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  1. Shallan is on to discovering that the Thrill is of Odium when she says 'other Odium's sprens effects could be something ordinary to us'. I'm a bit upset about the Fused - is voidbinding simply copying Knights Radiant? Hope not. Also, this cliffhanger with Jasnah, it's to much for me to handle. Still two weeks until release (it's in Poland and the book itself is split into two parts........)
  2. I think there was a WoB stating that Lift cannot use gems for Stormlight. She can only digest food to get Awesomeness. Can't find that WoB now.
  3. Entire story in the theatre and girl climbing is a 'human race memory' of the time humans arrived from Yolen / Ashyn / wherever to Roshar system. The wall is just a mountains around Shinovar, and the village where a girl lived was a Shinovar itself. Behind the wall there was a 'stormlight' - a way of saying that the mountains shielded humans from highstorms. It was all set up (like someone else theorized) by a Cultivation as a way to protect people not acustomed to the local forms of life. Minor addition : possibly, the people were allowed on Roshar by Listeners only as long as they stay in Shinovar, and Listeners created a control system / watch on the rim to keep humans there. So say we all.
  4. I thought about the coloss rage. Dalinar certainly acted like coloss, killing his own people in blind rage and urge to kill. Thrill is a way for Odium to affect people and make them commit atrocities. I wonder whether there is a 'line' which, once crossed, cannot be crossed back, and you stay in a mindless, full of rage state, forever. Maybe that's what a Vondbinding actually is?
  5. Mraize is being close to Ialai, because of Amaram, who was last known person in contact / controling the man, who refers to himself as Taln. Mraize wants to know secrets of the past and Realmatics which Taln could potentially know and hand over to him. We already know Ghostbloods are interested in the topic.
  6. The bird on Mraize's shoulder is a parrot but I would give a wealth of spheres for it to be an aviar.
  7. Reading this made me think of Ruin and Preservation (Mistborn spoilers) : Argents insist that messages Dalinar receives are not of Honor, but of Voidbringers. Even though they do it to refuse acknowledging the fact of Honor's death, they still might be right about visions being a way of tricking humans - only the ultimate goal is not to lie about Honor's death (which is true), but instead to convince Alethi that all Voidbringers are enemies that need to be turned to dust, which is not true. I think that war itself, and a strong feeling of hatred from one to another that comes with the war is something that can increase Odium's capability of manipulating the events on Roshar. Following that line of thought, what would cause a stronger feeling of hate between both sides : a just war of retaliation and revenge between enslaved, innocent Parshmen versus humans, or a conflict where nothing is clear, humans cant's distinguish neutral Parshmen from foes, and kill also the innocents just in case? Such a scenario would definitely be a great win of Odium. I think 'Unite them' means 'Unite Parshmen and humans alike to fight the real Voidbringers with forms of power', like OP said. TL:DR: 1) visions are corrupted by Odium 2) Odium wants Dalinar / humans to believe all Parshmen are bad 3) Odium does that to avoid creating a unified front of humans and Parshmen vs. real Voidbringers
  8. This is a really good question. Even now, in modern times, Kholin princedom was only a bit above-the-median when it comes to the number of Shards. What we can count now are: - Dalinar's Blade - Oathbringer - and Plate - Adolin's Blade - unnamed - and Plate. Note that he won his blade quite recently, it was nowhere around during the Gavilar's conquest - Elhokar's Blade - Sunraiser - and Plate - Old Gavilar's Blade - Firestorm - and a Plate (not sure about the Plate, Elhokar's might be wearing it). So Kholins and the king had at least eight Shards or four full sets of Blade + Plate at the beginning of the War of Reckoning. Not an overwhelming power I'd say. IIRC, Dalinar also won additional set in the Shattered Plains, increasing this number to five full sets. Still, it's not that impressive when compared to remaining princedoms. If pushed, they could have easily combine a force that could counter that as we during in Adolin's duel. This leads to a conclusion that Gavilar's conquest was conquest only at the beginning. Politics was involved later on and still is until this day.
  9. I also believe that Shin came to Roshar whenever other people did, but it was stated multiple times that they look different to other people. We can ignore them being smaller etc., but one difference stands out - the epicantric fold (is that how you spell it?). I consider this a significant genetic difference when compared to any other people around. Of course, it could easily be explained by Shin living in the area with no Storms, so no strong winds, so no additional enhancements to the eyes, as that's what epicantric fold is in my headcanon - a barrier that keeps your vision clear without a need to keep your eyes opened so wide.
  10. Mistborn Secret History spoilers here: Gemmel just picked up the fork cause he was crazy, no additional reasoning behind it.
  11. There is also a confirmed fact that spren tend to gather around people who are already actively bonded to other spren. This lead to speculation that either Shallan's brother or father, or both, were also a Radiants or proto-Radiants. There are some interesting threads on Lin Davar using possibly fake soulcaster (like Jasnah) to create resources in their lands. Helaran is theorized to possibly be one of the Skybreakers-in-training. Spren tendency towards gathering around already existing Surgebinders also explains why so many Kholins display abilities. I don't think Pattern was present when she killed her father. Was he? Shallan's need to wait 10 heartbeats to summon the Blade comes from her own, inner lies. She initially refuses to admit what Pattern, and what she herself is, because her Radiancy was something that broke her family - without it, her mother woudn't have tried to kill her, Shallan wouldn't have had to kill her mother, Lin wouldn't have to cover for her and wouldn't have gone insane, which lead himself to be killed. She is in a serious denial state and suffering from the PTSD. It's her coping mechanism to act like Pattern is a common (dead) Shardblade, not an alive one.
  12. Someone asked Brandon whether this person is Nohadon and the answer was 'Dalinar believes it was Nohadon'. So we can never be sure.
  13. There is an article about it on Coppermind : https://coppermind.net/wiki/Spheres
  14. Hi, majority of this has already been theorized, but to sum it up for you : 1) The exact mechaninc of Shardplate creation is not yet revieled. One of the theories about it is that each part of a Shardplate is made of a separate minor spren, like windspren. Another theory states that it is purely artificial construct created by forming stormlight into the shape of Shardplate. If it was artificial creation that had been damaged, it would likely seek for sources of stormlight to rebuild itself. Did you refer to the certain part of Plate stealing Stormlight from a certain Radiant? 2) There are likely more than only one type of Voidbringers - you mentioned thunderclasts and Parshendi yourself, and thunderclasts are (possibly) made of stone only. Also, Parshendi's skin is described to be like marble. Maybe it simply only looks like a stone, and in legends it had been twistetd that it actually is stone? 3) Vorin religion worships them, because Heralds lied to the people. Vorinism believes Heralds are no longer around, because after the Last Desolation Voidbringers are finally pushed away from Roshar and Heralds followed them to the Tranquiline Halls to reclaim the long lost paradise too. That's the Vorin doctrine. 4) We don't know yet. One of the theories I support is that Cryptics are very well organized and thorough in their actions and they simply like to stick around people of importance to watch them and be aware of what is going on the the Physical Realm. Also, welcome to the Shard!