Renarin cannot allow the Kholin family to lose their heir. Also, according to Renarin, Adolin is the more loved as a son, so if it is a choice between losing one of them, Dalinar would prefer disposing Renarin over Adolin. He is sacrificing himself in order to protect father, brother and basically everyone from their inner circle. Plus, Renarin is not very popular anyway so he does not has much to lose. As for Ialai, I think it is too far fetched. This theory is a bit overcomplicated, even though Alethi love complicated plots. Somehow I don't buy it.
  15. I find this theory very plausable, but maybe as the 5th ideal as this, for me, looks a like complete trait of a full radiant - establishing a chain of command full of people who trust each other without a hesitation. 'Teft, I know you can do as good or even better than me - please protect those people on my behalf'. The 4th Ideal, as I imagine it, is widening the protection even on someone who threatens / potentially threatens Kal and humanity, like Parshmen / Parshendi not in the form of power. They potentially can become a disaster to the Roshar, but they are not yet. I can easily see Kaladin protecting Parshmen / Parshendi from the genocide or lynch perfomed by the angry mob. "I will protect even my enemies, so long as it's right', someting along those lines.